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Bug Reporting / Bandage Icon
« on: 30-03-2016, 15:03:22 »
Thrown bandages have the HUD icon above them on Goodwood but not on (most?) other maps.

Bug Reporting / Italian tripod MG
« on: 29-03-2016, 23:03:22 »
Last round on Keren I unloaded a full Thompson mag into an Italian manning their deployable tripod MG (dunno the name) - he took no damage whatsover. I guess you're invincible if you're using it.

Suggestions / "Fire in the hole!"
« on: 22-03-2016, 14:03:09 »
I was watching some old 2.2 era clips on YT and I totally forgot there was a nade warning when one would pull the pin. I understand why it was removed HOWEVER, it struck me that there is currently no way to communicate to your teammates there is a grenade in your vicinity. It can be easily fixed by adding a comrose command using the phased out automatic sfx. I can't tell you how many times I found myself in a situation where I threw a bad nade or one from the enemy landed at my feet with a bunch of guys around me with no way to warn them. Shouting RETREAT won't cut it as it's too generic a line. Please?

Suggestions / Assuming Pegasus Bridge is in the making
« on: 15-06-2014, 12:06:05 »
I thought (and I dont know, maybe the mapper did, too) it would be cool if, similar to Keren, the map had a nighttime 64p layer while the 32p layer would be set during the day, having the Brits defend the bridge.

Cause honestly, back in the CoD days, I enjoyed defending the bridge against Jerry more than the nighttime assault. Might be just me though and chances are no German counterattack actually took place (its CoD after all), I didnt check with a history book on this.

General Discussion / Army renders
« on: 18-07-2013, 02:07:04 »

I assume these were done in max?

General Discussion / Battlefield 1942 - Now Free
« on: 05-11-2012, 18:11:26 »
As a part of the 10 years of Battlefield anniversary, DICE/EA are giving away the original Battlefield game for free.

Origin link:

Personally, I hope mods will be compatible so I can try the original FH and FHSW.

Modding / MG export issue
« on: 20-09-2012, 23:09:17 »
I've been trying to export the .30 cal (M1919A6) and all seemed fine in third person, but when I switched to first person, I realized this isn't gonna be as easy as I thought it to be. Basically, it appears some of the meshes are using wrong mesh bones resulting in this:

I believe I had set up the hierarchy correctly though:

Any idea what's going on? I already exported a Bazooka (switched the crappy 3p lod0 geometry with the detailed 1p geom) without any problems, so I'm kind of puzzled. ???

Modding / FH2 Basic Training Video
« on: 15-09-2012, 01:09:17 »

How was the British soldier @0:09 done? Was it shot in game with a special idle animation or was it a scene in 3ds max? I'm curious.

Bug Reporting / AEC Deacon
« on: 09-09-2012, 22:09:25 »
is totally fucked up, the shots land somewhere in the right bottom corner of the screen... it's like the sniper scene in SPR :-X

OH. MY. GOD. Someone pass me a bottle of painkillers. Is it possible to make the stupid "enemy spotted" voice over message only local? As in I don't hear constant "FEINDLICHE EINHEIT GESICHTET FEINDLICHE EINHEIT GESICHTET FEINDLICHE EINHEIT GESICHTET" from 20 other players who are 10 miles far from my position. It's so irritating and breaks immersion so much... not to mention the voices are really.. well, they're from a game that's 10 years old. If we at least had multiple versions of one voice command, then I guess it would be on a border of being bearable, but after a round on El Alamein on the 64+ server my ears and brains are bleeding. Especially if devs are really going to support more than 64 players now, this seriously needs to be dealt with. I noticed there are various commands in the commorose files like "TCLocalTeam", "TCTeamAndLocalEnemies" etc. I also found a list of bf2 commands:


- to my understanding it should be possible to change the voice commands so while using TCVehicle for instance, the command would only be transmitted to people in other vehicles? Realisically, all of the commands should be set to TCLocal if it does what I think it does (everything is heard only when you're near the player who used the commorose, be it a friendly or an enemy) with the exception of Scouts, who should actually have TCTeamAndLocalEnemies if using binoculars.

I tried changing this myself but seemingly to no avail.

Suggestions / Lower the LMG hipfire spread
« on: 05-09-2012, 23:09:14 »
At just a few feet distance you SHOULD be able to hit something while hipfiring with BAR/BREN... currently it's simply a joke. I mean wtf, Thompson has a higher RoF, yet you can run'n'gun with it just fine, while BAR is a useless POS.

Modding / Backpack radio
« on: 17-08-2012, 09:08:49 »
Where IS IT ;D I've been searching for it all night long to no avail. There is even kitmesh with gasmasks for Omaha goddammit, but the radio that is in the frickin game already is nowhere to be found! I load up the radio uw_kits.con in the 'radio' subfolder but there is only haversack and musette bags in Max showing up :-\

Suggestions / Future Vehicle Wrecks
« on: 16-08-2012, 21:08:50 »
This is more of a suggestion into the future pointed towards FH2's vehicle modellers coders (so basically.. Kev?):

It would be neat to have the wreck geometry of the vehicle with the turret/cannon being "seperate" i.e. not being actually part of the tank's hull, meaning after the tank is destroyed, the turret/cannon stays aimed where it was aimed before the tank was blown up. I noticed Toddel's tanks usually have this (Tiger, Panther) but it most likely isn't a developer's thing as some of his other tanks (StuGs) don't possess this feature.

As it "should" be:

As it is on most tanks now:

Browsing through the fh2 stuff I also recalled that the spinner of Spitfire Mk.IX's propeller is static...

I (probably) can't hope for it to be reexported, especially when the model was donated by a third party, but one thing I think should be fixable is the flaps. Currently, there is a mishap in the code (I believe it is the code) and the flaps' rotation is inverted. What that means is that if you wanna pull up, the flaps turn down instead of up just as they turn down when you're pushing the stick (in the cockpit) forward desiring to lower the altitude.

Well, I guess that's about it.

Suggestions / Knives...
« on: 14-08-2012, 15:08:10 »
...need to be 1s1k. I'm tired of the times when I finally manage to sneak up on a rifleman, pull out my knife, scratch him oh his back only to be shot in the weener after the enemy instaturns around. Really tired.

General Discussion / Flag names messed up?
« on: 01-08-2012, 01:08:11 »
wtf is this?

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