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Bug Reporting / Sounds in tanks not playing.
« on: 16-07-2012, 16:07:48 »
Something I've been experiencing since FH2 came out years ago, but only now thought about making a thread on.

Some sounds in tanks, like the ones heard when reloading or changing shells, don't play correctly when playing on a server. I can hear them fine on my own local games, where I try out stuff, but when online, they either don't play or are cut off a second after starting.

This happened on three different PC builds with three different sound sources: Soundmax chip, Realtek chip and now a Creative soundcard.

Bug Reporting / JagdPzIV model bug
« on: 25-11-2011, 21:11:35 »
The Jagdpanzer IV's return wheels become see-trough at some angles.

Bug Reporting / 47/32 M35 ammo bug
« on: 20-04-2011, 12:04:13 »
Movable 47/32 M35s have their ammo listed as 37mm shells (seen on Siege of Giarabub).
Fixed ones seem fine.

Bug Reporting / Pz IV model flaw
« on: 07-12-2010, 22:12:30 »
The rear wheels on the Pz IV aren't connected to anything. They're just stuck flying there.
Same flaw might be present on other Pz IV based vehicles if they were done by the same person.

(I couldn't find a similar suggestion, delete the topic if this has already been discussed.)

Two things that I find quite annoying when playing as infantry are the hit-indicator and kill messages.
With those on, no need to check if someone escaped the tank you destroyed with your Faust/PIAT/whatever, no need to check if your grenade killed that squad in the building, no need to check if your MG fire did hit that guy hiding under some static:

The game tells you wheter you killed someone or not.
It even tells you what enemy tanks are fighting, just look at the vehicles used in the kills shown at the top of the screen. Even if that StuG ambushed you without revealing its position, you know it's here.
No need to wonder whether it was a hidden Faust or a static gun, you'll know what killed you no matter what.

The hit indicator is the worse: it pretty much acts as a small radar; just throw grenades around a flag, if the hit-indicator appears on the screen, you KNOW some enemy is here, despite them hiding rather well.

I'm not asking about removing the hit indicator for tanks: we need it to know if a shot penetrated, something that could be confirmed by the tank sommander IRL but can't be done in the game (due to some limitations).

Of course, removing the killcount (that was suggested before right?) would work well with these changes, though it is not necessary (at least you'd have to check it to see if you killed someone, and it wouldn't affect the hit-indicator change which is, IMO, very much needed).

So, here's my suggestion:
Removing the hit-indicator (infantry only if possible for this) and kill messages (both the "you killed xxx" ones, and the ones on the top-right corner showing everyone's kills and the weapon/vehicle used), to make the game more immersive and make a number of realistic tactics valid in the game.

EDIT: For those too lazy to read the whole thread, I gave up on removing the kill messages completely, but not removing at least those on the top-left corner of the screen.

General Discussion / About the M4A3
« on: 19-09-2010, 23:09:29 »
The M4A3 (75) W was featured in a news update prior to the last patch, but wasn't included in it.
Was it because it wasn't present on any of the current maps?

Any chance to see it in 2.3?

Thanks in advance.

Suggestions / Killing through statics
« on: 23-08-2010, 23:08:26 »
First part of this suggestion is a question: can arty HE shells kill through some statics, if very close to the point of impact (I haven't noticed if so)?
If not, here's the suggestion:

I often survive close misses from artillery because a small wall behind which I was prone saved me from the explosion, despite the shell falling 3 meters away at best. It may be interesting to make those shells able to kill through statics, something possible with the current engine, to make arty more effective against light cover and kill infantry hugging windows and doors in buildings.

(Edit: to avoid misunderstandings, I mean that the "kill through statics" effect should be restricted to a small radius around the point of impact, which can be done with engine-wise)

Suggestions / Neutral steering
« on: 24-07-2010, 02:07:25 »
The devs may have discussed about this among themselves, but I haven't found a thread about it, so here goes:

Right now, any tank in the game can pretty much turn on the spot.
Yet, many shouldn't be able to do so, as neutral steering was something rather few tanks were capable of.

I believe it could be corrected by increasing the turn radius (at low speed, if the engine allows it) of some tanks slightly, since we already have to accelerate to steer. It could simulate this mechanical limitation very well.

Any opinions on this?
With all the WWII enthusiasts here, I probably am not the first to think about this.

Suggestions / Capping requirement
« on: 30-06-2010, 11:06:03 »
(I searched for a similar topic, and didn't find one. If it's already been suggested, my apologies)

Right now, one thing that I believe ruins the game is the fact that a single soldier can capture a flag by himself.
That a lone wolf can change the course of battle by capping a flag from where half his team can spawn to capture nearby undefended flags lightning fast.
Sure, leaving a flag undefended is a mistake, but on large maps, a 32 player team can't defend all it's flags while attacking.
Some maps prevent that with a pre-established order forcing teams to cap flags one by one, but that is not always the case, and even if done in the right order, a single soldier capturing a flag alone still feels rather unrealistic.

So, my suggestion to prevent all this is to have a new requirement to cap flags: the need for at least two (or more) players to be in the flag zone to cap it.
It would also, I believe, encourage teamplay.

What do you guys think?

FH2 Help / Support / Gazala server files missing?
« on: 16-05-2010, 23:05:04 »
The 2.26 patch crashed because it cannot find the Gazala map server files (D:\Battlefield\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2\levels\gazala).
I went there to check, and the file IS missing.
I have no idea what caused this, and never messed with the BF2 files.
Anyone know what could be the cause?

Edit: Seems like the installer was missing some files itself (incomplete download), and couldn't replace the file or something.
Anyways, sorry for creating a subject for this.

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