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Gaming / Re: Battlefield 4
« on: 02-10-2013, 10:10:32 »
I'm glad they have those colorblind modes, I could have used them in BF1942. Though I didn't play BF3 that much after it was implemented and probably wont be bothered to try BF4

Developer Blogs / Re: I am the one who crocs!
« on: 02-10-2013, 10:10:46 »
A nice little update

...aaaand the speculation began. Gold Beach, here we come :D

Allied have 2 international infantry regiments, 1 infantry regiment for Russian speakers and 1 tank regiment.

See you there soon, soldiers. Forgotten Honor is a nice chance to try organized teamplay in a relaxed environment 8)

Tried a few maps. My experience:
+ Anctoville, OK "despite" it being a city map. Brought a little bit more action
+ Supercharge, OK. As allies it was really difficult to try to get to the last flags.
- Purple Heart Lane, massive grenadespamfest. Not 2xtimes the original, but more like to the power of 2
+ Operation Cobra, nice. It's a big map, so more people are welcome. And I CTD'd, but that happens on 64p servers too

I'm not so much fan of the idea of putting playersizes up in desert or city, but for maps that have a decent amount of cover and open spaces like St. Lo. Breakthrough it could probably work very well.
Now, it's another story if the maps would be first modified, just adding infantry to desert/small city maps would be a slaughter

This was a bit of a shock.. recently Rad was seen in irc every now and then, so I had no idea he was having medical problems again :(

My condolences to the family

FH2 Help / Support / Re: FH 0.70 problem
« on: 24-11-2009, 18:11:34 »
Compatibility mode should solve the problem :-\... try 2000/98 etc. Maybe there was also something else, like disabling desktop effects or running as administrator. Try different settings on the shortcut

Edit: Actually, solution here

FH2 Help / Support / Re: FH 0.70 problem
« on: 23-11-2009, 19:11:56 »
Sooo... does FH 0.7 work in Windows 7? The last time I tried it was with the release candidate, and basically found out the same thing I read afterwards:

1) Unlike vanilla BF 1942, FH 0.7 (and some other mods) needs compatibility mode to run
2) but you can't play on Punkbuster enabled servers for more than some minutes (even after manually updating PB) because of compatibility mode

Is this still the case?

Off-Topic / Re: H1N1 Flu -Be carefull!-
« on: 18-11-2009, 11:11:21 »
I'm mostly for vaccination, but I've never taken a flu vaccine. Especially this new vaccine... maybe I'm just shocked by all the propaganda, but I wouldn't take anything that's tested so little for a disease that isn't so dangerous.

Anyway I think it could be a little late for me ;D. This is the 4th day I'm sick, and this ("swine flu" or not) feels more like a mild flu than common cold. Not saying that flu is "nothing", about 10 years ago I had respiratory problems for weeks because of complications.

Off-Topic / Re: COD:MW2 - NO DEDICATED SERVERS?!?!? WHAT?!?!
« on: 10-11-2009, 15:11:31 »
PC has custom stuff like mouse control, text chat in game, and graphics settings.

I never really liked CoD and haven't played for more than an hour, but still this whole thing is so absurd it's almost funny.

Bad Company 2, here I come ;D

Yes, the devs can never win ;). I have always thought that rifles were much more accurate in FH1, probably because with ironsights there's the invisible crosshair that you have to wait to close.

I haven't played with 2.2 tanks, but in FH1 (eg Goodwood) it was possible to snipe other tanks from across the map, shoot while moving etc... in 2.15 Africa maps you had to stop, wait for a second and then shoot.
I'm having a hard time understanding people who say FH1 is more realistic

I've posted this before on FileFront. Army themed, but on FH forums, why not. It looks as if I'm not amused

General Discussion / Re: Help! Torrent not working!
« on: 05-09-2009, 17:09:44 »
Have you tried right-clicking the link and "save link as". Then open it by clicking the file or from Āµtorrent

At first I couldn't believe it as I didn't expect this myself... but looks like it's true

:-* @ devs and testers (in a brotherly way, of course)

Off-Topic / Re: 1.5 patching time!
« on: 27-08-2009, 14:08:05 »
That prone fix is more than welcome, this means no more proning, getting instant accuracy and killing everyone with MGs? I would imagine at least, I hope the amount of deviation etc. can be adjusted... please EA :-\

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