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FH2 Help / Support / Can't use launcher to start the game
« on: 26-08-2014, 22:08:18 »
This problem came when I updated fh2.47, after I click the "play" button on fh2 launcher the game won't start. I look up task manager and there is a "fogottenhope2.exe" running.

I can use orginal bf2.exe and enter fh2 from "community" tab though, except there will be shader problems.

Any solution? ???

Bug Reporting / Tank ammo changing
« on: 15-07-2012, 17:07:39 »
When tank changes ammo type in 2.45, the new ammo often have a delay in reloading, I mean 3 or 4 seconds longer than the original reloading time, and from the sound it's like reloading twice. I experienced this bug before but in 2.45 it's far too common. Something can be done?

Bug Reporting / PantherG bug
« on: 08-03-2012, 21:03:58 »
Just noticed that the winter PantherG's frontal track is a weakspot, didn't test the Cobra PantherG, but I'm sure PantherA doesn't have this problem.

Btw I really want the panzer copula issue can be solved in upcoming 2.45, now Jumbo(even with 75mm) totally wins Panther because of Panther's frontal weakspot.

Bug Reporting / 6 pdr dont one shot Stuka
« on: 13-10-2011, 20:10:45 »
Shot some Stuka with CrusaderIII a few days ago, fog distance, and they're only smoking after the shot...Stuka stronger than panzer ???

I need the old Gazala conquest 64 server side gameplayobject.con file, the one has Bir Heikeim control point. Anyone still have it?

General Discussion / East asia FH2 2.3 sever opened
« on: 02-06-2011, 04:06:42 »
Asian FH2 players may try this now, no more 500 ping on German servers ;D.

Server IP

Location: China
Running conquest mode, teamplay required.

Off-Topic / Can't register on
« on: 11-04-2011, 11:04:51 »
It always says I'm spamming while I try to register, why? ???

There's nothing more nasty than running out of ammo in the middle of the fight, especially when you run out of AP shell and see the HE are almost never used, or vice versa. So can we have a better AP/HE ratio on certain tanks?


PzIVD/F1: 44 AP is not necessary, change some of them to HE, maybe 10-20 AP is enough (those AP don't kill things anyway... :-\)

Panther: I remember in pre-2.3 we have 41+8AP / 30HE, I think that's a perfect ratio, but now in 2.3 we have 40+3AP / 37-38HE, Panther is mostly for tank hunting and this amount of HE is too much, my suggestion is 50+3AP / 26HE.

DAK Tiger and Kingtiger have perfect ratio, but when we have 3 instead of 8 pzg40 now, there can be 5 more AP than previously, that's 59+3AP / 30HE.

Eu Tiger: 54+3 AP currently, I don't think it's necessary, my suggestion: 44+3AP / 45HE.


Desert Sherman: 54AP currently, even in the desert, this amount of AP can hardly be depleted, I think 44AP is enough, then it can have 10 more HE.

Eu Sherman 75mm: 44AP currently. Oh, who can deplete that? 30 AP is more than enough.

Cromwell: 47AP / 15HE, I use cromwell a lot, my favorite cat hunting vehicle, yet even in the BEST case, I can only use 25 AP in one run, 47 AP is too much, my suggestion: 35AP / 27HE.

Churchill 75mm: Currently it has the same ammo count as Cromwell, 47AP / 15HE, but in history it carrys 84 shells, and 15 HE are definitely not enough for an infantry tank, my suggestion: 40AP / 44HE.

Then it's about the vehicle supply, I noticed that in some maps we don't have ammo truck or similar things to resupply tanks even in main base. Like Gazala, Goodwood, Luttich, Ramelle, may still be some others I forgot. Shouldn't we have some kind of static vehicle supply at least in main base? Especially for map like Goodwood where there's no commander.

General Discussion / A FH2 tank fragging video
« on: 03-02-2011, 07:02:00 »
It's a collection of best FH2 gaming moments, it includes:

-Blind shot, fog distance shot
-Tank, pak guns shotting down planes
-Killing infantry with AP shell(yes, AP shell 8))
-Long range Panther kill by Cromwell
-Killing Stug IV to the front by 75mm guns
-Killing PzIII/IV to the front by 2 pounder
-And most of all,Tiger/KT hunting with Cromwell/Sherman 75mm/Crusader III

Filmscripts collected on public server, version is mostly 2.3 and some 2.26.

The best FH2 video I made so far. Enjoy!

Bug Reporting / Some possible coding error
« on: 22-01-2011, 09:01:15 »
Well, just make it quick

The green part, 83mmat55 is tank_120mm, but by simple calculation 83mm/cos55 is 144mm?

2,The KT, red part of the pic, is coded as tank_150mm, but shouldn't it be 150mmat50? Leads to 233mm.

Currently the blue part(tank_180mm) is stronger than the red part, I think there's some mistake.

And then the yellow part is just something like tank_120mm. I don't know, but shouldn't that part be the same as blue part? I mean other tanks' barrel don't have weaker material.

General Discussion / Push mode for Cobra?
« on: 18-06-2010, 05:06:02 »
This map seems to be whether a total victory or total collapse for the axis. They need to hold watermill for at least half of the time to win the map and this frontline point is really hard to retake once the German have lost it. It's boring to see airfield or transition get stollen before the frontline collapse and then axis lost their air support or half of their armor, just as what allied in Falaise Pocket experienced.I think allied in Cobra have enough advantage both in armor and planes, not much difficulties to take the points in particular order. This map is more like Falaise Pocket than Totalize, certain CPs behind the frontline spawn important vehicles of the defending team. So introduce push mode to Cobra may be more appropriate?

Yeah, here's my question. Don't think it's vexatious. Just answer it,I'll show you guys some interesting videos 3 days later. ;)

So here's the video

The most shocking news ever,now british ROQF 75mm guns one shot a Tiger from the FRONT,decrease 95% of a KT's health as well.The video shows how to do it and also shows how serious damage the KT will take.

The first thing I want to say is KT and Tiger shares the same top armor thinkness, if we already one shot a Tiger, why not KT.

The second thing is, you devs are encouraging this kind of 1 degree shot, in previous versions a 75mm gun damage half of the KT/Tiger's health with one of these shots, I already found it doesn't make sense at that time and post a thread to question about it :http://fhpubforum.warumdarum.deindex.php?topic=3158.0
Now I've seen no improvement but things get even worse, now it become an one shot kill or seriously damage.

I said it before,KT/Tiger had 40mm top armor, in order to penetrate it, 75mm guns need to shot it with an angle more than 40 degrees, if they can get into such angle, not much problem for them to shoot the engine deck.My point was, we should just leave the engine deck to be vunerable, not the turret top.Both KT and Tiger's turret top is a little bit sloped,which means that part can be hit. But if normal angle, the thinkness of that part is 40mm/sin 12 = 192 mm, a sufficient thickness to bounce most of the shells, code this part as vunerable top armor is not appropriate in BF2 engine.

The third shot in the video proves churchill now one shot Tiger from the side, even side turret, another 2.26 "improvement" for the allied.

The fourth shot, I want to see if churchill has top armor problem, but the answer is NO! The 35mm churchill top armor survive a panther shot,WTF?

It seems only panzers suffer the top armor problem,matilda,sherman's top armor are just about 20mm in history, yet they're coded as thick as the front.On the other hand, panzer iii/iv are one shot by 2 pounder if it hit the top.I mean, if devs still think current german top armor coding is reasonable, please do the same for the allied.

The last shot, churchill's frontal hull also survive a zero distance panther shot.It just lost 80% of it's health.

Every patch since 2.2 has one theme, strengthen the allied armor, when allied boys ask for one shot a panther by short 75mm guns from the side, the devs did it, it even easier to do that in 2.26. They put those "historically correct" numerical test data to prove their point.Now I also want to follow their logic and prove something

75mm guns on panther with APCBC penetrates 125+mm armor in 500m,and 111mm at 1000m,thickest part on churchill iv is 102mm, I think it should be one shot kill.

Sherman's thickest part is 76mm,it should be one shot kill by pak40 and any other more powerful gun.

Panzer IVH's hull front is 80mm,Sherman's hull front is 61mm,sometimes pak40 cannot one shot a sherman if they hit the hull front, yet it's always one shot kill when the hit IVH's, seems the german AT gun has a better performance dealing with their own tank?

Since 2prd is "correctly coded" since 2.2,I think some German guns in the desert should be correctly coded too.The 50mm/L60 has 72mm penetration in 500m,short 75mm with HEAT had similar performance too, so they are able to one shot these things(but they can't do that currently):

Side turret and side hull of Sherman ,which is 50mm to 40mm.
Hull of Valentine from all direction, the thickest part of it is 60mm.
Side hull of Matilda,65mm.

At last , I'm here just to give some constructive critisizm to the devs,to keep FH2 away from BF1942 style games,where m10 has same performance as tiger,t34/85 have same performance as chi-ha.Don't compromise too much to the whining of allied bias boys...It's alright if you think I'm crazy,I'll be an allied player and would like to one shot a tiger any way..

FH2 Help / Support / Being a Highpinger
« on: 01-05-2010, 14:05:18 »

I'm from China and it's always 300+ ping when I connect to German populated servers.I heard that FH2 Toolbox can compensate the lag cause by the ping.I want to ask how to do it?Just start the game with FH2 Toolbox?

For those who don't have a proper weapon to kill enemy tanks,spot them as much as you can, these spot messages are too important for tankers.Actually while I'm in a tank, I always keep an eye on the spot information and kill-messages in order to find out where's the enemy and what are they doing, then I could somehow find the best way to kill them. With your spot information, tankers can find the best road and appear on the enemy's ass or just waiting them on one side of a crossroad as you know they're approaching on the other side by the spot, or even, do something like this ;)

Please SPOT, SPOT, SPOT!!!

General Discussion / Melitopol Depot for FH2
« on: 08-03-2010, 15:03:34 »
These days I was playing BFBC2,fascinated about the destructible environment under frostbite engine.Having known that the devs have no plan for FH3 any soon,I want to ask why not look back at some old maps like the Melitopol Depot in POE2.It's a map with numerous destructible materials,most of the houses,roadblocks are destructible in that map,not comparable to BFBC2,but far better than most of the BF2 maps.So I want to discuss the possibility of having a FH2 map with destructible environment just like Melitopol Depot.

It should not be too hard,but may face with performance problem though.

I may also add,I want a destructible fence rather than the current tank-killer fence :-\

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