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Gaming / Planetary Annihilation
« on: 29-08-2012, 20:08:30 »
Hello all,

An interesting new project I came across this week. From the core team behind Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander (we'll just forget about 2 there) comes:

Da Brit already sat down at length with them, especially notice their body language from 24:50 or so, when Supreme Commander 2 comes up... briefly ;)

On this 4th of May, the Dutch fall silent @ 20.00 GMT+1 and remember all those who perished or otherwise suffered due to war.

So, and this is more for the Dutchies I guess, although, the Dutch isn't that hard to follow, I think. Damn, I wish we still had a draft! :D

Youngsters of the same age follow in the footsteps of the Red Devils:

Including the jump at some point. I think its a great way from BNN TV to bring WWII to the youth :)

Off-Topic / Iran
« on: 01-12-2011, 21:12:51 »
So most of my friends don't give a crap about history, but this embassy situation got their attention. One even mentioned the US embassy situation, but unlike a certain US presidential candidate (:D), he put it in the right era and country.

Also, Iranian activities in Germany, concerning NATO assets. Iran is provoking, and they know it. Why are they playing with fire? Win back the population? Start more fires? The Wests financial system is collapsing, so strike now? Terror, Syria / Turkey, Israel (...Egypt...), demonstrations, revolutions, crises. Many inflammable factors. I'd take advantage of that if I were that regime, but would I risk a war? Iran will be not be a cakewalk, but surely no match for a coalition. Could there be a catch?

So, what do you guys think? Anything Iran can go in here, keep it clean(ish) ;)

General Discussion / The Teamkill Tally
« on: 12-08-2011, 15:08:38 »
I couldn't really find a way to compare all of you guys' awardstats on this or make a poll for this.. so..... coming weekend I'll probably go over the 100 mark. Mostly arty, but I think my worst since 2.4 hit was trying to grab my rifle in a trench somewhere on Hurtgen. One squadm8 with me. Frantic fight around us, I pop up, 'aim'... right click... [clunk]. Hang on, that's wasn't my rifle. Oh *#$%# Mills Bomb! I proned myself on it though :D

This is not about tk'ing over assets or deliberates. This is about accidents and classic slapstick. Remember a good one? Do share it along with your official FH2 awards tally - So without further ado: To celebrate 2.4 is almost a months old.


Sorry!! :o ;D

Let's hear it! Have a great weekend all.

Off-Topic / Shooting in Alphen aan de Rijn
« on: 09-04-2011, 15:04:59 »
At least six dead after a man empties multiple machinegun clips into shopping crowds in a mall in Alphen aan de Rijn, the Netherlands. Could get worse if this is a disgruntled soldier or something after the Defense department cuts yesterday. The madman is among the dead.


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