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General / Too many 'Cap everything to stop bleed' maps
« on: 19-04-2014, 21:04:02 »
This seems to be the recent trend of FH2. Both sides have a very similar number of tickets but the attacker has to capture EVERY SINGLE FLAG to stop the bleed.

It seems to more often than not result in a loss for the attacker.

I just played Giarabub and the Australians held 3 flags most of the game yet they lost because they couldn't push the Italians off that last flag. It was clear that the Australians were a better team but it didn't matter because it's so much harder to capture everything.

I can't say what % of maps have this system but it seems far too many IMO.

I don't get to play all too often and was just wondering where some of these newish weapons and vehicles could be found?
I haven't seen any of them so far this update. Also all the servers seem to play the same maps and so I never get chance to explore other content.

I only just played the new american africa map this week!

1) The hafthohlladung at weapon (

2) The bishop self propelled gun (

3) The sig 33 artillery gun (

4) The marder 1 (

General Discussion / Kar 98 ZF41?
« on: 22-04-2011, 20:04:52 »
I know this gun is on Operation Goodwood. But where else is it?

Bug Reporting / Pak 35
« on: 16-04-2011, 15:04:43 »
Don't exactly know if this could be considered a bug. Anyway:

The pak35 on Mount Olympus that spawns at the nothern most capturable flag only ever spawns once. As soon as it blows up, that's it, the gun is lost.

Could this be fixed? It's not like the thing is overpowered :D

Suggestions / Bayonets
« on: 03-04-2011, 20:04:05 »
Well you know how we have the sqaudleader kit and it has the choice of two weapons, either a rifle or an smg?

Could we have the same thing with rifleman kits?

One choice = rifle without bayonet attached.
Other weapon choice = with bayonet attached.

For many maps it would be great to see guys running in with bayonets on. A lot of North Africa maps need the imagery of British soldiers charging across the desert with bayonets!

Make the bayonet attached rifle less accurate to indicate the heavier weight of the weapon, thus making it hard to hold steady.

Suggestions / A few ideas
« on: 30-10-2010, 16:10:25 »
Ok lets get ready to be shot down...

1) There seems to be a total lack of foxholes on any of the maps. We have plenty of trenches (ones that are both too deep to shoot out of and those that are very shallow). However, foxholes do not seem to exist. It would be nice to see groups of them placed together in hedges and at good defensive positions.

2) Make some of the sherman 75s on Operation Cobra be painted with the black and green scheme to not only give more diversity but also to make the 76s less obvious.

3) Is it possible to have every tank slightly different? If you have a map with 4 shermans is it not possible to give them all a different name e.g. chalk writing on the side? Also make them all look slightly different in terms of the equipment they carry. There really needs to be some tanks overloaded with equipment.

4) The opel blitz flak 20mm truck needs some ammo boxes on the back there. It would be cool to see some loose cartridges as well (ones that don't go away after 30 seconds of you firing!).

5) Is there a reason vehicles don't have foliage on them? The new stug with square mantle is pretty much the perfect example for a covering of leaves.

6) British helmets in normandy really need to have a covering of leaves/cloth strips. We all know it's a pretty iconic thing with british helmets.

Not sure I can think of anything else at the moment!
[Edited with three more ideas]

7) Panzer IVs with no schurzen in Normandy

8.) Tanks in which the schurzen has been knocked off/bent out of shape in certain places.

9) Bren carriers with bren gun in AA postion at rear. We have the model with vickers in the back, we have the AA bren gun mount. Maybe combine them? Not too useful but looks cool and more variety again.

Suggestions / Quad .50
« on: 17-06-2010, 13:06:30 »
We had a post on it before but I didn't want to bring that one up by replying to it.
The last time this was mentioned I believe it was decided that the Americans didn't need an AA vehicle when they didn't have a map with planes.
Operation Cobra needs movable AA defences for the Americans. I can't fly, and after being shot out of my m10 enough times in a game I want to hop into this:

I then want to drive over from the American main and gun down those anoying planes.
The Germans have got two AA opel blitzs on that map. We shouldn't have to use those to down enemy fighters. USA is also the only major side without an AA vehicle.

I mean we have the halftrack. We have the .50 cal. Not too much more to do the other stuff.
This vehicle would also be useful for infantry support (the biggest role of this vehicle anyway due to lack of german air power). Just give it a maximum seating of maybe 2-3 people so it can't be used like a halftrack.

As a side note I think there are many more halftrack variants for both the USA and Germany which could be quick and easy additions compared to entire new vehicles.

Suggestions / Mortars
« on: 23-04-2010, 14:04:20 »
The mortars atm fire rather slowly considering they are able to shoot very fast in real life.
I know this is done so that we don't get someguy hitting a base with 37 shells in 2 mins or whatever, but why not make it so that we can fire quickly for a short period of time?
Give it a heating/temperature bar so that the mortar man can decide if he needs to fire 6 shells very quickly but then has to let it cool or can keep up a slow sustained fire?
This would also be very useful with smoke because you could quickly shoot a line of 6 smoke shells (yeah WHEN we get mortar smoke shells i know!) and they'd create a good screen that didn't hide only one point.

At the moment, what happens is you get a target, you fire, you miss, you try to relocate, they run away. It would be more realistic that suddenly they came under a hail of fire and wouldn't have time to get into cover. Then when you were letting the mortar 'cool' or whatever everyone comes back out of cover and after a short wait you get to hit them when they don't expect it again.

Also, although i know it's been said before, can we get the small mortars in the next update? Don't give them the ability to use sights just allow them to shoot a series of small explosions, quickly but inaccurately. And have the player model lying down while firing :)

We NEED this gun. No one can deny this gun is the most awesome pistol ever concieved!  ;D
Although it wasn't incredibally widespread as a personal sidearm, enough people used this gun to make it a possible addition and who could say no to this thing?
A lot were produced as well, over a million. We have the Sauer and that was only 200,000 (yeah, yeah ok the C96 wasn't made during ww2 whatever I don't care).
I don't expect to see any opposition. Anyway this gun will shoot you FIRST before you can say anything bad about it...

And yes the new browning with stock reminded me of this
Is there some reason this gun is not about?

Suggestions / Funny suggestion
« on: 12-02-2010, 15:02:56 »
err yeah this might seem stupid but is it possible to have a horse 'vehicle' on this game?
Just saw BoB and there was tha guy delivering messages on a horse
Also germans still used a lot of horses
I guess it would look awful and unnatural to ride...
still would be cool though :)

ps can someone make the rear gun on the stuka more powerful for the sake of making it actually possible to shoot someone down? I know it won't be as historically accurate but atm you have like a 1% chance of winning against an enemy plane

oh and now that i think of it can we get some close support arty guns? the 15cm sig 33 or 7.5cm leichtes Infanteriegesch├╝tz 18 and the m3 howitzer. They could be like the pak40 or 6 pounder and they'd spawn in say a garage and they would only have HE shells so that they couldn't be used against tanks. If an enemy held a town you could push it nearby and bombard it as your men ran in! would be so ace to do that!

Suggestions / can we see...
« on: 04-02-2010, 17:02:37 »
...some of the daimlers in the normandy campaign?
I read that both types that we have were used throughout the war
USA get the greyhound. Germans the puma.
Dingo would be good in conjunction with the jeep as it can't be destroyed by a mg42 plus it has a bren!

Suggestions / A few suggestions
« on: 19-01-2010, 16:01:43 »
For starters the pak36 needs to be much more manovarable
That thing cannot be pushed up the slightest incline and it's soooooo anoying
It should be pushed at a walking pace (considering it cannot be pulled by a truck it needs to be manhandled fast)
The germans used this thing in the support role

look at this thing it's firing at short range
we need to be able to move it and put it somewhere the allies aren't expecting it

People saying doing a panzer 1 wouldn't be anygood but the allies have the vickers LT why don't the germans get their own crappy equiv? it could be used on maps where it is the only armoured vehicle in the same way as the vickers

How about giving the mortar kits some binocs? then if no one gave targets they could run forward, spot something, get back a bit behind some bushes/buildings etc and give firesupport! What about some smaller mortars as well - shorter range (and smaller damage radius) but also able to fire closer from the mortars position (could see from his position where the shells were landing)
They also used to have halftracks (on both sides) with mortars in them. We could have these in base and they would be unmanourable (scenery kinda like a truck that you can't get in) but give the mortarman protection (and more ammo) and maybe give the base an mg on top of the halftrack too - ie a little castle :D

Why not give the germans a pickup kit (sometimes instead of the panzershrek ) but instead of losing the rifle you get a kar98 and a longer range panzerfaust - panzerfaust100 etc. Still one shot but makes it more interesting.

American halftracks with the 30.cals on the sides? Wouldn't get used that much but the german halftrack has  got two mgs. Oh yeah and fix that rear mg it should swing to both sides and why not give it an anti air sight like many had

gammon bombs for the british instead of the satchel - so we can kinda do that SPR bit where they chuck the bomb socks on the tiger :P

All I can think of at the moment :)

Suggestions / A different sight
« on: 24-12-2009, 22:12:07 »
Give us a different Bren gun sight PLEASE!!!
There must have been various versions.
My god the current one is nearly as bad as using the type 99 in COD 5 as you cannot she anything!
Compared to the BAR and FG42 this weapon (which was supposed to be very very good) just isn't effective enough.
Damn that little peep hole sight! God knows how many times I have died trying to aim at someone down that thing!

FH2 Help / Support / Requirements
« on: 05-11-2009, 20:11:36 »
I have a a lenovo N 500 laptop and was wondering if i'd be able to play FH2 (so bf2 as well i guess)

It has Pentium(R) dual core CPU T4200 @ 2.00 GHz 2.00 GHz
3.00Gb Ram
I think graphic card is Mobile intel 4 series express chipset family
1292mb total memory(?!?)

I would like to know before I buy the game

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