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Team hasnt got anything to do with the standalone. It is made by an outside independent individual.

Suggestions / Re: construction of fortifications
« on: 21-01-2020, 18:01:07 »
We probably wont add that.

General Discussion / Re: Bomber Aircrafts
« on: 21-01-2020, 18:01:27 »
Because strategic bombers do not have a place in FH2.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 23-12-2019, 14:12:23 »
Were those ex-Grant's and Lee's still used in the west in maintenance roles or did they actually take part in any fighting?

Community Polls / Re: Fh2 addition SW
« on: 17-12-2019, 17:12:19 »
No thanks

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 15-12-2019, 20:12:59 »
Now we have continuation war maps (Fin Vs Soviets)

How about winter war maps? That would be nice  8)

Not exactly a minor suggestion now is it?

But yes, I intend to make one after Tali.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Help with Singleplayer Weapons
« on: 11-11-2019, 20:11:39 »
I also believe there are some other suppressed weapons in the game from some of the videos I've seen?—where could I find those?

You could visit our homepage for some neat information: 


Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Help with Singleplayer Weapons
« on: 11-11-2019, 15:11:18 »
You could fire up a local game and do the Firing Range maps.

Firing Range 16 offers early war equipment.
Firing Range 32 offers western front equipment.
Firing Range 64 offers eastern front equipment.

You get to try out guns and vehicles, altho you dont get to kill bots, instead you can kill vehicles and target practice dummies.

General Discussion / Re: FH Game Night 25
« on: 27-10-2019, 12:10:12 »
Thanks for everyone who participated in this 25th Game Night yesterday. It was a short but sweet session and players stuck around far longer than originally intended.

While I cant promise anything for November yet, I will TRY to arrange another one. Be back soon for more information.

Please leave feedback on this Game Night in this thread, but also the feedback on the maps played in our feedback section:

General Discussion / Re: FH Game Night 25
« on: 26-10-2019, 14:10:09 »
IP added to the first post. See you fellas tonight!

General Discussion / Re: FH Game Night 25
« on: 21-10-2019, 18:10:39 »
Last time we had a GN in april, the turnout was so abysmal that we decided that the next one will be 32 player maps only.

General Discussion / FH Game Night 25
« on: 20-10-2019, 17:10:18 »
Ladies and gentlemen, here we go again!

After a few month's break, we are ready to get back to business!

Welcome to
Forgotten Hope Game Night 25
26th October 2019 - 18:00 UTC

Server name:
Forgotten Hope Game Night 25

Map list:
Keren 32
Hurtgen Forest 32
Ogledow 32
St.Vith 32
Pegasus 32
Studienka 32


Game Night's are open for everyone to join, you dont need anything except the base Forgotten Hope 2 mod, no additional downloads needed.

Big thanks to CMP for providing us a server for this event!

Thanks for everyone who voted! Hope to see many of you on the 26th!

Announcements / Re: Duck Hunt - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 02-09-2019, 19:09:26 »
Niceee.. Finns are getting more and more toys!!!

And, Finns t34s and ISU were not painted in camo by pictures I saw.. any proof?
Or was it done to make difference gameplay reasons?

Ihantala / Re: Ihantala 64
« on: 31-08-2019, 12:08:24 »
It's a good idea and custom skins are always a nice touch, especially when they add to the historical accuracy. However the idea behind having just a generic dunkelgelb skin for the 303 here is a two parter:

1) Differentiating the upcoming finnish StuG's from the generic german counterparts, making it easier for your every day player to notice the difference between the two. Now, Ihantala will not be receiving these finnish variants obviously, but I know for a fact that there are players who dont realise that the dunkelgelb stugs are not a placeholder. ;)

As a side note you are correct about the influence of the StuH photo. It played a role in deciding what texture to use.

2) It being a generic skin allows others to use it. I decided against having unit markers and vehicle numbers just so this would become a generic dunkelgelb skin that everyone can use on their maps.


While Im not saying no to your suggestion. I like historical details like these, but first I'd need to find a texture artist who'd be interested in doing this and who also has the time to do it, currently our man-to-go Matt Baker is swamped with all sorts of projects. Tbh, I'll just leave this open for any interested texture artists to tackle. If someone comes up with a texture, I'll consider adding it in.

While Im not against the idea itself, I think we will keep the current ones at least for now. If you happen to have a camo pattern and examples on what the StuG could/would have looked like, do post examples here.

One thing I'd like to get changed in the future are the gun mantlets from the box shaped ones to saukopf's.

Suggestions / Re: NEW TANKS
« on: 18-08-2019, 14:08:35 »

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