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General Discussion / Go WAW, looking for official comments
« on: 23-05-2014, 01:05:06 »
So, just got an email today saying that WAW team is working on another map pack


 A FH2 Japanese theatre of war,

 So Devs, are you going to support them or kick the effort to the curb like you did with Hungarian Front and French Hope?

Yay team WAW, fun maps and obviously great teamwork

Off-Topic / recommended programs for recording youtube?
« on: 06-03-2013, 20:03:54 »
 As my question states, does anyone have recommended programs that will allow reasonable quality MP3 recording of video's from Youtube.

 My country allows such recordings for personal use, so no laws are broken but I desperately need recommendations so I can build my collection of live musical performances.

 As an aside, I use a program called "cloud downloader" for Soundcloud and I am very impressed with its ease of use, so if anyone can make recommendations along a similar vein I would greatly appreciate it.

Bug Reporting / Hurtgen forest- SE flag position
« on: 22-07-2012, 11:07:47 »
---- deleted to protect against abuse ----


Bug Reporting / SDKFZ 7
« on: 21-07-2012, 08:07:34 »
 No third person perspective for the driver.

 Hi all,

 I just wanted to pass on the information that FHSW Japan has migrated to a new server and they don't always show up on the server browser for BF1942.

 IP =     port = 14570

also, the Ping limit has now been increased so more overseas players have a chance to join up.

Off-Topic / Post anything here not directly related to Fh2
« on: 22-04-2012, 02:04:52 »
 As thread title states, given the nature of an Off Topic forum what is the point of such a guiding statement if we are to constantly face arbitrary thread locks?

 Happy, Sad, Mad, Esoteric, Intriguing,

these are only a few examples of the adjectives which best relate to the reasons why I frequent this section of the forums. After many moons of interaction with you folks, I am genuinely curious what people have to say and how they feel. But how is this possible when one person can lock down entire conversations?

What are the editorial standards of Warum and how are they applied?  (serious question)

General Discussion / Aug. 09/2011 Gamespy review of 2.4
« on: 17-08-2011, 00:08:25 »
Hey guys,   visit link and give feedback on what I consider to be a very poor article about FH2. The author glosses over much of the mod details but at least it's some press.

cya, Sheik

FH2 Help / Support / BF2.exe cannot be found
« on: 01-03-2011, 11:03:21 »
 Since last major Windows update, it turns out that my version of FH2 got completely borked. As subject title states "I have lost my bf2.exe"

 Can I just get another copy of BF2.exe and force it into the proper directory?


 Do I have to re-install and run the risk of FH2 getting more fucked up?

 Fh2 has never once installed properly for me and I honestly don't want the Shader barf bug, so do I have any other alternatives than re-installing and potentially creating major headaches?

thanks in advance guys (and maybe gals), Sheik

Suggestions / Landmines in Normandy
« on: 28-07-2010, 23:07:12 »
 Apart from a handful of pickup kits that can be hard to find, there does not appear to be a sufficient representation of the devastation that was wrought by German forces upon Allied armour movement by the effective placement of millions of mines across the Normandy landscape.

 I understand that balance is always a concern but I feel that the absence of landmines takes away from the strategic possession of control points and AOR's. In particular, the lack of landmines has a severe impact upon the defensability of German positions. Given said lack of defence, the Germans are at a disadvantage that is not easily overcome by any other gameplay implementations or manipulations.

 I propose that the Axis powers be given better representation of their defence tactics, largely by allowing the return of landmines to a greater amount of maps, both at CP's and within the mainbase itself. I do not feel it is necessary to make the kit spawnable but mines should be readily at hand (if necessary).

If this idea is not acceptable, I would then suggest that the Africa theatre minefields be implemented on more maps to allow better all around defence of German positions (particularily in the built up positions).

Suggestions / Flare signals
« on: 28-07-2010, 23:07:35 »
 I suggest that the Very pistol (flare pistol) be implemented into all Officer's kits with the intention of replicating their use in the field of battle.

With the addition of selectable colours (Red and Green), the players of FHmod would in turn be allowed to co-ordinate our actions across squads which would in turn enhance gameplay by promoting teamwork in the assault.

 Common to all parties in WW2, this is a feature sorely lacking to date apart from Op. Hyacinth.

Suggestions / Naval operations
« on: 28-07-2010, 23:07:11 »
 I suggest that a map be made which will allow for a simulation of the numerous naval engagements which supported ground forces during WW2.

 As a simple change, the map "Port en Bessin" does not feature any naval engagements although Allied naval gun support was crucial for the suppression of German snipers, FLak-boots and for the eventual assault upon the Wiederstandnest's in the region.

Suggestions / Universal carrier variants (missing from mod)
« on: 28-07-2010, 23:07:51 »
Here's a suggestion

why doesn't the Dev team add all the universal carrier variants to this game that were fielded by any number of different armies.

namely: Mortar carrier, PIAT carrier, 2 pounder carrier (with HE shells), Polsten carrier, Vickers and .50 calibre carriers.

Seeing as we are now into our 4th different Theatre of Operations, I feel that it's about time we start seeing vehicles that were around since day one of the WW2 but have never been given their spotlight in this mod.

Off-Topic / How do you honour their service?
« on: 28-04-2010, 06:04:44 »
 I am curious to see if anyone here is involved with the commemoration of Veteran's service (regardless of their place in conflict)

myself: I fund raise for the Poppy campaign (tens of thousands so far)
           am active with the Royal Canadian Legion
           am active with Army, Navy, Air Force associations
           Ceremonially represent at various services (on a year round basis)
           Play in a bagpipe band that entertains on both sides of the border

 i could go on here, but I mostly want to know what other people in the FH2 community do to honour the service of men and women who have borne witness to the horrors of war and the banality of peace?

example: 101Jimmy brought up ANZAC day recently, did he go to a cenotaph or just quietly reflect at home?

So What do you other guys do? anything geographically or culturally specific?

General Discussion / What's the deal with BPM Omaha??
« on: 09-04-2010, 02:04:37 »
 Is there anyone here who could provide some further insight into what appears to be the most popular map in FH2?

 50+ ppl are playing it at the moment, compared to 33 on Hslan.

 So any Brasileiros out there that can help us out?

Off-Topic / Congrats to EOD2 mod
« on: 07-04-2010, 06:04:06 »
 for being taken into the fold of Project Reality and its' massive playerbase.

 May this news result in the players and further development that this mod truly deserves.

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