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Modding / Question about Playermodel headgear
« on: 28-01-2010, 15:01:24 »
Just playing around with the (terrain) editor and I wondered how can you change the headgear of the playermodels.

So I came up with 3 specific questions:

1 Where can I find the existing helmets? (I am looking for the FH2 Brittish barret ^^ )

2 How can I create and import custom headgear into FH2?

3 How can I change the collor/texture of the headgear? Will this tutorial do devs?

Suggestions / bayonets
« on: 05-05-2009, 11:05:04 »
I've searched the forum couldn't find this suggestion yet so maybe some1 can help me out here or crush my dream, I just want an anwer...

I remember fromt he FHT pacific thunder tournament that you could attach your bayonet and fire from the hip with a LMB and RMB combination (my beloved FH 0.7). Is this also possible with the Battlefield 2 engine? Instead of zooming in you stab and firing is just from the hip when bayonet attached?

General Discussion / New FH 2 wallpapers
« on: 06-04-2009, 19:04:32 »
Is there any new concept art or wallpapers in production for FH2?

101st Exodus

Soldiers & friends of the 101st Airborne Division Clan,

There is a deep dark problem growing like a cancer within the clan. Unfortunately we must be the bearer of bad news when we tell you that the clan is no longer a place of fun and enjoyment for all. And no longer where equals converse and discuss progress and adjustments. In the past the clan was a dictatorship, ruled by one man and ineffectively so, which all who stick around will discover in due time. Immature and rude players were a part of that clan, they mouthed off at public players and players of other servers. Even the admins of other servers where they were guests. When the time came that these members were relieved of duty the clan entered a period of enlightment. Democracy ruled with the senior members discussing almost every update with their peers, and it was during this period that the most recruits joined the clan in any one given period. But the age of enlightenment has ended. The dark times are returning. And as some people have said: When the going gets tough!
 h, the tough get going. This is the new policy of the senior members of this gaming clan. The power of a dictator was removed and lessened, but now that he tries to get it back we the senior members who have the clans best interest in hand are going to move along and create our own parallel gaming community. Very similar in design. The new clan will be a realism clan run on FH2, PR and ARMA 2, however ARMA 2 will not be required because it is not free to get. Units will be accurate to the unit in which you are a part of. There will be no Marines fighting in the unit, nor will there be British SAS in the American Army unit. We will run an American rank system like that of the 101st. Basic Combat Training will continue. In all, the only major change is the name of the unit and the switch to a far more realism based gaming unit.

Now to share with everyone the evidence towards the movement away from the 101st. But first let me first say that i am not at all pleased to be leaving the 101st, but you all have to realize and remember all of the work everyone has put into this community. With the risk of its destruction we will save it.

Without any further adieu, here is the evidence against the tyranny which has taken hold in the 101st:

Kharon says:
so who came on while you, Jimmy and Emerson were on and deleted all the channels? says:
I dont know whoever took my admin and whoever banned me from the forums
I have to make a new forums and a new Ts and those forums have to be deleted says:
The people who know I own the clan the owners of the TS server .also they cant have any of the documents we all made and they cant have the 101st Air name its write protected and the domain is all ours. I can sue whoever tries to keep the clan name
currently whoever has admin on the forums since it has the 101st Airborne name on it I can sue them

Kharon says:
in companies the owner can actually get ousted if the board of directors says so, maybe someone is just doing it because they feel they're in charge? how many people did you give admin to anyways? says:
this is not a company
thare are no shares....wait think about what your saying
are you sure you want this?
sounds like you know more than you let on sir

papabear_101st_air_0001: I dont need to write down anything he is under me in rank,.  I just tell him what I want and thats it
papabear_101st_air_0001: Saturday, Ill have everything back up by then
papabear_101st_air_0001: there is no democracy in this clan.  I just allow people to be creative but not at the exence of the chain of command.  Or at the expence of progress
papabear_101st_air_0001: expence* of the chain of command
kariemahmed123: I see, well in that case I would like the clan staff to meet this saturday
papabear_101st_air_0001: I know you would.  Denied.  Only you and I will meet.  I am not willing to meet with anyone else at the moment.  Decisions will be handed down as to the status of this shinanaghin
papabear_101st_air_0001: not discussed any longer.
papabear_101st_air_0001: discussion invites alternate views and then incohession.  I will not be allowing that anylonger.  Im a reasonable man and I dont think my decissions are bad.
papabear_101st_air_0001: ....I have allowed there to be some discussion on decisions I am making but that has led to this problem.  When I make a change to the clan forums, that change is in the admin logs and other admins can see that I made the change.  therefore there is no security leak.  Besides I told backer I was going to change the permissions soon on the folders that were empty -hence no security issue
kariemahmed123: Allright
kariemahmed123: May I ask why my abbilities for xfire administration are removed?
kariemahmed123: As I was the one who created the group in the first place
papabear_101st_air_0001: Im not trying to be a hard ass but I cant command this clan as a "partner" I must be the CEO.   All admin abilities for Xfire page have been removed because of the problem that arose when I left the TS server.  I am securing the 101st owned pages.  I must have sole admin on alot of things to avoid things like this forum crap from happening
papabear_101st_air_0001: you didnt create the clan though.  You did the xfire at the business of the 101st Air clan, it has the name 101st on it.  You couldnt actually (or anyone else) EVER own something that is for the clan
papabear_101st_air_0001: you can contribute as a valuable member.  You are. And I thank you for makeing the site.  I just need to be given ownership of all the things that has the 101st Air name on it,
kariemahmed123: Well I would like to talk to you in person about all of this
kariemahmed123: And I ADVISE, not demand to get the others in too
papabear_101st_air_0001: noted but I dont need to do anything that is advised to let you know.  I love backer but I dont want to talk to him right now.  I dont need to speak to anyone but who I need to speak with.  the orders are orders and that is how it must be.  I also asked you not to copy my text to anyone so please dont if you are.

Unfortunately, it was copied.
Sic Semper Tyrannis "Thus always to Tyrants"

There is no hostile feelings towards ANY 101st member. Even Papabear. Reply to this message if you wish to maintain the virtues of the 101st clan which were promised to you. All members who do so will be rewarded. We will not force anyone to come, it is upon your own accord. All major changes in the new clan will be discussed with the members, minor changes will go through a majority of senior admin.

We had all planned to cooperate with Papabear, educate eachother in our mistakes and correct those of others to better eachother. And it was a pity that Papabear refused to heed our advice. We enjoyed our time with the 101st and would not change a moment, even for the 8-9 months where we had complete authority thrust upon us and instead of letting the clan die we chose to keep it alive and in fact improve upon it. We hope that after we are gone the 'M' word is not thrown around. It was a culmination of many large and small issues with many members that has brought us to this crossroad, and we do not wish to make it personal, nor do we pick something in particular.

We welcome all 101st members as brothers in arms and we wish to remain in good connection with our parent clan.

We are the 508th, The Red Devils. And we will be the Fury From the Sky.

You can contact us on our forums and several members over xfire.


Backer, Banger, Kharon, Guardian, Hawkeye

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