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General Discussion / Re: My Grandfather.. a true war hero
« on: 19-01-2012, 15:01:24 »

Defying the state.. now that truly is brave :D

That was not a defying, you have family in the city where you work, and live, friends, all settled and then they ship you alone to some god forsaken Urals, and later, maybe, your family would be relocated to you :) providing, that they didnt die in bombings and war in general. So "defying the state" was a common sense.

General Discussion / Re: My Grandfather.. a true war hero
« on: 19-01-2012, 11:01:11 »
Hehe, well here is a bit of my granddad's story:

He was in charge of safety in the aeronautic electronics factory in Moscow in 1941. As you all know soviets pulled their factories to the east, and my granddad refused to move together with the factory. For this he was accused of being a saboteur and an enemy of the state (love those words). He spent good part of the war in Butyrka - Jail in Moscow, occasionally taken to the fresh air as a auxiliary fireman, (to deal with bombing damage and whatnot) under NKVD supervision and ppsh, of course :D

THen for good behaviour he was sent to Siberia to finish of his jail term

Suggestions / Re: Free Polish Forces
« on: 23-12-2010, 13:12:25 »
Did read the thread and free Polish forces are completely unnecessary, just like adding Romanians to Hungarians to the Axis. Let the Devs concentrate on things that matter, such as developing Soviets and Japanese, then maybe Finns and then perhaps French. Polish free forces - simply a suggestion from guys that feel like missing out and unfairly treated that their country did so poorly in WW2. Polish Fh2 community is not bad with good players, but developing free Polish forces is in the bottom of the list, really, together with Hungarian, Romanian. Not mentioning some 400.000 Polish drafted into Wehrmacht :D

Flame On :)

Suggestions / Re: Free Polish Forces
« on: 21-12-2010, 12:12:38 »
well, what's the point of putting an army that lasts 2 weeks all together? In that sense, it would be more practical to add Greek or yugoslavian armies, since they lasted at least twice as much. Give us Fins or better - Soviets, please.

Suggestions / haunebu? :D
« on: 30-11-2010, 12:11:35 »
Since there was no Haunebu at Alpenfestung fh 0.7, I suggest adding it to the Alpenfestung v2 and maybe renaming that map to something like: Neuschwabenland :) Heck, they even added jet suit for secret weapons of ww2 bf1942 expansion.

Haunebu : sexy flying frisbie with PIV 75mm turret :)  probably useless as hell, but we need moar Haunebu :D

Suggestions / Re: realism?
« on: 05-08-2010, 16:08:44 »
arma2  ::)

Suggestions / Re: stop dolphin diving
« on: 05-08-2010, 16:08:13 »
just put a 1 or 2 sec delay before you can use your weapon as if "deploying a gun"

Suggestions / Re: Deviation for tanks
« on: 08-07-2010, 13:07:10 »
great Idea, but considering, that tanks spawn 20 minutes after being destroyed your ambush will be overrun in no time. This game is much more arcadeish than simulation :)

Community Polls / Re: Plane Physics: Old or new?
« on: 06-07-2010, 17:07:52 »

It's all about 'what' plane for me,... lets be honest, I'm an amazing pilot, probably the best,... ok I hear you, I am the best.  

Lol, you made my day Von :) English humour at it's best.

Suggestions / Re: Fun & Mic's
« on: 06-07-2010, 16:07:00 »
great thing, but FH2 lacks orientation bearing, so if you tell : enemy infantry in front behind that er... tree with  small bushes next to it with a depresion :) rather "inf at 20 NE"

we need a compass, reality mod did it and that is where you use your mic to report enemies.

on the second thought, FH2 is just too quick and arcadish, and close combat is much more common than ambushes, so mic is rather not that much needed.

Off-Topic / Re: Deaths as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship
« on: 11-06-2010, 03:06:47 »

p.s. maybe you should also take some time (regarding your points where you say the Islam is a pacifist movement....) to dig into the Qur'an and Hadith. They show many highly violent texts that cannot be mis interpreted and that are held in high esteem in the current muslim world. Especially the growing salafism and wahabism show the darker side of the Islam very nicely.

dude, you clearly haven't read the bible

Off-Topic / Re: Deaths as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship
« on: 10-06-2010, 04:06:15 »
Dnarag, are you high or just incredibly stupid?

Don't victimise and dont mystify Islam and muslims, they think in the same categories as we do - we want to live peacefully, and they do. we want to prosper, and they do, simple. If a military starts shooting at a peaceful demonstration in Havana, Santiago, Belfast or Gaza, or Fallujah the response will always be the same - clandestine non state para military operation - terrorism.

add to that if you wiped out half of their families, destroyed their homes, so the other half of families have to stay i rubble or temporary shelters, no water, electrician, medicine and so forth.
Russians in WW2 were willing to die, because they had nothing else to loose and they were not muslims.

People more often go Postal in the Western world than suicidal in the Middle east, seriously, shoot-outs at schools, workplaces, towns and so on, and you say muslims have that special trait to be keen to suicide? cmon. Deathwish is a natural trait to every human of any origin in the world, you just have to keep pissing him off very much!

Off-Topic / Re: Deaths as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship
« on: 09-06-2010, 01:06:12 »

Any country would have done exactly the same (Afaik the ships were either on the verge of entering International waters, or already in Israelian waters) . Check out the radio communications, they are very decent from Israelian side and *quite* indecent from the aidship's side referring to 9/11 and other such matters.

I am perfectly fine with pointing fingers at Israel any time of the day, but this specific instance is just not one of them whatever way I look at it. They were in their full right to board the ships (remember, Israelian waters or on the verge of entering them). They were in their full right to return fire (which is how it looks at this moment). And the boarding ships were FAR from innocent in nature, as is seen on videos and photos from a turkish sources (which should show a best case scenario, but dont).

Nazi Germany wasn't exactly the nicest, but I think everyone agrees that twisting history to 'just put some more blame on the already evil Germans' is not the right thing to do.

I see a similar thing happen with this case happening right now. And for those who keep holding hands above the corrupt Hamas regime ....remove the flaps from your eyes. Hamas has done many evil things, not perse to Israelians but as well to their own people and are a criminal organisation that is benefitting tremendously from the current status quo to preserve their power and control the flow of aid money and goods.


you couldn't be more wrong here. In 2007 Iran has seized British marines in its water (not the international ones). no shots fired, no casualties. and we are talking here about the "bad ass Ahmedinejad" seizing a military ship from a very unfriendly country. so why "democratic countries" attack humanitarian aid ships in the International waters? while "uncivilised countries" can seize a military ship of some leading navy in the world without a shot fired? so the myth about countries have to do so is blown.

Hamas is as much corrupted as any political power, no more, no less. but when Hamas was a sole winner in the Palestinian election it promised a sovereign country and could not deliver, because Israel put such harsh sanctions, than no medicine, food, money, electricity or water could get into Gaza, and West bank. sounds familiar? sounds like ghetto to me.

The only answer to Israeli Palestinian state is one state, on democratic basis and equal rights/treatment to all Israelis and Palestinians. simple.

Watch this folks as the last apartheid regime is crumbling, we saw it once when the racist SAFA apartheid regime has collapsed, Israel's fate is similar.

Alam Halfa / Re: Alam Halfa 16
« on: 08-06-2010, 15:06:34 »
Hey, I just gave a feedback from playing it 32v32.

Off-Topic / Re: Deaths as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship
« on: 08-06-2010, 14:06:02 »
It seems like we have one Nazi Germany close to Europe, so close, that it can participate in the Eurovision and the Euro league (basketball).

Short quiz:
Which country has undeclared nuclear weapons? (some 50-80 warheads, ant that's definitely not IRAN)
Which country for 40 years has declined UN inspection and openly defies its resolutions? (not Iran, believe me!)
Which country on a constant basis kills, maims, kidnaps and holds special rendition to civilians within the defiance of the human rights and the Geneva convention?
Which country attacks humanitarian aid ships in the international water and other humanitarian aid buildings such as schools, shelters, hospitals?
Which country did attack USS liberty and almost sank it? (Not Vietnam)
Which country does it and for all these merits, receives funding from the US government some $3 bln /year.

Gaza is a Palestinian Ghetto, which as shamefully as it sounds has much resemblance to ww2 ghettoes.
As Achmedinejad said, the Zionist regime is counting its last days and thats true, because you cant always get away when bombing UN shelters (Lebanon 2006), UN schools (GAZA), USS ships (Liberty), NATO Ships (recent incidents) and killing, maiming or holding in a concentration camps some hundreds of thousands humans.

Its Israel that is a problem, not some guys in Khandakhar or Basrah, seriously. If its not for the Israel, our taxpayer money would not subsidise occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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