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Modding / [PYTHON] LinkCPs suggestion/question
« on: 26-06-2012, 17:06:39 »
Hi there. I'm trying to make a Push map with reinforcements moving with the frontlines. But I've run into a problem: To make this work, I have to use dummy flags obviously, for which I've set up LinkCPs, and it's running well, until...

What I have:
Stage1_dummy is flag that is allied while the "1st Stage" of the map (a naval invasion to capture 3 flags the axis can't recap) is being played, and then switches to being axis once all three flags are capped. This works fine.

However, when I want to switch other dummy flags over, to give the axis more reinforcements and move the allied spawners forward, I have to use Stage1_dummy as one of the linked CPs (as my equipment are spawning on capturable flags so I have to check flag_a is axis & stage1_dummy is axis). This doesn't work though, as when Stage1_dummy is set to a new team, it doesn't register as a flag switch and the next stage doesn't become active.

Is there any way to hook the LinkCP to both a flag being captured and a flag owner being set? Looking at the file I believe hooker.register('ControlPointChangedOwner', self.cpchanged) & game.utilities.cp_setTeam(target, team, 0) to be the key.

Is there some way to do this through or do I have to slightly modify It's been a while since I last coded in python (for civ4) so a nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! Hopefully this could also be implemented in FH2 proper as it gives the mappers more options for gameplay styles.

Off-Topic / German Military Graveyard @ Finland
« on: 11-07-2011, 16:07:45 »

Happened to pass by this sign yesterday while biking with a friend, decided to go have a look:

(It is actually in Vantaa, located between Highway 4, Cemetery of Honkanummi and the Vantaa Prison)

Around half of all the graves had a time of death 12.12.1944, when Destroyers Z35 & Z36 where sunk on the Gulf of Finland. Both were laying mines off the coast of Estonia and struck German mines. The wall in the background are the prison walls.

Misty camera lens after being taken out from my pocket.

Photos taken with the crappy camera on my phone.

Not a very big place, nor well known, but thought you histofreaks would appreciate it.

Off-Topic / So I'm going to Tuscany
« on: 03-04-2010, 10:04:16 »
Not like any of you lot care, or would I expect any of you to care. Just thought I'd be trendy.

Modding / Sound Problems
« on: 20-01-2010, 19:01:52 »
Alright, so I'm making a new wheeled tank.

It's all coded and ready, except for one thing: The engine sounds don't exist in 1p view. They work just fine in 3p, or when you first sit in the tank (the start up sound) but the engine is completely silent when moving. Also the editor gives a "Ignored Warning[SoundEngine] : " when I fire the co-ax 30cal.

The sounds did work earlier, but then the wheels didn't show up until I entered & exited the vehicle. This fixed itself after exporting with proper wreck models, I think.

So there must be something wrong with the engine, I just can't figure out what. Especially since it's essentially the greyhound settings with a few tweaks.

EDIT: Tested it on a map instead of the editor, sounds work fine there. But it must have some underluying problem if it doesn't work in the editor, right?

Suggestions / Tank Hit shock
« on: 28-12-2009, 00:12:40 »
Something just popped into my head: Infantry gets a suppression effect, shouldn't tanks as well? If your tank is being hit again and again, even with no penetrations, there should be large "boink!"s, as there are, and the same suppression effect as infantry has. I don't think MG fire should trigger it, but AP rounds should.

Would create more of that sought-after immersion all the kids are talking about ;)

Modding / United Front News Post X.5: Release!
« on: 25-12-2009, 08:12:50 »

United Front News Update X.5: Release!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first ever United Front release! No this is NOT United Front 1.0 or even United Front 0.X. This is what we call a beta booster pack. Much like how in about 2006 for Battlefield 2 EA released two such booster packs, Euro Forces and Armored Fury, for BF2.

Effectively within the zip folder you are about to download lies four maps, that you drag and drop to your Fh2 levels folder, once you have done that you are ready to play. Really, you can switch between Fh2 servers and servers running UF maps without even closing Fh2, heck if servers want to run both UF and stock maps you can without closing! Best of all there is nothing that could possibly ***** up your normal install of Fh2!* This system is tried and true in FH2, as hundreds of players already do this for the World at War and Forgotten Honor tournaments, anyway here is some cool information on how to get it, where to play it, and whats in it:

Here is a list of download sites where you can get your download of our Booster Pack:
World at War will be having the maps on rotation randomly through the day

So here are the four maps you will see in this beta:

Bloody Gultch by Sn00x[infantry/tanks]: USA vs Germany - Germany is defending its territory, will the USA smash through their defenses or will Germany defend its gains?

Ramelle Neuville-1944 an Fh1 classic remade by Pacifist[Infantry/Tanks] - USA vs Germany, the Americans are defending a recently liberated town from an onslaught of German armor. Can the Americans hold out?

Bombing of Constanta by Paasky [Planes/Ships]- Russian VVS vs German Luftwaffe. The Russians are out to test some new air toys against a German refinery, will the VVS have a successful new toy in their arsenal or will the Luftwaffe laugh at their enemies toy as it goes spiraling down into the sea? [Note: This is more of a demo map at this stage then meant as a "serious" map]

Ostmark by Paasky [Infantry/Tanks -New Vehicles-] - USA/Italy vs Germany. The Americans are fighting an enemy dug into mountainous terrain, will the Americans new Italian Alpine Allies be able to dig out the Germans holding the mountains or will the Germans send the Allies back with horrendous casualties?

We will give out an in depth spoiler guide to the maps in the coming weeks after we get back from vacation.

After you get done looking around on our maps we would like you to tell us what you think about it. Go to

sign up for the forums go to the suggestion box and complain, congratulate us, or anything so long as you follow the rules.

That's all for today, see you in 2010.

As always if you would like to donate anything, work with us, or want to trade equipment we are more then happy to oblige, just PM Paasky.

* We are not responsible for you not reading the read me and screwing up your install. Seriously read it.

Starting 18:00 GMT (1pm Eastern) today the BFE-WaW Public server shall have all 4 maps in rotation!

And if the installation instructions weren't clear enough: Either Extract or drag and drop the 4 folders inside the .rar file into your FH2 Levels folder, by default found in C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\FH2\levels\

You can still play FH2 online without any interference, as everything is done mapside.

Modding / United Front News Post X: Festivus
« on: 23-12-2009, 11:12:58 »

United Front News Update X: Release Announcement!

Welcome to another update to United Front. This is an official announcement of a United Front Beta Map Pack.

See you in two days

I would like to stress that this is a "proof of concept" version, basically showcasing some of the stuff we've done. But we urge anyone and everyone to try it out! More info to follow...

And a Happy Festivus to all!

Modding / United Front Update 9: Bombs Away!
« on: 28-11-2009, 03:11:12 »

United Front News Update 9: Bombs Away!

They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words. But how many pictures is a video worth?

Some time ago United Front had it's first open playtest. We have already shown you video from one of our maps, Ostmark. But now for something completely new in Forgotten Hope 2: An air map, with some added shipping spice.

First, an attack against Axis ships on the Black Sea:

Then, some aerial battles as the Germans try to repulse the coming onslaught:

And finally death and destruction caused by the Zveno project:

Well that is all for today, but not by far all we have to show you. We will see you next week for another update from The United Front.

As always if you would like to donate anything, work with us, or want to trade equipment we are more then happy to oblige, just PM Paasky or visit our forums at

Modding / United Front News Post 8: Back to School
« on: 19-11-2009, 12:11:34 »

United Front News Update 8: Back to School

Welcome to Update 8, which will be our last update of 2009. Do not panic ladies and gentlemen for we are merely taking time off due to the school finals and exams, holiday season, and all that jazz. So we are going to go ahead and put in our new years resolution. Our resolution will be to get the following in game and tested.

Yes, the T-34-85.  Right now this is the final model [made by Peppervieze], the textures are in progress, but are turning out beautifully, the coding and exporting process is taking us awhile to learn, but we will have a T-34 by 2011.

Well that is all for today, but not by far all we have to show you. See you in 2010.
As always if you would like to donate anything, work with us, or want to trade equipment we are more then happy to oblige, just PM Paasky or have a look in our forums at

United Front News Update 7: The Thing That Should Not Be

Welcome to United Front Update 7, well we thought a bit about what to show you now. We decided we wanted to continue the theme of what was old is now new again. Last week we showed you some modifications of existing equipment, Trogdor, The Sherman 105mm, etc. This week we would like to show you some other modifications we are making to current FH2 equipment. You may think some of these are weird, but they are all historically accurate as either factory produced modifications or common field modifications.

So without further ado we bring you the Piat Carrier and the Ordnance QF 2 pounder carrier.

The Universal Carrier was a highly versatile platform. It ranged from artillery tractor, to scout vehicle, to a flame thrower variant named the wasp, as well as other uses.

The 2 pounder carrier was basically an Australian built only modification to the Universal Carrier to provide a highly mobile AT gun platform, they where a response to an increased worry of a Japanese invasion of the West Coast. The others that entered combat where mainly field expedients of a 2 pounder welded to a UVC chasis.

The Piat Carrier is another field expedient in which the Bren was replaced by a Piat. What you got was a UVC that could ambush tanks effectively and then run away.

The next thing we would like to show you is the Pak 36 with the Stielgranate 41 modification.

In 1936 the Pak 36 was powerful enough, but with advances in tank armor by 1941 the Pak 36 was rendered obsolete. To counteract this and get more use out of the 36 series of Pak guns, they where fitted with the Stielgranate 41 modification. This modification effectively could penetrate allied armor with ease up to 150m away, with accuracy decreasing after that.

The last bit of update we have for you is working backwards instead of forwards. In here we have the Panzer I.

The Panzer I was a light tank used by axis forces. It was much lighter armored with only about 8mm of armor vs the PII's 30mm of frontal armor. It was also lighter armed with only one dual all purpose MG13. The PI was first used in the Condor Legion in the Spanish Civil War in which 121 where sent to the front lines.It was then used in every major campaign from 1939 to 1941 and was a large amount of the on paper German armored force. The last campaign to see PI's in any large amount of force was Operation Barbarossa. It was their experienced at the battle of Moscow that the PI was deemed as unsuitable to serve in a combat role.

Well that is all for today, but not by far all we have to show you. We will see you next week for another update from The United Front.

As always if you would like to donate anything, work with us, or want to trade equipment we are more then happy to oblige, just PM Paasky or visit our forums at

Modding / Vehicle gun round selection icons
« on: 01-11-2009, 19:11:33 »
How on earth did you guys make 150x44 dds files??

Modding / United Front Update 6: Run to the Hills
« on: 01-11-2009, 10:11:39 »

United Front News Update 6: Run to the Hills

Welcome to yet another update of United Front. This time we are gonna show you the ingenuity of the Allied Forces as well as some other great stuff. On Tuesday of last week UF invited people to come participate in a movie of sorts and we shot two movies on different maps. One was an actual movie with scenes that is not ready yet, and then we decided to actually have the people fight it out on the second map and see what happens. So, to that end here is the movie titled Ostmark.

Now some explanations about why this movie is significant for our update.

Ostmark is a map based on the Alps. It is essentially an American Force with Italian alpine troops supporting them vs German soldiers holding positions. It will be included as one of our first maps when it is entirely bug tested and play tested.

There are only two Shermans in this Video.

The M4A3R3 flame tank, known to us lovingly as Trogdor the Burninator. The flame tank in warfare is generally used to supplement the attacks for fortifications, such as bunkers, trenches, forts, etc. The flame tank in WW2 was utilized by every major combatant.For example, you had the US M4A3R3 [Sherman],  German Flammpanzer 3[Panzer 3 chassis], the British Churchill Crocodile [Churchill], and the T34 Variant, as well as others.

The other Sherman was the M4(105), which was a Sherman fitted with a 105mm Howitzer. Its AP ability was unsatisfactory against heavy German Armor, as evidenced by the 105mm vs Tiger II shoot out in which both scored a hit, but only the 105 was hurt. So its main use came with its HE ability as basically a mobile artillery piece.

At time 2:20 you can see a German shoot a Panzerfaust at a tank, while it is not apparent due to the closeness of the shot. What he shot was a Panzerfaust 100, which was the final version produced in large quantities, it was available from November of 1944 till the end of the war. The difference between this and the Panzerfaust 30 is that the 100 had a bigger penetration (220 vs 200) and a bigger max range (100 vs 30)

At time 2:40 and 3:36 you can see a Fully Automatic M1A1 Carbine. This was known as the M2 Carbine, which was a select fire [single or full auto] weapon introduced in 1944.

Now on to the thank yous.

We would personally like to thank the FH2 devs for creating the Base Panzerfaust, M1 Carbine, and the base Shermans.  Without which the variants of said weapons and vehicles would be impossible.

We would also like to thank the FH2 Forum members Arisaka, Kettcar, and Achtungsnow as well as the plethora of World at War Members who showed up to help us with this movie and the other movie that should be online soon.

Well that is all for today, but not by far all we have to show you. We will see you next week for another update from The United Front.

As always if you would like to donate anything, work with us, or want to trade equipment we are more then happy to oblige, just PM Paasky or visit our forums at

Modding / United Front Update 4: The Memory Remains
« on: 28-10-2009, 16:10:14 »
United Front Update 4: The Memory Remains

Welcome to the fourth news post. Before we show you the goods, we are glad to inform you that Finnwars and UF have entered into a cooperation. This BF42 mod has graciously allowed us to use some of their resources, and so here is our obligatory plug for them. Finnwars is a mod for Battlefield 1942 that focuses on the Finnish side of the war, this being the Winter War, the Continuation War, and the Lapland War. If you wish to learn more about Finnwars their link is .  Anyway on to the reason why you clicked this post....

Today we thought long and hard about what to show you. So we thought we wanted to show you something important. Something you could NOT have maps without. So here you are custom statics in our road to the Eastern Front. The following statics where made by Danpoor, when Danpoor came to us he was just starting out in modeling and I believe he has come a long way since then.
Above we have the venerable foxhole, this hole was dug by soldiers so that they could shoot out of it, but not be shot in it. As you can see it is shallow enough to shoot out of it, but deep enough to keep your lower body from being exposed.

The next piece is a bombed out corner apartment building piece.
The above is a broken down apartment building. What caused it? Who knows? a bomb blast? An over zealous artilleryman? Who knows. Point is buildings like these by the end of the war where found all over formerly dense population locations.

Well that is all for today, but not by far all we have to show you. We will see you next week for another update from The United Front.

As always if you would like to donate anything, work with us, or want to trade equipment we are more then happy to oblige, just PM Paasky or visit us at our forums in

Modding / United Front Hiring: Actors
« on: 26-10-2009, 15:10:39 »
We are doing a small promo video with some of our new stuff, but need people for the filming. If you want to get a inside glimpse of some of our new equipment and maps, and give us feedback on them, please reply here.

- Don't tard around! Do as you're told or be kicked.
- Teamspeak 2 (mic not required)
- And that's about it.

The session will include two maps, and five scenes. One in Romania and one in the Austrian Alps.

This will be happening TODAY at:
20:00/8pm | London Time
16:00/4pm | NY Time

Join the World at War Teamspeak server at
Password: waw4life

Join the Allied Server FILMING channel.

Map links are found in the channel description.

Modding / United Front News Post 3: Aces High
« on: 25-10-2009, 15:10:59 »

News Update 3: Aces High

Welcome to another update of our mod United Front. I would like to say we have gone for three weeks without missing an update and we are not gonna start now, so without further ado we are going to show case our first fighter. The Polikarpov I-16.

The Polikarpov I-16 was a revolutionary fighter plane designed in 1933. It was the first ever monowing fighter with a retractable landing gear. The I-16 saw use in the Russian army as the most numerous aircraft at the start of the war and at 3000 feet could compete with the BF109 on nearly equal terms. Also The aircraft saw operation under many different countries such as the Finns, the Chinese, the Spainish, and even the Germans. The Armament of this fighter included four PV-1 Machine guns and up to 100 kgs of bombs. Other variants included cannons, rockets, and other machine guns. The Polikarpov was also used as part of Zveno project as the remora aircraft, to the TB-3s mothership.

Well that is all for today, but not by far all we have to show you. We will see you next week for another update from The United Front.

As always if you would like to donate anything, work with us, or want to trade equipment we are more then happy to oblige, just PM Paasky or visit our forums at

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