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Hi guys! Sorry if i write in wrong topic. I don't understand: it's been a year (or two?) since the release of the version 2.53 and there is still no new versions with official SP bot navigation for new maps? Am I missing something?

We don't have a dedicated singleplayer developer on the team, that's why. Good devs for this old game engine aren't easy to come by these days.

I guess there will be a news post or so about it.

Maybe not all maps at once. The better maps will be priority.

Yes there is. The mappack will return, but it's gonna take a while longer.

This happened because the master account server was done for a short while.

Off-Topic / Re: The World Cup 2018
« on: 16-06-2018, 17:06:55 »
Pfft, Brazil will loose against Sweden in the 8th's  ;D

Bug Reporting / Re: Server crashes [COOP]
« on: 15-06-2018, 18:06:56 »
Does it happen when you play a local game as well? Or is it just when you guys play coop?

Bug Reporting / Re: Server crashes [COOP]
« on: 14-06-2018, 18:06:26 »
Thx, will check it out.

Suggestions / Re: Defense of Malta Idea
« on: 14-06-2018, 12:06:29 »
It was mainly used as a event map for the event weekends that waw used to run. It used a server side python coding that i don't know where to find anymore, perhaps we can dig it up somewhere.

However i am toying with the idea to reviving the map, but i want to make valletta etc much nicer in that case. I enjoy the idea of the map, and i had a blast in the submarine during the events.

Suggestions / Re: Defense of Malta Idea
« on: 14-06-2018, 10:06:55 »
Did you ever play supplies for malta map?

It's a pretty bare map, and i'd love to spice it up with some better statics etc at some point.

Bug Reporting / Re: CTD on map loading
« on: 03-06-2018, 21:06:44 »
You are talking about the unpacked objects folder now?

Those are only there because you extracted them yourself while setting up bf2editor.
Fh2 mod only have all these in .zip files.
If you have all stuff unpacked, the game will in certain conditions load the unpacked stuff before the packed stuff.

Solution: Make a copy of the fh2 folder which you use for your modding. Have the unpacked stuff and such there. Leave the other copy intact without anything extracted. Switch between the two by renaming them back and forth when modding/playing.
Make a copy of your entire battlefield 2 folder and put it somewhere else. Use one copy for modding and one for playing. Also works.

Bug Reporting / Re: CTD on map loading
« on: 31-05-2018, 15:05:59 »
And if you run in windowed mode, you never get any error message?

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 21-05-2018, 10:05:06 »
The best way would be to re-export the thing with only the turret. Like seen on Omaha with the french turret.
It's perhaps possible to do some hacks other ways, but the above one would be the preferred way for sure.
Perhaps i can help with this later, but for testing just stick some static AT gun or something there for now. Or the french turret.

For the tiger, perhaps try to add some more lines from the engine into tmp.con, like maxspeed and such to 0 and see if that will get rid of the sounds.

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 19-05-2018, 21:05:41 »
Try something like this in tmp.con

Objecttemplate.activesafe PlayerControlObject Tiger(whatevernameithas)
Objecttemplate.activesafe Engine Tiger_Engine(whatevertheengineiscalled) (find out in the .tweak file of the tiger)
ObjectTemplate.setTorque 0
ObjectTemplate.setDifferential 0

I checked the files. Interesting, i did not know that you could add a objectspawner to a projectile. I will look into it a bit further. Also, i would not want to add this to the current smoke nades, but rather then make a _ai version of them for singleplayer/coop use.

As for applying as a SP dev, im sure we can use some help there. Are you great at navmeshing and such?

Hey guys. If its all thoroughly tested and works without any side effects im sure we can look into including it.

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