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General Discussion / My late introduction
« on: 10-10-2009, 19:10:03 »
Hello to all members,

I would just like to introduce myself (my apologies for a late introduction).
My name is Neven (in-game: FHfan4life) and I have been playing Forgotten Hope 1 and 2 (single player) for about a year. I have decided to join the FH forum so I can learn more about this amazing mod and to actively participate (share my views with other members).
I am looking forward playing on line. It is so much different from the single player, and I definitely need to work on my skills. A few times when I played on line, I was not happy with my performance at all.
I am very proud to be a member here.
Thank You so much and have a wonderful day.
Greetings from Canada

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