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General Discussion / Re: Weird Update Message Seen
« on: 21-06-2019, 14:06:34 »
2.54 and 2.55 are almost if not 100% backwards compatible hence no crash.

Off-Topic / Re: Let's talk business...
« on: 13-02-2019, 21:02:40 »
The Helsinki city bikes are the best thing ever, and now the city boats that started in Espoo are coming over as well :)

The exorbitant average rent in Helsinki prolly means that I guess I'm quite likely to go and buy apartment in few years. I'd bet that it will suck up most of free money lying around.

Got few grands on Nordnet "superrahasto" a cost free fund. Little volatile but I guess ok in the long run.

Modding / Re: Pacific's maps (CMP)
« on: 26-01-2019, 23:01:36 »

You can join the campaign over at

We will play Peleliu next week on Friday at 19GMT

Funny thing that I realized just now. When I played previous CMP campaign I got laggy experience. But now when I play at CMP # 1 I have zero lags and very smooth gameplay. Why is that could you tell me?

Yeeh, the previous setup in the campaign ended up being not so nice on performance perspective, though easy to maintain. Since we have upgraded to a new box, as well as optimized our server architecture

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Base 64 error, launcher crash
« on: 25-04-2018, 20:04:15 »
Your username/password most likely contains non-ascii character.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: maps on multiplayer
« on: 13-12-2017, 22:12:16 »
yeh, Slayer's link is the current and most up to date


Sorry for the long delay in replying,

current url is

I'll try get the link on the first page sorted asap

We've had some maintenance work happening today on our forums, thought it would be faster but took quite while in the end, everything should be back in order very soon!

You've checked Video.con at Documents\Forgottenhp 2\Profiles\0001?

It has a line

VideoSettings.setResolution 3840x2160@60Hz



General Discussion / FH2 #2 Road to Glory - A CMP Campaign
« on: 22-09-2017, 20:09:04 »

Welcome to the second Forgotten Hope 2 CMP Gaming Campaign.
In this campaign you will have the pleasure to fight on brand new and also established and balanced maps

Wage battle on the fields of Nietjärvi and Strongpoint Joki . Drive your tanks and planes in Meuse River and Siegfried Line . Prepare yourself for intense and bloody infantry fights on Elsenborn Ridge and Westwall among many others.
You willl have to test your skills and teamwork on 9 custom maps specifically made and edited for this campaign

What Is CMP-Gaming?

CMP-Gaming means Collaborative Multiplayer Gaming.  The community was founded to provide common home for the FH2 Community Map Pack, as well as a brand new tournaments run by people who have decade long experience of hosting them. Click the link below for more information:

Click Below to Join the Campaign


It's kind of way to isolate environments so that you can install each application on a sandbox where it only has dependencies necessary, if you do it accidentally (don't know how) you might make the fh2 and cmp be unable to see each other.

As I mentioned at the revive forum, the wine as is, works, I've had it run succesfully on linux.

What it sounds like, is that you might have them in different wine prefixes, thus making the launchers not see each other.

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