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Bug Reporting / Bedford QTL (Mickey Mouse truck)
« on: 11-03-2010, 22:03:01 »
So, when in the driver's position, you can open the back gate of the truck, right?  Well, when you exit or switch positions, the gate is magically closed again.  No idea why that happens, but it's weird.

Also, I'm not sure, but I don't think the QTL gives ammo to infantry like other trucks.  Can someone check to make sure it does, and if it doesn't, make it give ammo like the other trucks?

Sorry for the nitpicking, but all signs point to a new release fairly soon, and I don't want little things like this to slip through the cracks.

Clans and Tournaments / Don't forget about WOLF Thursdays!
« on: 11-03-2010, 20:03:45 »
As some may know, Thursday night is when most of the regular WOLF players gather on the server to get their FH2 fix.  If you're a North American FH2 fan who wants a good ping that can't be found on European servers, stop by on Thursdays.  Euro Players are of course welcome as well, there's nothing quite like shooting guys from across the pond.  ;)  There's always plenty of Admins on, so if you want to see a certain map, ask and it might be played.  VoIP is enabled too, so don't be afraid to get some Teamwork going.

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of people tonight.

If you think of a way to make WOLF Thursdays better, stop in over at the FH2 Forums and post up some feedback.

Server Info:

Disclaimer: I am not a WOLF Admin, only a member of the WOLF Gaming Community.  I cannot change maps, kick/ban people, repeal kick/bans, or do anything other than forward the issue to actual Admins.

Suggestions / US Static MG emplacements
« on: 09-02-2010, 01:02:23 »
Now, I don't usually suggest stuff anymore, but something's been bugging me.  The Americans only have one static Defensive MG: the M1919A4 .30 cal Tripod.  That's great and all (except that most people don't realize that steel pole they just tripped over is actually an MG kit they can use), but it seems to limit some of the defensive options for the US.  I have a few suggestions to get more defensive options for the Americans in game:

First up: an M1919 .30 cal on some sort of bipod mount.  Basically, it would be the US counterpart to the Lewis Bipod MG emplacements of the British.  They would be able to be placed (by mappers) on low walls, sandbags, crates, windows and anywhere else at about waist-height.  For example, the Lewis gun on the railing at Ingouf Farm on some versions of PHL could be replaced by a M1919 on a similar mount.  I can't find any pictures of something like this, but I know they were in FH1...  (I am not asking for the M1919A6 variant that was first used in the Ardennes, that would probably be man-portable and work like the MG34/42 in game right now, prone and fire.  I'm asking for a stationary defensive mount.)

Of course, there's also the M2 Browning .50 Cal.  It could be useful on it's M3 Tripod mount (not sure if it should be deployable, but rather mapper-placed).  Obviously it would rip apart light skinned vehicles and infantry, because's a .50 cal. 


I'd also like to see the .50 Cal on it's Dual Purpose Mount.  Dual purpose as in Anti-Air and Ground.  I'm fairly certain this would be a 360 degree rotation, so that makes it more useful than the M3 Tripod, at the expense of the gunner having to stand (instead of crouch/lay down) and be more vulnerable.


The great thing about these weapons is that they already exist in game, only the mounts have to be made.  Well, and of course, coded, animated, tested and all that, but a big chunk of the work (Modeling and Skinning the gun itself) is already done, right?  What does everyone (Devs and testers especially) think of these ideas?

FH2 Help / Support / Just Curious (Specs Question)
« on: 21-12-2009, 17:12:17 »
My sister came home from college with her computer (that is more powerful than the family computer I am currently playing on) and I'm thinking about trying to talk her into letting me install BF2 and FH2 onto it.  If I can convince her, I was wondering if her computer could run FH2 at highest settings at the highest resolution her monitor can handle.  Will an Nvidia GEForce 9600 video card and Vista system with 4 gigs of RAM run FH2 on highest settings at a resolution of 1280x1024?  I'm not sure about her other specs...

The thing that limits grenades on some maps is a little wonky.  We all know that the German HEAT RifleNade (for example, on PdH) was omitted from the list of things that the code limits.  Well, while on a WaW map yesterday, I noticed that the British No.4 Mills Bomb Launcher was also seemingly omitted from the list of things the code limits.  It's odd, because since the Mills Bomb Launcher shares ammo with the thrown Mills Bomb (which is limited), if you throw a Mills Bomb before using the launcher, the Launcher has one less Nade to launch.  I didn't check to see what happens if you launch one then try to throw one, though.

Anyway, I know there aren't any maps that the British have the Mills Bomb Launcher that also has the "Limited Grenades" code in the mod right now, but as shown, it affects custom maps, and maybe future official maps as well.

Somewhat unrelated, but why do only the British in Normandy have Mills Bomb Launcher?  From what I've read, all CommonWealth forces had the base plates that screw onto the Mills Bombs, which is all you need to use the Mills Bomb with the Standard No.4 (and SMLE) Rifle Nade Launcher Cup.  The British and Australians in Africa (even when they have the No.1 MkIII* SMLE), as well as the Canadians in Normandy should all have the Mills Bomb Launcher too...  Even if the Canadians and Australians didn't have them, the British in Africa definitely should...

General Discussion / Ranks and Awards
« on: 28-11-2009, 13:11:37 »
I know there a few other topics about this, but I didn't find on the first 5 pages, so I'm making a new one.

I played on the "FH2 Dev Team Ranked FH2 v.2.2" Server last night/today, and got a few awards.  I even checked over at the Awards site (here) and found my name there.  Are the awards and stuff perfected and fully ready?  If so, I think this is deserving of some sort of announcement so that more servers can start using the system.

Also, I noticed that the Devs and betatesters have an enormous head start on everything in relation to us lowly pubbies.  Will the system be "reset" to level the playing field?  Or is an extra perk to being a Dev/tester that you get a jump start on your rank and awards?

Lets hope that with the ranks and rewards, people start...actually I don't know what I want.  I was going to say "start taking the game a little more seriously" but that leads to stat whores and they are no fun.  It probably won't bring new players on its own, since they likely won't even know about it until they are told.  It might keep a few players here longer.  But I guess it's mostly for the hardcore fans who likely won't leave even if they are suddenly struck deaf, blind and crippled.  Oh well.  I'm excited about it, either way.

Off-Topic / Quote the first post you ever made here
« on: 09-10-2009, 00:10:10 »
The thread over in Suggestions started by TwisedJester (and the many compliments he got on it) have inspired me to make this thread.  The premise is simple: Simply search for your first post on these (and/or your first post on the Old FileFront forums) and quote it in this thread.  This is to see how far we've all come from being the noobiest of noobs to respected (or not :P) members of the Forgotten Hope Community.  I'll start off with my first posts here and on FF:

My first post here (nothing special, really):
Nice to see everything starting up again.  We'll make this place feel like home real soon.

My first post over on FileFront (or at least, the earliest one I can find, I did post it the day I joined the forums):
Quote from: Ionizer (Re: Historical Sound and Texture Pack by Mr. Cheese and Bratwurst: SUMMARY EDITION, March 19th, 2007)
I finally got my patch working, and the lightning sounds great!

Okay, so my first posts are kinda lame.  Maybe everyone else's are more interesting?  Come on, post 'em up!

General Discussion / Main site down?
« on: 26-09-2009, 01:09:31 »
Trying to check the FH Home page takes me to ModDB.  What's the dealio?

To try to stop the tidal wave of Shader-related Problems in the Bug Reporting and Help/Support Forums, I am compiling all shader-related problems and fixes here.  First, a little bit of background:

Quote from: Ionizer
A certain patch of BF2 made it impossible for mods to use different graphics shaders in the game.  To remedy this, the FH2 Developers made the FH2.exe, which switches around some files before launching the game, thus allowing them to use their own shaders and improving the quality of their work.  If you play FH2 from the "Community" tab in BF2, those files never get moved, and can result in some bugs (including wavy black and white iron sights, as well as psychedelic sandbags and bland camo nets).

Always play FH2 through the FH2.exe that it came with.  If you lost it, it should be in Program Files>EA Games>Battlefield 2.  It's an application (sized 64 Kb) called FH2, and it's icon is the FH2 logo.  Create a shortcut of it on your desktop and play FH2 through that.

Right.  Now that that's over with, let's get to the actual problems and fixes:

For a general fix for Vista/Win7 users:  Make sure you run FH2 as Administrator and possibly in Windows XP Compatibility mode.

--Black and White Ironsights, Psychedelic Sandbags, Weird Camo Nets--
This can be a symptom of more serious problems, but more often than not, there are two easy fixes:

1.  The easiest fix for the Black and White Ironsights (and other related problems) is to go to My Documents\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2\cache and delete the funny-looking folder there with the random letters and numbers for a name.  The next time you play, it should optimize the shaders and then the problem should be fixed.
2. Always play FH2 through the FH2.exe.

If those don't work, there might be an underlying problem (possibly one of the ones below).  If that's the case, try the below fixes.

--"Failed to move 'mods/bf2/' to 'mods/bf2/shaders_client.zip_vanilla': The system cannot find the file specified"--
If you get that Error Message when trying to start the game through the FH2.exe, it can lead to the above problem with the Ironsights, etc.  See below for causes and solutions:
It happened originally because you didn't shut down FH2 properly.  When you start the FH2.exe, it moves the original BF2 shaders and renames them "mods/bf2/shaders_client.zip_vanilla".  It then moves the FH2-specific shaders in their place.  It moves everything back if you shut the game down normally.  If you don't shut it down normally (for example, if you use Alt+F4, if your power goes out, sometimes if your game crashes) the files never get moved back.  To fix it, you have to manually move and rename the shader files.
  To do that:
I had trouble with this after adding the 1.5 patch and installing FH2.  Right-clicking while sighting and I'd be looking at the dull fuzzy world of someone knocked out on Thorazine.

Following suggestions, I'd tried deleting anything in my shaders folder, but that didn't work.  Googling, I found that you need to copy the file from the fh2 folder to the bf2 folder, renaming the bf2 file first.  that did it.

--Can't see Icons on minimap, cannot sprint, blurry vision--
This is not a bug, but a feature.  FH2 uses a "Wounded Shader" that blanks out your minimap, causes you to be unable to sprint and makes your vision blurry.  It is activated once you take enough damage.  To cure it, throw your bandage (weapon slot Eight) on the ground and prone over it for a few seconds.  Some people do not see the blurriness, this is because certain Graphics Cards with certain Drivers with certain settings disable the blurry aspect of the Shader (but not the minimap blanking and inability to sprint).  For a solution, see: [Fix] Broken Wounded Shaders on Nvidia with AA enabled.

--"mods/bf2/shaders/staticmesh.fx not found!!!"--
For possible solutions, see:

Well, those are the most common shader issues that keep popping up here.  Also note, sometimes the only thing can fix a problem is a full reinstall.  For this reason, it is strongly suggested that you keep a backup of the BF2 1.41 patch, the BF2 1.5 patch, and the Full Installer for FH2.2.  This way, you won't have to spend an inordinate amount of time redownloading everything you need.

If anyone has anything to add, feel free to post and I will add it to this original post if I need to.  (I would especially like a step-by-step guide for manually moving and renaming the shader files mentioned in Problem #2.)

Okay, I noticed this on Luttich.  A few times, I had lined up a perfect shot on an enemy tank with my 'shrek and pulled the trigger, heard the sound of the weapon firing, and I'm fairly certain I saw the rocket leave the tube, but I was killed before the projectile made it to the enemy tank.  The tank seemed to take no damage.  When I respawned, the tank seemed no worse for wear and in fact was sitting in the exact same place, oblivious to my failed attempt to shove a HEAT Rocket up its tail pipe.  This happened quite a few times, at least three that I can remember.

I also seem to recall it happening at least once with both the Bazooka and PIAT, but I'm not certain.  I haven't mastered the PanzerFaust yet, so I tend to get very close to tanks with it, leaving no time to get killed while the projectile is in flight, so I don't know if it applies to the 'faust or not...

FH2 Help / Support / Joystick Throttle disabled?
« on: 06-09-2009, 10:09:07 »
I was excited to try out the new planes on Totalize, so I spawned in at the German airfield and hopped into the Fw190.  The plane didn't budge.  I could fire the weapons, go into gun-sights, go into rear chase cam, open the map, and work the rudder and other controls (all mapped to my joystick), but the throttle lever wouldn't work.  I had to use my backup speed control buttons on the keyboard to fly (until I remapped the accelerate and decelerate commands to normal push buttons my joystick).

I have a Saitek Cyborg EVO Joystick and apparently something is blocking the throttle lever from being recognized by BF2.   The throttle used to work perfectly well before I updated to BF2 1.5 and FH2.2.  Did one of those break it?  And more importantly, is there a way to get this functionality back?  It's very difficult to fly without my adjustable throttle....

FH2 Help / Support / Random freezes?
« on: 06-09-2009, 10:09:27 »
This happened 3 times to me tonight.  I would be playing the game the normally and then the game would just freeze.  Everything locks up, including the sound (it keeps playing the same sound clip over and over).  There was no way to fix it except to Ctrl+Alt+Del and end task.  But even when I opened the Task manager, my mouse was still locked. I had to navigate the Task Manager with my keyboard to shut down BF2 (which was labeled "Not Responding").  My computer was fine after that, until it happened again and I had to go through the whole thing again.

The first time it happened, I was Canadian on Lebisey.  I had grabbed a sniper rifle from main and was making my way towards the West AT flag.  I was in the field to the north of the flag, about a grid away when it froze.  The next Time it happened was on Totalize, an hour or two later.   I had just spawned into the Canadian Airfield with an engineer kit when it froze.  The third time was about 15 minutes after the second time, still on Totalize.  I spawned at the Canadian airfield with the engineer kit, and hopped into a Typhoon.  As I started to pull out from under the camo net, it froze again.

After the third time, I decided to take a break from FH2 and check the forums.  I figured I should post this, to try to get to the bottom of it.

The vehicles and weapons tabs on the main page have been updated.  Many of the new additions don't have images, but it's still nice to see everything that's been added to the mod so far.  Plus, it will help to be able to show new comers exactly what has been created for FH2.

I'm assuming Lightning did it (since he's the current webmaster, I think).  Also, he's the one who promised he would do it.  But thanks to all the Devs who made these things as well.

The British Entrenchment Tool is nice surprise to see when all you're looking for is the proper name for the Brit AT mine.  :D

Also, on the American vehicles page, there's an entry for "M4A1(76)W Medium Tank."  Looks like the Yanks just might have the power to knock out a few big cats in the bocage after all.

Okay.  I've noticed this a few times on different maps (it's a fairly common building).  Anyway, here goes:

You cannot jump out of the "upstairs" portion of this static building.  In that picture, part of the upper room's wall is destroyed, but you cannot jump out from there, it seems like there is an invisible wall there.  I'm assuming it's some bug in the collision mesh or something.  I'm fairly certain you can spawn in that "upstairs room" on Giarabub at least (on the East Giarabub Flag).  You can also get into the room normally if you climb the stairs at the back of the building, and then traverse along the partially destroyed wall and hop into the room.  The only exit is either back the way you came, or hopping down into the main bombed out area on the first floor.  It's kind of annoying to attempt to jump down from the second story and be prevented from doing so by an invisible wall.  I can guess that maybe the original intent for this static was that you wouldn't be able to enter the second floor room, but you can enter it, rather easily actually.  I think you can still shoot out of second story room (through the "invisible wall"), but I'm not entirely certain.

Anyway, it's not a huge deal.  I just thought I would point this out.

Okay, I have a problem.  I recently needed to reinstall BF2 and FH2 to fix something.  All fine and dandy, nothing went wrong, everything works fine.  I can play both BF2 and FH2 perfectly fine.  Except one thing.  Just a few weeks before I needed to reinstall, I finally got my FH2 Toolbox working.  I basically needed to close an error message that popped up before the "Updates and Notices" window of Toolbox opened and locked the whole thing up.  Well, I did that, then updated the FH2 Toolbox through it's update window (which I had neglected to do on my last reinstall in January).  And the toolbox finally worked. 

Until I reinstalled a few days ago.  After I reinstalled, I opened up the Toolbox, expecting to have to race an error message and then update the toolbox for it to work.  I was surprised when it worked fine off the bat with no error message, the Updates and Notices window popped up and nothing locked up or anything.  I deleted the "New" notices (that I read before on previous installs) and clicked for it to install the filter update.  Well, it installed and closed the program, and when I tried to open it again, I got an error message.  The message said: "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2\binaries\fh2_toolbox\fh2_toolbox.exe is not a valid Win32 application."  The toolbox window doesn't open up, this error message just pops up with the option to click "OK," which closes the error message.

I'd like to use the Ping Compensation feature of the Toolbox, as well as check which servers are populated and who is playing on which server.  But if it's broken like this, I can't.  Which sucks.

Can someone (I guess Purity?) help me out here?  I'd love to play on hsLAN without feeling the effects of 120 ping.  (As an aside, I'd love to know just how the ping compensation thing works and why it isn't standard on all online games.)

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