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I'm a bit late but had to come back for this. Ten fucking years, who could've imagined. Due to nostalgia I'm even playing again after several years.

Who of my favourite people are still alive?

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 04-04-2016, 22:04:45 »
Come on, Siben, this is the FH forum, of course people are interested  :)

Off-Topic / Re: Review the latest movie you have seen
« on: 17-03-2016, 13:03:00 »
Thanks Zoo, might even go and watch it now.

Off-Topic / Re: Review the latest movie you have seen
« on: 16-03-2016, 12:03:30 »
Are the jokes as cringy as they came across in the trailer? Still doubting whether I should see it, I'm afraid of getting annoyed.

Developer Blogs / Re: The maps of Forgotten Hope 2.5
« on: 18-02-2016, 12:02:41 »
Thank you, Jan! That is indeed the one.

Developer Blogs / Re: The maps of Forgotten Hope 2.5
« on: 17-02-2016, 18:02:48 »
I was wondering what the songs are called for each map, I remember one map has a song about Yankees but I can't remember which map nor the exact lyrics. Anyone who can lend a hand here?

Why was it taken out? I know it wasn't a great map but what harm could it do? A great many things were settled with those boxing kits.

Gaming / Re: Traction Wars
« on: 17-08-2015, 19:08:35 »
IMO Forgotten Hope is a pretty sweet name though.  ;D
It is, when I first heard of it and played it I thought it was just some cool & edgy name for a WW2 shooter. Only years after I heard the story from Lobo.

Can you share the story of the Forgotten Hope name, or say if it is allready written somewhere in the forums. I'm quite curious  ::)
Forgotten Hope was meant to become a historically accurate modification about the early days/weeks/months/years of the Second World War, when all hope looked lost against the invincible German war machine.

Poland, France, etc. was meant to be the scene for FH. Then someone started making mid/late-war equipment. And here we are.

Your best bet would be books though, there's a large variety of books in English about Dutch history.

Off-Topic / Re: "returning to WWII"
« on: 16-08-2015, 20:08:32 »
I wish that guy wouldn't use the weird pitch/tuner on his voice.

EDIT: Why is he talking about German South-West Africa? I swear that was World War I?

I know a few great things in Dutch but that wont help you much.

But Carl Sagan once made something about the Dutch Republic:

And I'd say, try this channel and see what you can find on it. I'm sure he has a few documentaries about the war of independence and Republic.

Gaming / Re: Traction Wars
« on: 15-08-2015, 23:08:13 »
Will TW have flags to capture?

Will it play like traditional Battlefield games?

Gaming / Re: Traction Wars
« on: 11-08-2015, 23:08:55 »
Yet you are still here, Hockeywarrior. You did find us and you will (probably & hopefully) download the game once it's out.

We don't need Call of Duty popularity, we're already creating a game for what most likely is a niche market. And with a niche market the thing is that the people who want something that isn't very popular often search well enough until they find it. And even if we don't become super popular on release, it wont really matter because there's no eye for profit. Once it's out people will come, because it's free. Who doesn't try free stuff?

Gaming / Re: Traction Wars
« on: 09-08-2015, 00:08:04 »
IMO Forgotten Hope is a pretty sweet name though.  ;D
It is, when I first heard of it and played it I thought it was just some cool & edgy name for a WW2 shooter. Only years after I heard the story from Lobo.

Gaming / Re: Traction Wars
« on: 08-08-2015, 21:08:44 »
Booo at 2 years ... how in the world are they financing this project for that long?

And actually that brings up my biggest question about Traction Wars -- how does it plan to make money as a free to play game?

I would gladly pay $20-$30 for a quality WWII FPS ... I see no need to make it F2P. F2P actually makes me less excited because I hate microtransactions.

As Flippy said, it's a "hobby project" in sense. The only thing we pay for is the website, our TS server, some random things, test server (which can also be hosted by one of the developers) and a small license fee here and there. These costs are all split by the developers who want to chip in, some pay a lot, some aren't able to pay anything.

As for, why, it's a portfolio. All the coders, modelers, texture artists, mappers, etc. have ambitions to work in the games industry, they are either studying or already have a good job. So making money off Traction Wars isn't really what they need or want. Why not make a great game for absolutely nothing? It saves us a lot of hassle with licenses at least, we can work on our own pace, etc.

And just to be very very clear about this: Traction Wars will never implement microtransactions. Donations in the future may be an option but no game changing rewards will ever be connected to those. But we still have to go through the legal details of taking donations.

The name should have at least some connection to the game, most people including myself probably originally skipped this because they didn't know it was supposed to be a cool WWII shooter. My first thought when I saw this topic was a game about cars with guns or something, and I didn't bother to check until the topic became popular.

Yes, I'll admit the opinions are divided. I was one of the people insisting on changing the name but the team voted on it and the result was in favour of keeping it. Why? Because a lot of things change about TW, new subject (steampunk > WWII), new engine or platform, etc. And a lot of the fans from the mod days are still with us, a lot of people already knew us as Traction Wars. The consensus was the name was something familiar, something unique.

It doesn't fit but it's different and it's basically our "brand" by now. It's an odd name but it's an odd game as well, in the end it fits.

The same argument could be made about Forgotten Hope, the name is about the German invasions and invincibility during the early months/years of the war. Yet FH2 is mostly about the Allied push into German territory.

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