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FH2 Help / Support / Re: FH 2.2 freezes after loading a map
« on: 14-09-2009, 22:09:31 »
I have the same problem ,my FH freeze after loading the first map...I hate it    >:(
ANyone have a solution?

Suggestions / Re: Fiat 626 /666
« on: 28-08-2009, 13:08:17 »
I've another suggestion plus the Fiat 626..I see that there are some map like El Alamein ,or Tunis (there are also many other) where Italian had fought but you can use only German.I suggest to do the same thing  that you have done in some other maps (like Sid RAzegh) where you can play both German and Italian  that is also more funny! ;)
This is really easy to do i think.
Ok now you can call me the "Italian protector"  ;D

Suggestions / Re: Fiat 626 /666
« on: 26-08-2009, 22:08:53 »
Clone Wars?  What Clone Wars?  It doesn't count as a war if it was all orchestrated by one person basically fighting against himself.

(W battledroids!)
You are right ,but battledroids and clones not are the arguments of this topic..

Ok, understand.
After Normandy I will observe you...    :)
We need only a truck and a plane!

We need few new modellers.
Or few Toddel's clones  ;D

So , aren't you sure that after Normandy you will realise loved fiat 626 and an italian plane? :'(

Suggestions / Re: Fiat 626 /666
« on: 26-08-2009, 18:08:37 »
We all love the Italian Cv33, but who will use it?

I read the Italians had 2 companies of Fiat 3000 (FT17 whit better cannon) during the landings on Sicily, one as Static and another as Mobile, both overruned.

Ah.. italians...

I will use it! If i can i will use it!
For the 2 companies....When Allies come to Italy   italians soldiers are waiting them to surrended  ;) .I have  known some that were gone to Sicily and they  prefer Allies to Germans.When Allies landed on Sicily  war was alrady finished for the Italian army.

That is why I love the Italians in FH, while other people head straight for the Garands and Tigers, and stick with the good ol' obsolete stuff.  A bit of an odd form of nostalgia, you might say.

Good! :) I hope you love Italians also in the reality!

We are know about Fiat 626, Fiat 508 CM and another italian vehicles. Main problem - we haven't hands for all this. Normandy is in high priority.
That's not mean "never". Just "later" ;)

Ok, understand.
After Normandy I will observe you...    :)
We need only a truck and a plane!

I like the bomber in the first picture (i remember it well from the Commando comics i used to read when I was a lad  ;D), but the problem/question is, is there going to be a map that requires all these things?

If you want you will have it!
Dev have created Forgotten hope from nothing .They can find the map.
But i don't suggest a bomber, i've suggested to give italian a truck that is mooore easy.

Suggestions / Re: Fiat 626 /666
« on: 25-08-2009, 16:08:37 »
I'm suggesting some add for the italian and i think that add  Fiat 626  and some other italian stuff can be a good idea.I've just known that fiat 626 was used also in normandy by germans!

Here some image  of another famous italian airplane ,the fantastic savoia  marchetti "Sparviero" must see!


I don't expect that i will see all done for the next realese(I hope only for fiat 626 ;) ) i hope that devlopers think also at this faction that can be expanded compared with german faction that have a lot of his veichles ,weaponary and planes...

Suggestions / Re: Fiat 626 /666
« on: 25-08-2009, 16:08:17 »
We have many suggestions here! :)
Actually in forgotten hope we have well done italian troops and same tanks ,but we haven't any other veichles used by Regio Esercito.
I think this is the time to add something more! ;)

Suggestions / Re: Fiat 626 /666
« on: 25-08-2009, 13:08:14 »
We want Macchi MA-202 Folgore and don't say "We already have it as a static!"

This is true!

So how about Fiat 626 and 666?Will you add it?

Suggestions / Re: Fiat 626 /666
« on: 25-08-2009, 12:08:01 »
Nice suggestion.I hope, aswel as many other italian weapons/vehicles, that it will be added in the future
Wich other italian weapons and vehicles?

We haven't to add weapon ,but we can add many italian veichles if we want...We could add some plane of the Regia Aereonautica , and other trucks or
but i think that this truck is important because it is used in many location  and it have the priority in italian faction.

Suggestions / Fiat 626 /666
« on: 25-08-2009, 10:08:01 »
Hi all

I've seen that in many italian maps ,italians drive opel blitz.
Italian equivalent truck of Opel Blitz is the Fiat 626 that was used in Africa:

Fiat 626 is the "light" version to transport troops and fiat 666 was another good truck used also by the germans.Fiat 666 was used to trasport artillery  and it was durable and resistant.

Fiat 666:

I can give you  technical information.Those trucks were often used in africa so  i think to inform you .
I hope you will add them also to improve italian lines in the game.

FH2 Help / Support / FH2 multiplayer to singleplayer
« on: 21-08-2009, 23:08:55 »
HI all

I 've a problem with single palyer...
I want to  play some multiplayer map in singleplayer mode.
How can i do   this?What file i've to modify?

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Battlefield 1942/FH 0.7 problem
« on: 14-05-2009, 20:05:34 »
Anyone can help me?
I can't play single player ! :'(

FH2 Help / Support / Battlefield 1942/FH 0.7 problem
« on: 11-05-2009, 21:05:34 »

I have another problem.... ::)
I try to do single player mission with battlefield 1942 or forgotten hope but after i click "ready" after few seconds game stop to run...I have no problem with multiplayer but ' don't know why my pc stop to run in single player maps! :'(

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Fh 0.7
« on: 10-05-2009, 12:05:39 »
Thank you very much ,now i can play!

I've only another question...What are the maps where  can i use italian troops?

FH2 Help / Support / Fh 0.7
« on: 09-05-2009, 22:05:36 »
Hi everyone

I'm new here but I already know that forgotten hope it's a fantastc mod.
I've installed it in bf1942 but i had also bf1942 road to rome installed.
I can't enter in any server because  there is an error  like"Uncorrect version" or "impossible enter in server"..
What i can do?

I have just installed Fh 0.7 version....

edit:I have 1.6 version of bf1942

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