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Gaming / Re: Traction Wars
« on: 11-07-2013, 03:07:45 »
Even though tank combat won't be in first release, i wonder; how well can the cryengine handle tank armor and shell penetrations and such?

Suggestions / Re: Forgotten Hope 2 Realism Mod?
« on: 25-12-2010, 21:12:20 »
I would like realism... not too much but a little more.
The only thing that comes to my mind when we are at the realism subject is that I hate it when im in CQB, and a guy comes around a corner with a rifle, i start to fire at him with my SMG, and still he just shoots me.

The point is: I think it's too easy to kill with the rifle. Im also thinking this when I use it myself :-\
But that is really just my opinion :P

I really don't see why it would be such a big problem just talking about it and sharing thoughts. But, well since this is not really related to FH2, perhaps it should have been in the offtopic forum. anyways, my thoughts:

A Forgotten Hope mod to a new game with better graphics and destructible environments would be pretty awesome. (NO! I am not saying that you ever will mod this game, this is only talk about a fantasy)

The current FH2 is awesome though, much better than the vanilla version of this game. The FH developers and community has vastly improved 2 ok games!

Not much really. Im not posting often, but i am reading alot on this forums.

Again, this post should perhaps be in offtopic forums.

Suggestions / Re: Enemy vehicles
« on: 25-11-2009, 23:11:59 »


Never do this! I doubt really strong that this happened in WWII, and if it did, I can guarantee that it did not happen many times!( A captured tank with other marks on it is something different, don't mention it)

If allies during WWII took an enemy tank,(or opposite) they would most probably get shot by their own guys!

Simply no!

Today, played Pointe Du Hoc.

 I played as german... I got teamkilled 6 times in a row... 6 times!!! In a row!!! But these people were nice enough to apologize...

Suggestions / Re: Africa armor movement
« on: 20-09-2009, 23:09:45 »
Oh... Not another one of those

General Discussion / Re: What do you love to do in FH2?
« on: 14-08-2009, 14:08:00 »
I love to shoot people with a luger in a more "crowded" area... Just love the Luger!

General Discussion / Re: In my opinion...
« on: 15-07-2009, 22:07:01 »
The tommygun have too much recoil... have you ever seen the little thing placed on the muzzle? With those holes? ( Don't know the name) That makes the muzzlefire going upwards! That made the gun more steadier, so if you want the gun to go upwards... remove the thing on the muzzle. ( I wanted to post a picture that would make it all alot easier to understand, but I don't know how  :-\)

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