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Off-Topic / RIP Daniel Inouye, US Senator, Veteran
« on: 19-12-2012, 02:12:24 »
I was surprised that nobody else posted this, so I logged back in after all these years to do so.

Yesterday, Daniel Inouye, senator for the state of Hawaii, passed away at the age of 88. He represented Hawaii as a Democratic senator 9 terms and as a politician for 58 years and never lost an election, reaching the rank of President Pro Tempore of the US Senate, placing him third in line of presidential succession. He was known for his constant support of GLBT rights and his opposition to covert military actions not responsible to the US legislative bodies.

He was also a war hero. A Japanese-American, he was present at the battle of Pearl Harbor as a paramedic. He immediately attempted to enlist in the US Army, and upon learning that Japanese-Americans were not allowed, he kept petitioning to serve. In 1943, when the first all Japanese-American units were formed, he left his medical studies and joined the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, which was then deployed to Italy. It was there, as a 2nd Lieutenant, that he earned his Medal of Honor.

Second Lieutenant Daniel K. Inouye distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism in action on 21 April 1945, in the vicinity of San Terenzo, Italy. While attacking a defended ridge guarding an important road junction, Second Lieutenant Inouye skillfully directed his platoon through a hail of automatic weapon and small arms fire, in a swift enveloping movement that resulted in the capture of an artillery and mortar post and brought his men to within 40 yards of the hostile force. Emplaced in bunkers and rock formations, the enemy halted the advance with crossfire from three machine guns. With complete disregard for his personal safety, Second Lieutenant Inouye crawled up the treacherous slope to within five yards of the nearest machine gun and hurled two grenades, destroying the emplacement. Before the enemy could retaliate, he stood up and neutralized a second machine gun nest. Although wounded by a sniper’s bullet, he continued to engage other hostile positions at close range until an exploding grenade shattered his right arm. Despite the intense pain, he refused evacuation and continued to direct his platoon until enemy resistance was broken and his men were again deployed in defensive positions. In the attack, 25 enemy soldiers were killed and eight others captured. By his gallant, aggressive tactics and by his indomitable leadership, Second Lieutenant Inouye enabled his platoon to advance through formidable resistance, and was instrumental in the capture of the ridge. Second Lieutenant Inouye’s extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit on him, his unit, and the United States Army.

What the MoH citation fails to mention is that he lost his arm to a direct hit from a rifle grenade while assaulting the final position. He pried his live grenade from the hand of his mutilated arm and used it to destroy the final machine gun nest. He then used his Thompson submachine gun and one remaining arm to single handedly continue the assault until he was wounded in the ankle. Unable to stand, he propped himself against a tree and continued to fire until he passed out from bloodloss.

Rest in Peace. Some men don't die, they simply decide that they've lived long enough.

His final words were simply "Aloha."

Off-Topic / Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 24-03-2010, 02:03:52 »
Just as the title says. Post something, anything, happy that happened to you. Anything from having just found a $20 bill to just having gotten married.

I'll start. Yesterday I am sitting in English class when a classmate turned to me and asked me if I had studied for the test. I asked what test, and he replied the Advanced Physics test. Advanced physics is a very tough course, and so I was frantic, studying all through lunch. I took the test, and it was brutal and frantic- electricity, resistors, and capacitors, in the hellish way that tests in that class are.

I got it back today, and I got a %95, even though I had barely studied.

Figured that the OT forum could use a light-hearted thread, something to cheer us up. So, what do you all have?

General Discussion / About FH1...
« on: 07-03-2010, 21:03:12 »
Has anybody noticed that the number of servers has dropped drastically. There are about 1/5 as many servers as before, and which ones show up keeps changing. Very peculiar, since there are rarely any populated FH servers at all. If anybody else has FH1 could they check to see if this has happened to them as well; I may have to switch to FH2 if this is not on my end.

Also, this seems to be affecting all Bf1942 servers, not just FH ones.

We just got hit by a nor'easter, and I now know what you guys feel like. If I had to shovel that much snow every morning, I too would be able to rip the turret off of a T-28 with my bare hands.

I believe DC received a little more than 2 feet in under a week. Goodness gracious.

Off-Topic / If we ever get the Pacific...
« on: 02-02-2010, 06:02:22 »
We will need to know this:

All apologies to our Japanese readers, but I could not pass it up.

Off-Topic / Activity picked up
« on: 11-01-2010, 08:01:11 »
Yeah I think 2.2 and 2.25 had some positive effects. I don't know about server populations, but has anyone else noticed how it is difficult to keep ahead of two different sub-forums at once? If you visit one blinking one (general discussion), read what's new, and then visit the other one (off-topic), read whats new there, by the time you return there is a new post in the first sub-forum. I never noticed this level of activity before, though part of it is cause it is Sunday here.

Off-Topic / Help! I've invented a time machine!
« on: 18-06-2009, 23:06:43 »
Ok, I've invented a time machine. However, I did something very silly; the blueprints are glued to the side of it. So I can only use it once, and cant make a new one. It only goes backwards, but goes backwards to any date you want. It has dimensions of 2m*2m*2m, and I've decided to send it back to December 7, 1939, where it will cleverly drop boxes into the US Postal System, to be mailed anywhere in the world. So, my question for you, my only friends the most historically knowledgeable people I know is, what should I send, and where should I send it? Also, can you recommend a better date?

Here's the trick. The only thing I know about the conditions during the trip are that the temperature will be below 500 degrees and will be one month long. The temperature may be high enough to incinerate books, so please select a fireproof option in addition to a book, if you choose a book.

I want to send the breech assembly of the Bofors L/70. Also, a round of APFSDS ammunition (excluding propellants) to the US War Department.

Here is my thought: Different units in World War Two were considered to have varying levels of quality, and were used accordingly. A lot of this had to do with increased training and skills. So why don't we have different values for different units. For example:

Point du Hoc. The Army Rangers were some of the best light infantry of the war, and were heavily trained. So we could make them run 15% faster and be 15% more accurate, with 30% more sprinting endurance. And for the Pacific, sailors and marines (on both sides) could have 50% more swimming endurance before they drown and 30% more swimming speed.

Boing Boing has a nice, short video about the Armored vehicle collection of the late Jacques Littlefield, which according to danger room is "the largest private collection of armored vehicles," with over 300 vehicles. Not extensive coverage, but a short, fun little video for us tank nuts.

Boing Boing

Suggestions / A Radio or Be your own F|H DJ
« on: 10-05-2009, 21:05:49 »
How many of you have played Battlefield Vietnam at some point in your lives? If you haven't, you will not be able to fully appreciate my suggestion, but if you have, this should seem like a fond memory of that game to you.

In Battlefield Vietnam, if you hit the 0 key (thats zero) while sitting in a vehicle, a list of every letter in the alphabet would come up in a window. Next to each letter was the name of a song from that period. When you pressed a letter, the song started playing in your vehicle. This was an extremely advanced feature; not only could you hear the music, so could your passengers, and anyone outside the vehicle, if they were close enough. This also featured the doppler effect, with high pitched music coming from an approaching vehicle and low pitched music from departing ones. It was extremely useful on those long drives or flights, and as an infantryman you could receive warning of an enemy vehicle who neglected to turn their music off by listening. And there really was very little more satisfying than taunting some infantry while you shot them from above and played Ride of the Valkyries.

My suggestion? Bring this feature back into existence in FH2. It is hard to believe, but this feature really grows on you, so much so that when I flew helicopters in DC I would home songs from BF:Vietnam. And I don't think it would be that hard to implement. It seems like one of those things where if you can't do it easily you can't do it at all.

(Here's a hint: iirc, in 'Nam's folders they had a list of 26 MP3s, one for every choice of song. When you selected one, it would tell everyone what song to start, and then how loud it is by how close you are. You could also modify the MP3s, so you could hear your own songs, but other people would not.)

Suggestions / Allied Anti-tank guns
« on: 05-05-2009, 01:05:52 »
One thing I noticed in FH1 was a lack of Allied anti-tank guns. Specifically ,there were no 17 pounders or 76mm M5s, even though these two vehicles were very prevalent. It would be nice to see these in FH2, especially as they saw action in Normandy, and prior to the Battle of the Bulge around half of US tank destroyer battalions used M5s. Besides, the 17 pounder would come in handy for dealing with the odd KT.

Suggestions / Skiis!
« on: 21-04-2009, 04:04:00 »
They could be treated as a vehicle. Going down hill they would pick up speed quickly and carry speed whle turning, on flat ground they would move at sprint speed, and going uphill they could move at crawl speed. You could fire your gun while using them. The only difficulty I see would be making them work only on snow.

Off-Topic / The Ideal Game Engine
« on: 15-04-2009, 05:04:07 »
We all know that BF2's engine is horrible, crippled beyond repair, and that in FH2's case there is not much we can do about it. So, just as a mental exercise, lets come up with the traits our ideal engine would or could have.

1: An advanced map.
   This would have the potential for different views, such as an overhead view and a topographic view. It would also be able to show other details, such as the health of various team vehicles, notes you left on your copy (such as when you found an easter egg), and potentially locations where your teammates were killed or fired shots that killed the enemy, arranged along a timeline, available for the commander to see, so he could see 'hot zones,' etc. It could also include primitive drawing tools, so SLs could draw plans or make marks and send them to their squadmates. The minimap could also be scrollable, allowing users to scroll in, out, and pan across it, to see more details. Potentially, for the commander, he could also have a rewind system that would show the movements of his units by time, allowing him to see weak points or strong points. This wouldn't require a video recording of the map, simply a recording of the player movements, directions, and vehicles to within a few feet or so, allowing the game to repeat these on the map and replay their movements for the commander.

FH2 Help / Support / The Wierdest Thing
« on: 05-04-2009, 01:04:56 »
I was playing FH0.7 the other day, and was loading Desert Rose, when my computer made a slightly disturbing mechanical sound, coming from the tower. It stopped, and I entered the game and spawned. When I spawned, though, I couldn't walk, fire, or switch weapons. All I could do was turn. I disconnected and reconnected, same thing. I disconnected and loaded SP, same thing. I tried BF1942, same thing. So I reinstall 1942, and I can move again. I patch 1942 up to 1.61, load FH(still there after uninstall) and enter a server playing Omaha:Charlie Sector. I spawn in a LVT(a), get out, and find I can't move, fire, switch weapons, or get back in. I reinstall 1942, patch it, to find the same thing. In frustration, I look through the controls, to find that all of my infantry controls had been deleted, and were blank. My other controls, however, were normal. I fixed the infantry controls, and found that I couldn't get into a plane. I checked, and my 'Common' controls had been deleted. I fix this, get in a plane, and proceed to nose dive into the sea. I find that my plane controls have not been deleted, but my 'invert mouse' checkbox has been mysteriously unchecked, and mouse sensitivity reverted back to zero. My naval controls were unchanged.

All this happened while loading desert rose or reinstalling 1942, and my infantry controls were deleted for sure while loading Desert Rose. My question for you, dear forum-mates, is how on Earth this could have happened.

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