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I remember having this problem before, but I can't remember how to fix it.

I have a shortcut to FH2.exe with Win XP S2 compatibility, running in admin while logged in as admin on Vista 64.  When I launch the shortcut (or FH2.exe directly in admin), I see the BF2 banner pop up, but nothing happens (it doesn't launch or start).  The BF2 banner remains, and attempting to end the BF2.exe process accomplishes nothing.  I have to force-restart my computer if I want to shut down/restart or try to launch it again.

Anyone have any ideas?  I even updated the Punkbuster files manually, added +restart to the shortcut target, etc... I've looked everywhere and tried everything, but I think the original solution was on the old forums (which are now gone).

Thanks to Lightning's help, here's a solution that will help bypass the need for fh2.exe to overwrite shaders in Vista:

<[FH]Lightning>   In your Battlefield2/mods/ you have 'bf2' and 'fh2'.
<[FH]Lightning>   You need to go into 'bf2' and make a backup of ''
<[FH]Lightning>   Then you copy the from 'fh2' and move it into 'bf2'.
<[FH]Lightning>   Your BF2 then uses the FH2 shaders.
<[FH]Lightning>   That means FH2 will look ok, but you may get odd effects in BF2 or other mods.

So there you have it.  Lightning is a genius and I can now play!

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