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FH2 Help / Support / FH2 stats on private server
« on: 14-12-2016, 19:12:01 »
I would like to have a ranking system on my private server. I had tried some systems made for BF2 some time ago, but I remember they did not work properly with FH2.
Is there a system to use with FH2? Something similar to the one you use on the 762 server?

Or also:

Or is there any guide with the changes made to the mod from BF2 and start developing something?

Suggestions / M51 Quad AA innefective against planes?
« on: 20-08-2014, 17:08:30 »
Last time in Sidi Bou Sid I realize that M51 AA gun does a minimal damage to planes. I shoot to a BF109 for a while 3 times (crosshair shows damage) but the plane seems to healthy.

Can be a bug? Or M51 is a harmless weapon?

General Discussion / Private award system?
« on: 18-10-2012, 20:10:07 »
I want to made a awards server for a private game server.

Is there any "awards system" for private FH2 servers?
The system used in "" is available somewhere?
Or is there any that can be used on a private server?

I'm testing bf2statistics that works well with BF2, but I do not know if it can work with FH2.
Any experience?

FH2 Help / Support / Help with COOP mode
« on: 18-09-2012, 05:09:57 »
Hi people!
I need some help with COOP config in dedicated server.

I use BF2CC to manage a FH2 server, but I think it not works to set starting parameters for configuring a coop game so I chose to configure the game files directly.
I need to make a game with 10 bots on one side and the other only human.
As BF2CC use BF2 files to configure FH2, in doubt I configure the two files:


...and edit both like this:

Code: [Select]
aiSettings.setNSides 2
aiSettings.setAutoSpawnBots 1

aiSettings.setMaxNBots 10
aiSettings.maxBotsIncludeHumans 1
aiSettings.setBotSkill 0.5

I respawn in axis side in Eppeldorf with one bot. In allied side there are 46 bots.

What can be wrong?

All maps have versions for 16, 32 and 64 players?
If not, how I can know that there are sizes available for each map?

FH2 Help / Support / Help to build a FH2 gameserver
« on: 04-07-2012, 15:07:34 »
I wonder if there are any guides, wiki or how to make a FH2 server on Linux, or if someone knows the basic steps to create one?
I have knowledge of Linux, but no experience in game servers.

Any help will be appreciated.

Suggestions / teamkill with anti-personal mines
« on: 15-04-2012, 04:04:18 »
Just a suggestion, or maybe there is a reason and someone explain it to me.
When I place a anti personal landmine on defensive location and a teammate steps on and dies, I own -2 points from my score.
I think it's unfair that I pay for it (or only me). My teammate should be more careful and in this case should at least share the blame. Some players step on land mines on purpose to hurt score of other player's or only for annoy.
I propose that instead of subtracting two points to the owner of the mine, subtract one point each, or just to the careless player.

Thanks for read my bad english!  ;)

FH2 Help / Support / FH1 - glibc problem
« on: 20-12-2009, 02:12:54 »

I arrived here looking for the original site of FH1.
I'm running a server with BF1942 and FH 0.7 on linux with an older version of glibc perfectly. When upgrading glibc (for any new installation of software) FH stops working while the BF1942 still works perfectly. I saw this problem on several sites looking for the solution but could not find ...

Only a few references I found no solution:

Someone can tell me how to make work with new versions of glibc?

Thank you!

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