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Off-Topic / Re: So I created this webzine
« on: 23-10-2013, 16:10:07 »
Hmm, apparently these connection problems are worse outside the Netherlands  >:( Anyways, more feedback welcome!

It's also our birthday. And we're celebrating it with you! Join our celebrations:

Feedback regarding that action and app is definitely welcome as well  :)

Off-Topic / Re: So I created this webzine
« on: 16-10-2013, 01:10:59 »
Thanks! haven't written it myself though. Always good to see people commenting :) About defending the guns, it's more that we allow all opinions to be voiced on DutchReview (and countered in the comments)

Off-Topic / Re: So I created this webzine
« on: 13-10-2013, 15:10:29 »
@ Siben: Yeah, once every so many wifi-networks refuses connection to our site (prolly 2%). Our host says that just happens sometimes, but that's nonsense of course, FH for example is always reachable.

@ LuckyOne: Thanks, cluttered websites are really out of fashion nowadays. Happy with the design. Feel free to like/follow us ;)

General Discussion / Praise topic
« on: 12-10-2013, 22:10:26 »
After a hiatus of 3 months due to a broken PC, I finally managed to install FH2 once more on my new laptop. It took a lot of effort (and downloading of course) but it was totally worth it.

For years I played the game on an aging pc, framerate drops, crashing while loading, medium to low graphics. And it rocked...
But this week I'm running it on all-out-high settings, and it's absolutely gorgeous! It's ridiculously detailed, all the vehicles are brilliantly done and maps load sometimes in a matter of seconds instead of minutes. And oh yeah, I've switched back playernames from the dumb one below to Abuzer/Rotterdam.

Anyways, FH, loving it once more! And many thanks to the devs!

Off-Topic / So I created this webzine
« on: 12-10-2013, 22:10:17 »
Out of boredom and the urge to finally do something with this 'got to learn one day how to make a website' feeling I've set up It's a website aimed at Expats, people with an interest in dutch things and Dutchies abroad with opinionated news, backgrounds, culture and sports. As you can see multiple people write for it now, and well, the thing is going places (but where exactly).
Quite sometime has been put into the project now (finally able to focus the last months with this FH update not arriving  ;D ) and I'm gearing up to finally get it generating some income. As you can see multiple people write for it now, and well, the thing is going places.

Anyways, since I've seen people getting good feedback and support here; I was wondering what your opinion is on the whole site. Design, lay-out, functionality, what you like and dislike etc. etc. Let me hear it!

General Discussion / Where is everybody?
« on: 27-03-2013, 22:03:45 »
Wrote off this evening to play FH2 especially, now I'm still gonna do that. But I looked forward to play with 64+ especially. And damn, 22.00 o'clock was prime-time right?

So where is everybody? Player numbers dwindling? The usual silence before a release? England - Germany match going on and I'm missing it?

So Nancy Wake died a few days ago, interesting story (

Has anyone seen the movie from 2001:Charlotte Gray, about her?

Update: I found a job, host @ a new art/science eventscentre. Part-time for now, hopefully full-time and more challenging in the future (2014).


Aha, so wanna connect and endorse?  ;)

So who are from the Linkopings university and Deloitte?

Common people! Endorse each other  :)

So you want in on a administrative position in the state or EU? Sounds like me a couple of years ago. Besides the necessary studies, I also fulfilled side-conditions like: studying abroad, extra courses, meaningful jobs and  commissions besides studying. And guess what? Where fulfilling an administrative position was the bare minimum I would do before 2008, that is nowadays a dream job for many.
Furthermore, all governmental agencies across the board are cutting back heavily on new recruits, and there are way more potential recruits in these times.

I used to be one of those persons who would see certain other people as 'soulless job-hunters', as people who lived to work, instead of working to enjoy life (still do actually). But hey, being low on funds or threatened to work the waiter-job again, and guess what. You've found yourself in a position that you wished you had pimped the shit out of your (LinkedIn) career profile a few years earlier.
So yeah my advice is to fire up that LinkedIn account, those beautiful studying days are gonna be gone quicker than you can imagine.

3 kids? You lucky and poor sob at the same time   ;)
Received and thank you very much!

LinkedIn is strictly business. When you're a teacher or doctor you can do without, when a certain part of your career is networking and getting around like mine, LinkedIn is handy to have. And I have a bigger chance of being hired as a debate moderator when there are 25 people endorsing me for public speaking then just 5 (like now). What job-market do you want to get into later on?

Brilliant profile Korsakov!

@NTH: So, is your salary up for cuts as well? ;) Anyways, this endorsements stuff works slowly. Haven't received yours (and yes why thank you, I speak nicely in public indeed), have you received mine?

@Siben: No prob, don't want to be seen as a spamming beggar, more like a FH-crowdsourcing entrepreneur  ;D I just wish I put some more effort in this kind of stuff when I still had a job

@siben - No, those fake stories are called recommendations. Endorsements are a lighter form, and already done by just a mouseclick.
And yes, nowadays I regularly think: Shit, should have done more IT-courses! But hey, no backsies in real life

So yeah, if we could combine the cumulative powers of this board on LinkedIn, we could maybe get a better career profile, that's something at least. And yeah, I'll take the waiter job as well in a couple of weeks when necessary.

@most of the people WTF! Abuzer is a real name ? crowd
 ;D Kurdish first name, go figure ey

Your name makes some sense now

Even entrepreneurship takes a handsome profile in certain businesses, especially practical since it could be done in a minute  :-*

Off-Topic / jh
« on: 30-01-2013, 17:01:32 »

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