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Gaming / Battlefield 1918 v3.3 Release!
« on: 28-12-2020, 14:12:44 »

Battlefield 1918 v3.3 Release!

Greetings and Merry Christmas to everyone. We here at the Battlefield 1918 Development Team hope you are enjoying the holidays, and we also hope you will enjoy the latest version of Battlefield 1918 which releases today! Before we get to the link for this latest version of the mod though, we would like to show off one more new feature. 

Firstly, players may be interested to hear about some new uniforms that are arriving in V3.3. We already have shown off some of the Early War uniforms for France and Belgium; however, players may also be interested to hear that V3.3 introduces Cavalry uniforms for both Russia and Austria-Hungary:

These new uniforms will be found on a brand new map, the Cavalry themed Battle of Jaroslawice, which is based on the largest cavalry vs cavalry battle of the entire war.

Of course with a new release of Battlefield 1918 comes a new trailer and for thus we present to you the Official Guns Of August Release Trailer:


Important Instruction: 

With this all out of the way it is now time to provide links to the downloads as well as the full change log. This Game and Mod is working with the Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 [32/64bit]) We will be providing both a patch version of V3.3 for those who already have V3.2b as well as a full version for new players:

1.) Battlefield 1942

2a.) Battlefield 1918 v3.2b to v3.3 Patch Version (only for currently v3.2b Players): Download

2b.) Battlefield 1918 v3.3 (For new players, if do you don't got the previous last): Download

You need a Server to play?
Get one of the following both Server IP and put it into your Browser manually or use your Multiplayer "Server Refresh List" in BF1942:




 - France: added Zouaves(French colonial), improved backpack & equipment and uniform textures to 1914
- Belgium: improved equipment and uniform textures to 1914
- Serbia: improved uniform textures
- Russia: fixed shoulder straps


- The ZeppelinL30 model has been improved
- added two machine guns in french airship


- added Armored Train by eYe.ris (found in Gebirgspass and brusilov_offensive map)
- bullet velocity in vehicles MGs now matches real values
- slightly increased shell speed
- gun reload speed slightly decreased


- light mortars now rotate 360 degrees (<-a d-> button for rotate)
- bullet velocity in stationary MGs now matches real values
- add drum in Parabellum mg model
- tanks gun reload speed slightly decreased
- add hands in mg08 1p view


- added mas1873_revolver
- added reichsrevolverm1879
- added hotchkissm1909
- fix Flamethrower
- bullet velocity now matches real values
- deployed Hotchkiss and mortars returned to the player after use


- amiens: fixed spawnpoints and removed push-cages from COOP
- albania: added clouds
- battle_of_halen: fixed bots, removed armored cars, added German cavalry textures by HenryV1415
- battle_of_mons: added clouds
- Battle_of_Cer: added clouds
- battleaxe1918: added clouds
- bismarck_archipel: added clouds
- bosnia: added clouds, fixed bots strategies
- gallipoli: fixed vehicle spawns
- galician_fields: fixed
- Suez_Canal: added New Zealand flag
- langemarck: added bots, clouds
- raid_on_fort_pontisse: added bots, but something wrong with lags, so now it unusable
- montblainville: added bots, clouds, switch French to Belgians
- ramskapelle: added bots, clouds
- battle_of_the_nete: added bots, switch French to Belgians
- ypres_streets: added bots
- passo_di_falzarego: added bots, fixed fog
- champagne: added bots

- Battle_of_Leget: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Serbs vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Mackov_kamen: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Serbs vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Suvobor: added (CQ+COOP mode) (Serbs vs Austro-hungarians)
- Siege_de_Maubeuge: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (French vs Germans)
- Marais_de_St_Gond: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (French vs Germans)
- Kitcheners_Wood: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Canadians vs Germans)
- dukla_pass: added (CQ+COOP mode) (Russians vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Battle_of_Liege: added (CQ+COOP mode) (Belgians vs Germans)
- Battle_of_Jaroslawice: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds, added KUK and RIA cavalry textures by HenryV1415&Lopa4, added KUK dragoon helmet (Russians vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Galicia: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Russians vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Battle_of_Struga : added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Serbs vs Bulgarians)
- tgw_stalemate added
- some fixes in maps

- aiming dot replaced with crosshair
- improved death screams and fixed missing sound commands
- improved AI by Dewiss
- added East European chapel from Battlefield Balkan 1991-1995 mod for Battlefield Vietnam by Laufer

Battlefield 1918 v3.3 was developed 2019-2020 till appear Christmas by Lopa4, Vatnik, eYe.ris , HenryV1415, Dewiss, Cicero, Ace1918, Laufer

With this all covered we here of the Battlefield 1918 Development Team once again wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you for your time.

Autor: ACE1918


Gaming / Battlefield 1918: The Guns of August (News 08/20)
« on: 02-09-2020, 17:09:44 »

 Battlefield 1918: The Guns of August


Greetings and welcome everyone to a news update regarding Battlefield 1918. For a start we are pleased to inform you all that while we have been quiet in the past few months, work has been done in making the new V3.3 update, especially when it comes to the topic of new maps. But before we get to the new battles players will be able to take part in, it may be prudent to show one of the 2 new factions coming to V3.3, the French Zouaves!

 French Zouaves

Formed from French settlers in colonial North Africa, these troops had a noteworthy reputation long before the war. In fact in the 19th century, soldiers from other nations in both Europe and North America formed their own Zouave formations inspired by these troops.

While a new faction is all well and good, one may also be interested to note that the Zouaves will also be carrying a brand new LMG into combat as well, specifically the Hotchkiss M1909 Benét–Mercié!

 Hotchkiss M1909 Benét–Mercié

Utilized by several Entente nations including not just France but also Britain, Italy, Belgium, and the United States among others, this weapon gained a reputation for being accurate if complex to maintain.

With all of this covered now is a good time to move on to new maps and the first map to cover today is the map featuring the Zouaves, specifically the Battle of Saint-Gond Marsh.

Battle of Saint-Gond Marsh

Part of the much larger 1st Battle of the Marne in September of 1914, this engagement saw Entente troops hold off German attacks on the Eastern flank of the lines. A breakthrough here could have enabled the Germans to even potentially surround and cut off French and British forces from Paris. For this reason it was critical for the French and Zouave troops fighting to stop the Germans and when possible even counter-attack.

On the topic of maps featuring french forces we should now move on to the next map to showcase, specifically the Siege of Maubeuge.

 Siege of Maubeuge

Fought over from late August to early September of 1914, the forts of Maubeuge denied German troops access to vital railroads that they needed to help supply and transport troops on the Western Front. For this reason, German forces resolved to shell the forts into submission with their heavy artillery, including Krupp 420mm Big Berthas. Although the Germans would eventually take Maubeuge on the 7th of September, the 1st Battle of the Marne had by then already begun and the defenders of Maubeuge were at least successful in tying down valuable German troops at this key point in the war.

With the history of Maubeuge out of the way it is now time to see a 3rd new map, this time based on the Battle of Kitchners' Wood.

Battle of Kitchners' Wood

Battlefield 1918 v3.2: Download

Battlefield 1918 v3.2b Patch: Download

Part of the much larger 2nd Battle of Ypres in the Spring of 1915, Kitcheners' Wood itself was a counter-attack at night by Canadian troops in order to fill the gap left by fleeing Entente forces in the face of the first poison gas attacks made by the Germans on the Western Front. Despite extremely heavy losses in the woods, Canadian forces ultimately prevailed in their efforts.

With all these new features and maps fans may be unsurprised to hear that a new trailer has become available as well, which you can watch in the link below. Some attentive viewers may even spot the 2nd new faction making it's way to Battlefield 1918 as well.

Official Battlefield 1918 Guns Of August Trailer

With all of this news we at the Battlefield 1918 Development Team hope that you are as excited as we are and that you will continue to look forward to the day V3.3 gets released. Until then we thank you for your time and hope you have a good day.

Autor: ACE1918



[SIZE="5"]Introducing Learning BF 1918, A New Video Series For New Players![/SIZE]

Greetings and welcome dear fans to the latest piece of news from Battlefield 1918!  As we of the Battlefield 1918 development team work on the new features, maps, and weapons that will be present in the upcoming V3.3, I am pleased to announce the start of an official new video series for our mod.
We present to you "Learning Battlefield 1918" which will help new players get into BF1918, providing tips and basic information that it is hoped will be helpful to the rookies within our community. In fact, here is the first video of the series which providing tips and basic information that it is hoped will be helpful to the rookies within our community. In fact, here is the first video of the series which provides a basic overview, the installation process, and a few general tips. It also will give more veteran players a first look at one of our new maps in development:

VIDEO klick

We hope this piece of news, though small, is to your liking and in addition it is our wish to provide more news to you all soon. May you all have a good day.

Author: BF1918dev/Team


FH 0.7: A Day of Zitadelle Online Match With Jamovitz Movie: VIDEO klick

Server Signatures with Live Status & Server Join Function:

Here you will find all servers with their signatures you can copy & use:
klick hier

Gamer Signatures with link to FH-1 Ranking Profile:

Here you will find your signature and your profile: klick hier

Here you will find your signature and your profile:

Here you can find your enlisted CLAN in FH 1: klick hier

BF-Tracks Signature by -=PFC=- :

Get your BF-Tracks Signature here:klick hier

Tournament Event & Kick & Ban Tickets:

Dear fellow FH fan,

in March 2020 we offer you approx 160 maps made by our MappingTeam and filefront mappers

-=PFC=- Mappack 1

-=PFC=- Mappack 1 add on

-=PFC=- Mappack 2

-=PFC=- Mappack 2 add on

-=PFC=- Mappack 3

-=PFC=- Mappack 3 add on

-=PFC=- Mappack 4

-=PFC=- Mappack 4 add on

-=PFC=- Mappack 5

-=PFC=- Mappack 5 add on

-=PFC=- Mappack 6

Fanmappack 5

Fanmappack 6

Fanmappack 6 inofficial

Downloads in order to join us you find here:

Regular FH maps will be played again in April 2020 !

Author: Grabbi


[SIZE="5"][FONT="Impact"]Battlefield 1918 3.2b patch Realeased![/FONT][/SIZE]

Greetings and welcome all to the latest update regarding Battlefield 1918. Today the Battlefield 1918 development team is happy to announce that a small update has been created to address issues with some of the maps as well as make a few other tweaks.  The maps in question include the following:

*Battle of Mons
 *Ypres 1914
*Battle of Halen
*Battle of Cer
*Nuit d Orage

In addition a few additional tweaks have been made for vehicles, these include:  *Improving the machine gun accuracy on the Tsar Tank

*Tweaking the splash damage on the cannon of the male FT-17  The download for this patch can be found at the link below, please keep in mind this is meant to be installed over an existing V3.2 of Battlefield 1918:

1.) Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1918 v3.2: Download

Battlefield 1918 v3.2b Patch: Download

We hope you find these improvements to be to your liking, tell your friends, invite them all, share this later everywhere and we also hope to that our mod continues to keep your interest as we begin work on V3.3 of Battlefield 1918.

BF1918 v3.2 Teaser: VIDEO klick

Autor: ACE1918


Gaming / Battlefield 1918 v3.2 Open Beta Now Available!
« on: 13-09-2019, 15:09:54 »

Greetings everyone and welcome to the latest news update regarding Battlefield 1918. Myself and the rest of the team would first of all like to thank all of our fans for their patience in waiting for the release of the Open Beta for V3.2, and we are happy to say that the wait is finally over!
At the end of this article will be a link to the open beta version of the mod, so can start downloading while reading the rest of what we have to say here regarding some of the new features you'll encounter.
For a start this is a good time to bring up some of the new maps that players will get to experience, the first being the Morava Offensive. This map is set around the Bulgarian fall offensive of 1915 against Serbian defenders around the town of Pirot. Players will get to fight over the town itself, the surrounding area, and even the historical 14th century castle that made up key parts of the Serbian defenses.

Of course this is not the only new map we have to report, as many may know that the combined might of Germany, Bulgaria, and Austria-Hungary was simply too much for forces of Serbia and as such they retreated through the mountains of Albania. This is where our aptly named Albania map takes place which will uniquely start off the Serbians with one flag and the Bulgarians at their heels, but the ability to easily capture more if they move fast enough and defend their starting area long enough. We hope that this setup will make the map both memorable and fun for our fans!

Of course, the subject of snowy mountain passes does bring one to the topic of winter uniforms, and players will be pleased to learn that some nations are already receiving special winter uniforms on appropriate maps. Among the first nations to get these new variants will be Russia, Germany, and Austria-Hungary.

Naturally, bringing up the Eastern Front gives opportunities to discuss another long awaited and often requested feature for Battlefield 1918, as players will now find that they have access to playing as cavalry. In Battlefield 1918, players can mount horses that are equipped with carbines, pistols, melee weapons, or even unarmed variants that provide supplies to both the player and nearby allies.

There are plenty of more changes as well, too many to mention in fact, but we do also offer players a brand new trailer which contains some more of these new features:

Submit Reports send please there: click here

I'm sure with all of this news you are all now quite excited to try out the new open beta, which is partly why we've included the link for the download down below. Before I go I would also like to give credit to: Andrey15, vatnik, (BF1918)Cicero, and Lopa4 for their work on 3.2, as well as those who have worked on previous versions of Battlefield 1918. Of course I will admit to playing my own role in making this mod, but above all I would like to thank all of you for sticking with us these many long years!

1.) Basic for the new players: Download or Download

2.) Here is the link Battlefield 1918 v3.2 Open Beta for the open beta, please enjoy: Download or Download
Playable Fractions:

Austrian / Hungaria (overwored)
United Kingdom
Serbia (new)
Bulgaria (new)
Prussia (new)

Fight with:

Via ground (iron sights for some weapons new)
Horses (new)
Transport Vehicle (health/ammo)
Amored Cars
Sea Ships

Autor: Battlefield 1918 developers



Unser PFC Forgotten Hope Mod D-Day jährt sich zum 10.mal 2019, wir haben ein Jubiläum mit euch gemeinsam zu feiern!!!

Wir freuen uns euch zum kommenden D-Day Event einladen zu können.

Das D-Day Event startet am Donnerstag, den 6. Juni 2019 um 18 GMT+1

Der Server bietet für 128 Spieler gleichzeitig Online Platz.

Zum Event benötigt ihr keine Anmeldung oder Registrierung, seid einfach dabei und nehmt euren Clan oder ein paar Freunde mit! 

Video Forgotten Hope Appetizer:

Hol dir die:

-=PFC=- D-Day Mappacks 

Zum einsteiegen in die Modwelt von Battlefield 1942 benötigst du diese Dinge als erstes:

1.) The Basic: Download

2.) Forgotten Hope 0.7Download

Mappack 1.rar

Mappack 2.rar

 Entpacke die Map falls nötig mit "win.rar" (file ending .rfa) und copy und pastet diese in euren FH Level Ordner wiefolgt: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels\


Mappack 1.exe

Mappack 2.exe

Die Community stellt ein kostenloses Download tool zur verfügung, mit dem ihr alle Forgotten Hope Map Dateien Automatisiert auf euren Rechner laden könnt ohne selbst installieren und Downloaden zu müssen:

PFC-Toolbox Download

Hier sind ein paar Bilder für die Retro Shooter Fans, leider können wir nicht alle tollen Features, der Mod einfangen,daür habt ihr die Gelegenheitz selber auf entdeckungsreise zu gehen. Jede Map bietet euch etwas anderes:

Following servers will be available for the D-Day Event, on which we run the same D-Day maps by chronological order: including brand NEW! maps!

Falls der Link nicht geht, könnt ihr den FTP: Text auch Copy und Past in eure Adresszeile eures Browsers einfügen, dann seid ihr auf der sicheren Seite: put it in your Searchline into your Browser + Map.rar!

Hier wird gespielt:

Server Name: FH/RANKED
Server IP:

Ein paar coole Features für eure Forgotten Hope Mod,in Sachen Sound und Textur Paket haben wir füreuch geschnürrt:


 Installation: Battlefield 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/ (paste menu_001.rfa here)

Forgotten Hope 0.7 - Famous Bratwurst ♫ + Texture Patch: Download

Alle Maps könnt ihr hier auch Manuell runterladen, dann habt ihr immer die passende Map zum passenden Event:

PFC Custom Maps: Download

Filefront Custom Maps: Download

Autor/Dev/Leader: -=PFC=- Grabbi


Einen haben wir noch.

Eine Woche vorher erwartet euch ein weiteres spannendes Battlefield 1942 Event, die Interstate 82 Jungs aus Amerika laden ein, mit den Action Autos die Parcours der Battlefield 1942 Spielerwelt zu erobern. Hier erwartet euch jede Menge Retro Spass:

Interstate 82: Download

Autor: GoodDayToDie!


Gaming / BF 1942 Modding: lnxded server fixes!
« on: 26-03-2019, 20:03:37 »

I've been maintaining a set of Linux dedicated server fixes for a while, but I'm opening it up to a wider audience

This includes a number of patches that have been floating around as well as a number of new fixes. The important gameplay changes are:

* Weapon deviation is set to max when selecting a weapon: Weapon deviation does not change for weapons that are not selected. Some players take advantage of this by keeping their weapon stowed while moving and then selecting it right before firing.

* Player names are sanitized: No more player names with special characters, leading/trailing spaces, or names shorter than 3 letters.

* Assault maps now award victory to the defending team if they survive until end of round (Wake, Omaha, etc). This is what was originally intended, but due to a typo never took effect.

* Death bubble now gives damage to players rather than their vehicle. This prevents the death bubble zombie wreckage problem.


# Team S.W.A.T Release
# Battlefield 1942 v1.61 Linux server patched
# Modified to include:
# - Support for up to 128 players
# - replacement for gamespy master
# - Ignore client version and checksum (allow 1.61b and 1.612)
# - Ignore CD key checks
# - No longer sends player keyhashes to public queries
# - Allows all console commands on remote and local console
# - Fixes segfault in dice::bf::GameServer::radioMessage
# - Fixes sefgault in dice::ref2::io::NetworkManager::getNetUpdate
# - Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::world::ObjectManager::checkMessages
# - Fixes IP bans not taking effect
# - Set weapon deviation to max when putting weapon away
# - Fixup player names (nonprintables, too short, etc)
# - Fix assaultTeam typo. Defending team now wins if timer expires
# - Fix armor zombies generated by death bubble
# - Fix segfault due to death bubble fix
# - Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::world::FireArms::Fire
# - Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::io::NetworkManager::getNetUpdateDelta
# - Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::world::BFSoldier::handleUpdate
# Addresses the following vulnerabilities:
# - BFE-200806.01
# - BFE-201107.01
# - BFE-201111.01
# - BFE-201211.01
# - BFE-201611.01
# - BFE-201611.02
# - BFE-201710.01
# - BFE-201804.01
aa11b4f01501cc1a9f21d58dabe2277b  bf1942_lnxded.static
7a1983a4fffe6b387ed42a50197a1538  bf1942_lnxded.dynamic

Server Fix against Hackers: Download
Autor: russ

Gaming / BattleGroup42 RC4 - Patch 1 Release!
« on: 26-03-2019, 20:03:02 »

Dear BattleGroup42 fans,
since the release of RC4 in December 2018, we’ve received quite a lot of bug reports from our players and team members. All of the reported bugs up to 27th of February 2019 have been fixed. The reworked damage system introduced in RC4 still needs some fine tuning, and we’re still working on that.
You can find the patch files: here
Other download links:
1.) The Basic - für neue Spieler: Download
2.) Battlegroup42 RC4 - 1 - 5 Part: Download
3.) Battlegroup42 RC4 - Patch 1: Download

Files Für Server Hoster:
Für Server Hoster die Battlegroup42 Patch 1 Server Files: Download
Alle Battlegroup42 Server Files und Entwickler Tools - im unteren Abschnitt zu finden: Download


There are also mirrors available on our moddb site, please check the links listed below

Changelog - first patch for BG42 RC4

    vehicle fixes
        fixed OT-34/85 missing engine sound
        added missing right side road wheel on Kangaroo
        fixed the misaligned suspension on Sturmpanzer II
        fixed missing recoil on gunbarrel of Semovente 75/18
        fixed faulty first person view on bow mg of M3 Light (all variants)
        moved the gunner seat of the Wespe to a better position
        fixed wrong soundscript for engine of ISU-152
        fixed missing sound for rear machine guns on He-111 torpedo bomber
        added improved tank track animation speed settings made by al13326
        fixed missing tank tracks sound on early KV-1 tank
        added missing crosshair on Sexton (Coop version)
        resized SU-152's idler wheel to better fit the tank track
        removed unused crosshair from Ha-Go rear turret machine gun
        fixed offset railings on Hilfskreuzer hull mesh
        fixed game crash when destroying the ZIS-3 gun (both stationary and mobile version)
        removed crosshairs in BV-138 cockpit view
    map fixes
        added missing static object on 4006-dunkirk_perimeter
        fixed faulty soldier spawns on 4208-jiangxi
        changed the US soldier kits to US Marine kits on 4410-clash_on_surigao
        added missing textures for some tree meshes
        fixed wrong texture for Flak 36 on 4005-montherme
        fixed wrong spawn of B-4 howitzer on 4108-uman_pocket
        changed US Rifleman Springfield kit to M1 Garand kit on 4204-fall_of_bantaan
        fixed floating fences on 4307-prokhorovka
        switched Serbian Soldiers on 4405-raid_on_drvar to new Yugoslavian Partisans (thanks to Laufer for the content)
        fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4406-fox_green
        fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4411-operation_infatuate
        fixed typo in map description of 4501-operation_matador
        fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4504-pounding_the_rock
        fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4504-royan_outskirts
        added missing effect soundscript to 4504-royan_outskirts
    various fixes and additions
        changed the Italian Navy flag to the correct one
        fixed soldier kits using the wrong "Assault" description (machine gunners for example)
        fixed size of some soldier helmets (thanks to Laufer)
        fixed damage of Breda 42 anti tank grenade
        reworked Soviet "Pilotka" hat (thanks to Laufer)
        added Valentine III and IX to Russian repair depot
        started damage system overhaul. This was necessary due to some values being too low or too high.

We want to thank all of our team members and fans for their continued support of the mod, and hope that you'll have a lot of fun with the new version

Gaming / Battlefield 1918 v 3.2: News In Sight!
« on: 18-03-2019, 23:03:15 »

Heute haben eine Knaller News für alle Battlefield 1942 erste Weltkrieg Shooter Fans. Nach einem ganzen kompletten Jahr News Pause melden sich 2019 die Battlefield 1918 Mod - Entwickler zum Stand des kommenden v3.2 updates zurück. In kleinen aber feinen schritten haben sie die Mod weiterentwickelt. Zu den zahlreichen Neuerungen, wie Maps, Fraktionen, Fahrzeuge, kommen jetzt zwei weitere Highlights hinzu. In der neuen Version werdet ihr eure Lieblingshandfeuerwaffen mit Kimme und Korn bedienen, genau wie ein echter Soldat im ersten Weltkrieg Anfang des 20.Jahrhunderts, als es noch keine Computer, Fernsehen, Internet, Passagierflugzeuge etc gab. Damit nicht genug, einhergehend mit der neuen frohen Botschaft zum stand der Entwicklung werdet ihr und eure Freunde alle zu einer Battlefield 1918 open Beta eingeladen. Sagt es allen weiter! Des weiteren werdet ihr ein neues, effektives, mobiles Taktisches Stilmittel an die Hand bekommen, Mobil verlegebare Drahtzäune, womit ihr euch vor dem herannahenden Feind einigeln oder schützen könnt.

Um auch ein Mitspieler zu werden benötigt ihr:

1.) The Basic - für neue Spieler oder Tester, die sich von der Magie des Spiels und der Mod anstecken lassen wollen: Download

2.) Battlefield 1918 v3.1 Part 1-3: Download

Soviel heute von uns, nun zur Original News aus, verfasst von dem Battlefield 1918 Mod - Entwickler  ACE191418:

Today the Battlefield 1918 development would like commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Verdun with news regarding the German and French factions in the game. In addition, expect more news on the Tsar tank and a few other things.

Greetings and welcome to the latest news update regarding the development of Battlefield 1918. It has been a long time since the last update but we are still making slow but steady progress. In light of the fact that today is February 21st, the anniversary of the Battle of Verdun between France and Germany, we are proud to announce new features that will affect both factions as well as the Commonwealth factions. As requested by many, Battlefield 1918 3.2 will introduce iron sights!

The new iron sights will be available to the MG class when prone and will be available to the Chauchat, the Lewis, and the MG 08/15!

While this news will certainly please many, this is not the only new feature on display today, as players will also have the opportunity to deploy defenses such as barbed wire using new pickup kits!

Finally we would like to showcase the new Tsar tank trailer that was released earlier this month. We hope you all enjoy this news and have a good day!

Autor: ACE191418

Source and Contact:

Gaming / BF 1918 cmp-gaming Tournament - Outbreak of Chaos
« on: 18-03-2019, 22:03:18 »

Long time we have no news about a Tournament in Battlefield 1942. But Granate from the Battlefield 1918 Community tell us, there are starting a new Tournament battle at Saturday 23.March.  At the moment 25 players actually register. You can be one of the part in that regiment you like to play Triple Entente or German Empire?  Battlefield 1918, Forgotten Hope 0.7 and FHSW during a lot of Tournaments over the years in the past in the old community. On this way they want to plug-in the new community in the future. The during Tournament people want to bring you back the good old Tournament experience you like.

One big of the reason of the long silence about during public Tournaments was the change the website and grow up in a new community it calls

Summer 1914, the whole of Europe is falling deep into the Chaos of war, a conflict unknown by its new nature; a gigantic, brutal conflict involving millions of men fighting a senseless war.  Soon, iron will rain heavily and the corn fields of Western Europe will be flowing in blood.  On this day, the most wonderful summer of the century will turn into Hell.  From the small Belgian towns to the large fields of the east of France, passing by the narrow streets of Ypres,   relive the year when the old world died for a new one, which changed everything.    Which side will you choose ? Will you fight for The Triple Entente to defend Belgium and France against the German appetite for new territories to conquer? Or for the German Empire to exert it's full power over the old continent?    Whichever side you fight for, join us in our new Battlefield 1918: Outbreak of Chaos. What is a campaign?  A campaign is a series of connected battles, where we recreate the timeline of the war.  Campaigns are played over 8-10 weeks and every Saturday we will have a 3-hour battle with multiple rounds.  All battles are counted towards the final score which determines the army that won the overall campaign.  Battles will take place every Saturday evenings at 18:00 UTC.


How much Campaigns will be played?
8-10 planned

How long runs a Saturday Night battle?
3 hours

Which side i can join?
Triple Entente or German Empire

How much players register now?
25 players

When starts the Saturday Night battles?

18:00 UTC (19:00 Uhr Berlin Time)

What i need for Downloads to be one of the part?

You see under the point "Requirements"

Where i can register for this Tournament?

Join a Regiment: click here

For what i need Teamspeak 3?

You need it for the Tactical movements and orders in game.

Saturday 23. March starting the first Tournament battle.


1.) The Basic - for new Players: Download

2.) Battlefield 1918 v3.1: Download

3.) Teamspeak 3 64bit: Download

Bilder die noch Fehlen folgen später hier im Thread. Wichtig wird es sein englisch oder russisch sprechen zu können.

Gaming / SuperDC mini demo release 2019
« on: 18-03-2019, 22:03:11 »

SuperDC v2.3 mini-demo

Intermediate mini version of the mod. He decided to share the progress.

-new weapons

-new vehicles

-new effects

-no France, EU, Serbia for now. (factions far from complete)

-weapons for all sides -not finished

-new sdc water system.

-mod has a random level crash problem

bbfplayer hope to can add Japan and Israel in future.

If do you can help or want to test, or get in contact with the developer bbfplayer: click here Feedbacks also important.

SuperDC v2.3 mini demo, contains the german Bundeswehr: Torrent or Download

Making some changers in old levels.

Autor: bbfplayer


Gaming / Soccer 2018 Mod Release!!!
« on: 18-03-2019, 22:03:35 »

Today we want you the revised Japanese soccer 2018 mod for Battlefield 1942 imagine that 2019 appeared shortly before the new year on . Around 100 MB you little High School Simulator Fun Mod was developed by the Japanese hikonyan. Some mod teams would the key to talent lick a mod to get it into your team. Last year he told us with a release of pleased, also we could report with pictures and video. Now we have the successor for you exclusively. In Japan, the mod happened dur from popular, as we see positive on YouTube were allowed — so much so, that they fully have filled a common Battlefield 1942 - 64 player server with the soccer mod. Remarkably for a niche mod, as we see. Let's get to the activities that you can practice in the mod. Special feature is that you can move the head in and out of the tanks, to open and close with the tank hatches, it looks just great. This feature was reserved normally only modern games. With Battlefield Heroes , you could either in or out watching and that's it, the animation is not even nearly as implemented as in the soccer 2018 mod. You can go through the classrooms of the school, sit on the Chair, and play chess. Play on the piano or other instruments using, opts for mechanics in the game, on which otherwise has no other mod the mod. Of European players is this mod as a positive odd evaluated and implemented the school as very good. Unfortunately, the mod only in CONQUEST is playable, i.e. without computer AI opponents (single player/COOP). A map, where you can make new experiences in the school building and the sports field or simply just imaginative play you is available.

Soccer 2018 Mod:

Pictures and Movie you find:


Gaming / FHR: v0.18 Released
« on: 18-03-2019, 22:03:05 »

Nach einer Newspause lässt der Entwickler "ziba128" wieder was von sich hören. Nach eigenen Angaben schreitete die Entwicklung der Mod zwar langsam, dennoch stetig vorran. Neue Pirsch Animationen wurden für euren Soldaten hinzugefügt. Die Panzer bekamen neue Zielvisiere. Highlight der Mod dürften die von "ziba128" neuen Einsteig Animationen zum Panzer und Flugzeug für euch sein. Das werdet ihr bei keiner zweiten Mod so ausgeprägt genießen können wie hier in der Forgotten Hope Revisited Mod. Desweiteren werden drei neue abwechslungsreiche Maps geliefert. Bei der einen Map streift ihr durch die Gebirgigen Wälder, bei der zweiten stapft ihr durch den Gebirgigen Schnee und bei der dritten, die dritte Map ist für alle Sonnen Anbeter, die spielt dann in der Wüste. Auf den meisten Maps ist es Möglich in einem APC Fahrzeug zu Spawnen. DIe Mod kann mit bis zu 127 Bots gespielt werden, welche euch Messern werden, mit Granaten beschmeissen und insgesamt aggressiver sind. An neuen Effekten und Sounds wurde auch nicht gespart. Wir können uns nun über ein FHR v0.18 komplett update der Mod freuen, welches ab sofort für euch zur Verfügung steht. Lasst euch die Mod nicht entgehen, ein Muss für jeden 2.Weltkrieg Shooter Fan!


Finally it's here - FHR v0.18 update!

Almost 6 years have passed since the last FHR release. During this period expectations of some community members have turned into a forgotten hope. It seemed like the mod was dead.

But the real situation was different. The work went on, slow but sure. New features have been added and many changes have been made.

Here's what's new:

Telescopic-like gun sights

Vehicle entry animations

New run animations

New maps

Carpathian Offensive-1944

Goryachiy Klyuch-1943


Sidi Bou Zid-1943

Co-op mode support for Seelow Heights-1945, Ramelle Neuville-1944 maps.

AI impovement
127 bots support has been added to Singleplayer mode.

AI is more aggressive now. Weapon handling and accuracy improved. Bots use grenades and knives against infantry, don't stuck on spawn point anymore.

Mobile spawnpoints

APCs received a spawnpoint on most of maps to make a gameplay more dynamic.

New effects, sounds and HUD
For all changes, please read: HERE!
 Game essentials as new or veteran player:

1.) As a new player got the Battlefield 1942 as basic game (fixed Link): Download

2.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 full Windows 7/8/10 support only one installer:  Download

3.) Forgotten Hope Revisited v0.18: Download

Author/Developer: ziba128

Source/ dev ziba128 contact:

Gaming / Re: Battlefield 1918 3.2 New Nation Teaser
« on: 20-06-2017, 18:06:43 »
Beautiful Trailer, i am happy about the new East Front Fraction! Great new Maps and content comming to Battlefield 1918 v3.2!

Gaming / Wo ist nochwas los in der BF 1942 Mod Welt?
« on: 20-06-2017, 18:06:18 »

Zwei Jahre nach der letzten Server Übersicht wollten wir euch heute in 2017 eine neue Liste spendieren. Diese soll es einfacher machen sich für einen Server zu entscheiden, zu testen oder zu spielen. Passend dazu haben wir die wöchentlich Veranschlagten Termine beigefügt, welche ihr euch in euren Kalender oder Note Eintragen könnt. Jeder Mann/Frau zählt bei den Servern, deshalb bitten wir euch dabei zu sein. Kreative Modder, wie z.B. Cicero, bbfplayer, SargeSurfat, Kampfsau, Nanntekottai, GoodDayToDie, Professor Smith, Apache Thunder, Swaffy, jdoylesapp uvm....  lassen für uns Ihrer Phantasie in Sachen Spielewelten freien lauf, um den Spiele Spass in der Battlefield 1942 Welt stetig zu verbessern oder mit neuen Inhalten oder Ideen zu füttern und zu ergänzen. Für viele dieser Mods laufen Server auf denen man spielen kann. Mit Eurer Neugierde und Eurer Aktivität unterstützt ihr die Modder, Communities und Server Hoster und haltet diese Spielewelten und Projekte am Leben!

Desert Combat 0.7 (Conquest) wird auf den Legendären Servern Badewiese, BF-Game,, EA 117 gespielt. Diese erfreuen sich abendlich immernoch aktueller beliebtheit.

Forgotten Hope 0.7 (Conquest) wird jeden Abend gespielt und besitzt einen Stamm von Spielern. An manchen Tagen in der Woche werden Mappacks gespielt, welche man sich einmalig Downloaden sollte, um regelmäßg dabei  zu sein. Kürzlich erschien ein neues Mappackmit fünf neuen Stalingrad Maps, welche an der Ostfront spielen. Bei Nachfrage können diese neuen Maps von den Anwesenden -=PFC=-  Administratoren für Euch zum spielen als Karte gesetzt werden.

Die Japanische Schwester Mod FHSW 0.61 (Conquest), erfreut sich ebenfalls eines Stamm Publikums und wird fast jeden Abend gespielt, hier kam in den letzten Monaten reichlich neuer Inhalt, den es gilt zu entdecken.

Battlegroup42 RC3 (COOP) (2017), ein zum größten Teil deutsches WW2 Projekt. Hat seine Events Mittwoch und Sonntag um 20 Uhr. Aber auch hier könnt Ihr abends und Nachts mal auf dem Server vorbei schauen. Es kommt immer mal der eine oder andere Spieler dazu. Battlegroup 42 glänzt mit jeder Menge neuen Inhalt für Euch, den es zu entdecken gibt.

Aufgepasst, der =Vu= Server läuft auf der alten Battlgroup42 1.8beta (2012) Version.

Battlefield 1918 v3.1 (COOP/Conquest) Fans der WW1 Mod aufgepasst, hier wird ein neues v3.2 Patch kommen, welches alle Fans mit reichlich neuem Inhalt versorgen wird. Thema werden die Balkan Länder sein, soviel sei schonmal verraten. Battlefield 1918 wird täglich mittags, bevorzugt ab 16-21 Uhr gespielt. Die Historisch Korrekte Zeit, an dem Battlefield 1918 immer gespielt wurde, ist Sonntags um 19:18 Uhr. Mit der  BWT| Badewiese hat die Mod einen starken Partner, der sie unterstützt.

Eve of Destruction 2.51 (COOP) Vietnam Fans sollten sich abends dazu schalten, um dabei zu sein. Der Entwickler Lotte hat ein tolle Mod hingezaubert, die über all die Jahre nichts von ihrem Charme eingebüßt hat. Das ist übrigens die einzige Mod in der es weiblichen Soldaten gibt. Dank der bezaubernden Josefine wurde es möglich dem EoD Classic Final Release beizufügen.

Interstate 82 v1.81 (Conquest) die Parcour und geschicklichkeits Mod im 80er Jahre Serien Styl wird bevorzugt Nachts ab 00 Uhr gespielt, da die meisten Spieler aus Nord und Südamerika entspringen.

Silent Heroes 1.2 (Conquest/COOP) für die Mod solltet Ihr Euch den Dienstag jede Woche im Kalender rot anstreichen. Die SH Events finden immer Dienstags ab 20 Uhr statt, trotzdem ist der Server für Euch rund um die Uhr erreichbar.

Galactic Conquest v8.1(Conquest) die Mod ist ein muss für alle Star Wars und Zukunft Shooter Fans. R2D2 und die Truppen von Darth Vader erwarten euch schon auf dem Server. Die Fangemeinde hat kürzlich offiziell Samstag 17 Uhr als Zock Termin angegeben. Zudem wurde ein Custom Map Event Angekündigt, dessen Termin bald bekannt werden soll. Unser Tip, schaut nicht nur Samstags auf dem Server rein, sondern kommt rein wenn ihr Zeit habt. Wir haben die Erfahrung gemacht, wenn wir als erste auf den Server waren, kamen kurze Zeit später weitere Spieler, die sich uns anschlossen. Letztes Jahr erschien seperat die v0.96a (COOP) Version der Mod.

Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons und Road to Rome, kurz x-pack 1+2. Wer zu faul ist sich eine der Mods zu laden, kann mal bei dem Server vorbeischauen. Schon die Add Ons zu Battlefield 1942 bieten ein kleines Mass an Abwechslung für euch.

Viele weitere Server sind Online und freuen sich auf euren Besuch. Empfiehlt sie bitte weiter und teilt die Information in eurer Community bitte weiter.

Wenn Euch eine der heute kurz vorgestellten Battlefield 1942 Mods gefällt, interessiert oder Ihr mal eine davon antesten wollt?

Dann bekommt ihr diese hier:

Gaming / Re: Gaming News
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Enjoy the previous six in the mix BF Mod News 2017 for you!!!

Thank you for your support here in this Community!

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