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Gaming / WaW Campaign 28
« on: 13-09-2013, 14:09:26 »

We are doing a bit of the PR's this campaign.  Please join us.  8)

Gaming / Guardians Of Middle Earth
« on: 30-08-2013, 16:08:06 »
Now out on Steam!  Though I prefer the PS3 version this is a great MOBA.  Playing it with mouse and keyboard kinda eats the dick though.

Gaming / Big Sony meeting today...(PS4?)
« on: 20-02-2013, 22:02:11 »
All rumors point to a PS4 reveal.  Even if i was not fanboy the inner geek in me is curious as to what the next gen Sony console will be like.

Gaming / Battlefield 4
« on: 04-11-2012, 23:11:33 »
Originally Posted by Lasgana:
Lasgana: BF4
Lasgana: Coming October 23rd, 2013
Lasgana: development just started, expected to be done in 1 yr [Nirolak's Note: Since this is the one likely to elicit the most "this is fake" notes, I feel I should elaborate. Given some later points (like already have an internal demo), this seems to refer to EA's normal two year development cycle of a one year pre-production cycle with ~30-40 people and then ballooning up to 150-300 people to make the game after most things are prototyped and planned out. Visceral, BioWare, and a fair number of publishers outside EA also operate this way since it allows you to have multiple projects without cyclical layoffs due to scaling down in pre-production and scaling up in production. For example, during the downtime between Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, DICE's spare staff worked on making Medal of Honor's multiplayer and helping to build Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. As to what the bulk of DICE's staff worked on prior to this going into production, it's probably either a second project or, once again, other EA games.]
Lasgana: will be on pc, ps3, xbox360 and next gen consoles
Lasgana: will be one of the first games for next gen consoles
Lasgana: commander system comes back
Lasgana: profile can be linked with other devices like ipad
Lasgana: auto login, need internet all time, support cloud saves
Lasgana: easier to pickup the game, to take care of players from CoD
Lasgana: support body and voice control for this commander system
Lasgana: better battlelog integration and better stats reporting
Lasgana: supports video playback and sharing
Lasgana: have gem store for dlc and other stuff like that
Lasgana: 3 factions: russia, usa and china
Lasgana: can deploy female soliders
Lasgana: frostbite 2.0 engine
Lasgana: pc, ps4 and xbox 720 supports 64 player maps
Lasgana: 360 and ps3 will be less
Lasgana: pc, ps4 and 720 will provide 60 fps
Lasgana: already have a demo video internally within EA,
Lasgana: matching the quality of BF3 already
Lasgana: bf4 will use 80% of power of frostbite 2, wheras bf3 only 30-40%
Lasgana: modern background
Lasgana: i mean story background

---- Original Post (someone translated with google translate) ----

Lock and Mock if OLD

- BF4 has a 1yr development cycle and has a tenative launch date of oct 23rd 2013

- it will be on the big 3 current gen systems as well as next gen platforms (only sony and M$, as well as pc)

- commander role in MP will return with new tools and abilities

- voice commands

- battlelog will be tied to the game

- game will support video recording with internal replay system this might be in box or via dlc.. thats unclear or if its universal paltform inclusion

- currently there are three factions: USA, Russia, and China!!

- female charcaters (NPC's) and the ability to play as them in MP

- next gen systems and pc will support 64-player MP however current gen console releases wont

- frostbite 2.0

- next gen console versions run @ approx 60fps, current gen @ 30fps, PC will ahve an FPS lock of 100fps

- exp system will be again present

(Take this all with a grain of salt)

But yeah... 60fps console Battlefield for next gen please.

Bullshit or not it is a thread that needed to be created.  ;)

Gaming / Far Cry 3
« on: 26-10-2012, 23:10:33 »
So close now....Anyone getting this?

Little walk through bit.....

Co-op has a guy from New England in it!   ;D

Lots of other nifty videos if you poke around a bit.  Multiplayer looks like it might be a bit COD for my taste but it does come with a groovy map editor (even on consoles).  Have not looked forward to a game this much since BF3.

Off-Topic / So who loves the USA?
« on: 22-10-2012, 08:10:49 »

With all the nasty USA hate in the elections thread I have to ask this.   ;)

Some shockers for me are.....Mexico hates us despite all of the cunts that flow across the border to suck up our welfare.  Canada?  What the fuck, where are you guys?  Lithuania but no Estonia? England at 61%....Not surprised.  Despite popular media these guys have never been our friends and the big reason that we lost so many people in two world wars.  France loves us?  WTF?

Off-Topic / Most and least Chistian States in the USA.
« on: 09-08-2012, 05:08:05 »

Living my whole life here I kinda found it a neat fact that we (the state of Maine) have the least amount of Christians.  From my experience living here I would say the least of all religious types (including the atheist religion) applies as well.  Since anything involving religion on here goes off like a powder keg I will just let the link do its work.  ;D

Suggestions / Medics
« on: 03-04-2012, 09:04:39 »
So medics in FH2?  I am not thrilled with the loltastic shooter path FH2 seems like it is going down but if we are going down this dark path I would like to see medics for some more team orientated play.  What do you lads think?

Gaming / Starhawk Beta
« on: 05-02-2012, 06:02:32 »
If you don't have PS+ or Uncharted 3 there are other ways to get in on this in the coming weeks.

The one game coming out this year I truly did not give a rats ass about.  3rd person shooter with a lame sci-fi theme, please  ::) .....But after playing a bit of the very limited beta I have to say this is a must buy!  Right now a great deal of the features are limited and or disabled and it is only two smallish maps with 8 vs 8 on a capture the flag mode.  That only leaves a couple guys to stay back and build the main base up and defend the flag while the other 5 guys try and set up a forward base and raid the enemy main. 
  Even with all these limitations in place it is a fantastic game with a great deal of potential.  The developers seem really keen on getting all the kinks out before release so this also acts as a true beta with little shit patches coming out every week to add functions they want to test and tweak some balance issues.  If you have the opportunity you really should check this game out.

Off-Topic / FH2 Platoon PS3
« on: 13-11-2011, 19:11:24 »
  For me and all 5 other people from the FH community that bought this for PS3.   ;)
Thanks to Kettcar for letting me copy paste his Platoon.

Modding / Norway Help!
« on: 08-11-2011, 00:11:30 »
   Well that title is a little misleading......Anyway I did up a little map of Norway and we play tested it in the WaW scrims.  Although everything went okay it really did not play out the way I wanted it to.  The krouts would hold onto the sub pens like crazy the whole round and not give two fucks about zipping out and fighting over the town.  This made me a very sad panda to see half my flags not getting any love.   I have a week to make something of this POS in regards to gameplay before it gets played again.  So I was kinda looking for a little input on what I could do to the flag values (or maybe even a push system?) to make this play out better.  Loadout and kits have nothing to do with what will be played in the final, (the WaW admins will dictate that) but input on that aspect would be nice to nudge them in the right direction.  And of course being WaW that means the navel element may or may not play heavy in any loadout.

Download link:

I am pretty happy with various bits of this map but overall the gameplay kinda falls flat right now so any input is welcome.

I also made a little video because there is a bunch of destructible objects and triggerables that many people did not even know about after playing it for hours.

EDIT:  Oh and thanks to Herc, Natty, Danpoor.  :-)

Modding / Lights, Meshview, and other crap.
« on: 18-08-2011, 22:08:59 »
Well first off this is what I think is the root of my problem.

Or for those to lazy to read the link......

Any ideas?

This may be a related problem but I am not sure if I am even doing this right.  Okay so I have my happy house and some happy furniture and some happy lightsources from here D:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2\Objects\Common\lightsources\houselight_small.  So now I line up my lightsource with my light fixture and it floods the room with light and looks very pretty.  Wonderful!  So then I lightmap the whole building complex only to have the bullshit I mention above pop up as well as couple other similar lines of crap (some having to do with light points as well).  After the editor is done fucking itself all I can really do is generate my atlas and exit out. 

Only to find my nice well lit room looks like this in game.

The house I did not lightmap but put a light source in looks fine however.

Get back in the editor and it is the same shit.   Lights look fine on non-lightmapped objects but don't show at all on my lightmapped bits.  I guess my real question here is whether or not I am even doing this right from the start or if it is a part of the problem in the first part of my post?

Ok and now for the meshview bit.  I made samples for all the parts of the sub pen and all seemed to work wonderfully....Well except the main structure.  Most all of it lightmaps pitch black.  Now there are a bunch of settings to this program in regards to doing up samples but I have no clue how to use any of them so I have resorted to just hammering on the "okay" button like a retard with a drum set.  If someone can nudge me in the right direction that would be swell.  I could even zip up the objects and let you have a look at them if it would help.

Not a very helpful picture because I already deleted the old lightmaps in a fit of rage. 

Off-Topic / New Commodore/Amiga
« on: 01-03-2011, 09:03:11 »

  Will be interesting to see if this thing really gets anywhere.  I must admit I went kicking and screaming into the IBM clone world around 2000.  Look forward to see if they keep true to the original Workbench OS.

Modding / New Map...Need a hand.
« on: 20-09-2010, 05:09:35 »
An old minimap of the lame ass map.....

  Now for the help part......The suppression effect how do I extend that?  Wanted to give it a longer effect like it used to have back in the days of old.  Also thinking of using the current one on the SMG's and pistols.  Now I found some things under the projectiles (thanks Kev) but they don't seem to do anything in regards to the amount of time you are suppressed.  Already coded the weapons in the map to be like that mod we shall not speak of as well as slowing down the player speed.  Bolt guns for the krouts against semi-auto's for the USA.  The magical thing I did was leave the MG42 (deployable/spawnable) and american .30 MG alone so they should be pretty nasty going against the newly nerfed weapons.  With that suppression effect I think it could make for some fun long lasting engagements that will be determined by more then who goes prone first and shoots you in the nuts.  Also removed the zoom on all weapons without optics and gave a large view distance on the map.  

  Second question is a material one.  Does FH2 have any magical material that only get effected by HE?  I am putting BGF's wonderful little house models on this map as well as some of the PR destructible ones.  Of course they used there own materials and I need to find the right one from FH or I guess make it.  Right now I am using the hanomag armor and that is full of fail.   I stopped the MG's from raping a house in one belt but they explode with one KT AP shell and only start smoking with 15 HE shells. :(

  I was thinking of doing two man tanks as well and punishing the shit out of the infantry in regards to AT emplacements and hand weapons.  I think many people would hate that idea though and probably just lead to me wasting more time.

Any help would be much appreciated.  

Off-Topic / WTF France????
« on: 15-09-2010, 07:09:37 »

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