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FH2 Help / Support / game spy login issue
« on: 06-07-2019, 17:07:05 »
so trying to login this morning and I get a message that user name is valid but no data of requested name type was found. I've never seen this before any help/suggestions?

Off-Topic / local air show with fw 190
« on: 10-06-2014, 03:06:24 »
hey guys i thought i'd share these pics i got from last weekend. they were all taken from my phone so excuse the quality. the fw190 is obviously a replica but pretty cool to see fly in person.  enjoy.

i never realized how big a p47 was compared to a p51

this  flew missions over Normandy on D day. during the show it went in the air and people jumped out with chutes

I have vidio of the fw190 flying with 2 p51's following it. i will try and upload them when i can

Off-Topic / woman tries to sell stg 44 at police buy back
« on: 11-12-2012, 21:12:51 »
wow. hopefully it goes some where besides the crusher. story mentions she will be selling it so ot sounds like will find a good home.

FH2 Help / Support / i have a couple of dumb questoins
« on: 14-08-2012, 03:08:16 »
1. where do i get a screenshot i took during gameplay? i have opened up my paint program and i hit ctrl + v and all i get is a black screen.

2. can i listen to others on voip without a mic? i have tried enabling voip through the fh2 hq menu and i hear no one when in a squad.

any help appreciated. also i'm not very computer savvy so and answers are best in the most simple form possible.   ??? thanks

Off-Topic / 360* view of cockpit of enola gay
« on: 29-12-2010, 02:12:08 »
saw this lurking on another forum. cool stuff

i've tried searching online to find out where all the shotguns flamethrowers and the molotov cocktail kits are located on the maps but i haven't found any support for that. i've even tried roaming around on unpopulated maps to find some kits. i know where some are. i found a farmer kit on st. lo and know where some others are. is there a page that will disclose this info or do i have to continue looking? or will some other friendly players give my some locations? ;D

FH2 Help / Support / run function help
« on: 06-06-2010, 19:06:26 »
hey guys i just got a new computer and got back online with fh2. while playing  when i try and use the shift key to run my guy just stops walking. i can run by double tapping the w key. is it a keyboard set up that is causing this? thanks for any help.

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