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FH2 Help / Support / Custom chat
« on: 29-11-2010, 15:11:19 »
Hello everyone,

Is it possible to set custom messages to the in-game chat, like you press the fireteam chat button, write !text_1 (or whatever), and display a long text instead (for exemple "three of you stay here while I'm going to check the other flag with the others") ?

Suggestions / Surrender/retreat option
« on: 02-10-2010, 13:10:38 »
The fact is FH2 can have a very slow bleed system, and when one team gets owned it can last forever. This oftenly kills a server for the night, if not for much much longer...

So, here is a suggestion : one team gets stuck at the begining of the map (like FoT) or at the end (like Brest). It is not realy that the map itself is bad, but rather that the teams are uneven, or the moral is low and the men aren't fighting as they should anymore. In that case, why not just give it up and move on to the next map ?

I'm thinking of an option in the reinforcement screen that would start a vote to surrender to the ennemy (like Brest) or retreat (like FoT). The result would be the loss of all tickets for the team that accept it and so the victory of the other, with a special mention on the victory screen saying the ennemy has surrendered or retreated.

Now, to prevent this from being overused, it would need a big majority like 3/4 of the team, and it probably should be one chance per player to avoid screen spam... But all in all I think it would save a lot of servers for the mod...

What do you think ?

patch :
- the winning team could also ask the other team to surrender.
- the winning team could deny the surrender of the other team.
- it should be once every ten minutes instead of once per player.

Bug Reporting / bombed inside tunnel
« on: 02-07-2010, 00:07:17 »
Everytime a plane hit the top of a tunnel with a bomb the men below are killed... is it intentional or is it a bug ?

Suggestions / Ranking system + Team balance
« on: 30-06-2010, 20:06:39 »
Hey, it could be great to have :

1° A ranking system based on the team score (the one between your score and the K/D ratio on the scoreboard)

2° Servers balancing teams according to these ranks

... Couldn't it ?

Suggestions / New mining system + yes/no suggestions
« on: 15-05-2010, 19:05:47 »
Hi all !

First of all congratulations to the devs for their new release. The new map is a true masterpiece and the new stuffs are realy improving the gameplay and the experience ! Good taste as always !

I have now some suggestions, and the first is about a way to spot S-mines. If the server is filled with 30 players or more, it is almost impossible to plant one without seeing the wrong guy stepping on it (even if you tell him it's here, he just ran for it). As a result, S-mines are almost never used excepted by back-cappers. I found various interesting solutions to this problem :

A) each time someone plant a mine, a message could appear on the screen. Something like this :
"*player* has planted a mine around *nearestflag*."
Then, the position of the mine would appear on the minimap and vanish like a regular spot.
B) anyone could mark the emplacement of a mine on the map, so everyone in the team could see it. (the commander can already put the shell mark, so it doesn't seem impossible)
C) the message A) appears, but only SLs or the commander can put the mark B)

What do you think ?


And btw here are some yes/no suggestions concerning details, completely unrelated :

1° When a passenger leaves a truck or an APC, could he be looking to the opposite direction (not toward the truck) ? It would be more imersive imo...
2° Could you fix the farm roofs so we can shoot through the holes ?
3° Could the armed grenades explode in the bot's hand when a certain time is up ?
4° It is impossible to throw a satchel through some windows (I nearly blew my squad up yesterday on PeB because of that fact... try the house near the flag of st-Lambert south) Could it be fixed ?
5° Could we hear a LOUD bell sound when we reach it (with grenades or rifle) ?

Thank you for your time ;)

Suggestions / SL spawn-point locker
« on: 27-03-2010, 19:03:06 »

I think the (public) squad would benefit a lot if the leader had the chance to lock his spawn-point from time to time... What do you think ? If you agree, can it be done without too much work ?

Modding / FH1's Team SPs
« on: 19-03-2010, 13:03:25 »
Hello there,

I am making an other Stalingrad map for FH1 and I would like to introduce a part of the battle for Mamaev Kurgan in it. The basic idea is to make a cod's Hill 200-like in a russian landscape, but I am having a hard time finding images or videos showing this area in those days (it may appear in several images you can find, but as I don't realy know the place, I can't realy tell). This is all I have for sure :

So please, is there a Volgograd citizen or a WWII expert that could give me a hand ? I need at least three or four identified pics closer to the battlefield. Thank you in advance.

Suggestions / What about a whistle ?
« on: 04-03-2010, 12:03:07 »
I've been watching Once upon a time in the West yesterday night and playing FH2 this morning and I thought why not ? It would be fun to be able to make some sound to scare the ennemy, wouldn't it ?  ;)

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