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dear gentlemen,

i wonder why the the damage drop was chosen to be only effective from 60 - 90 degrees? Wasn't angling a box-shaped tank like tiger at 45 degree a valid tactic?

Engine limitation.

Modding / Re: teamOnVehicle setup
« on: 28-07-2020, 15:07:36 »
There's no global way to do it (afaik), it's set per vehicle in each map.

You also need to add ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1 to all of the PCO's (seats) on each vehicle. Otherwise the vehicle will turn grey whenever someone leaves it. And if the opposite team gets in it, the map will crash. This can be done in tmp.con for example. Note that this will likely fuck up things if you wanna play the map online later. Could be possible to add this in the actual gameplayobjects.con, but haven't tested.

Example code (this is for one vehicle):
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject sdkfz251_1
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1

ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject sdkfz251_1_FrontMG
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1

ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject sdkfz251_1_RearMG
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1

ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject sdkfz251_1_Codriver
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1

ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject sdkfz251_1_Passenger1
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1

ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject sdkfz251_1_Passenger2
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Game crash on pacific map load
« on: 28-06-2020, 16:06:22 »
Every time I load one of the pacifc maps the game crashes with errormessage:

lcvp_waw_L30CalPivot addBundleChilds() template not found: 30cal_ammo

Anyone know a fix for this missing file or where I can get it?


Which map, and where did you download the mod? That sounds like an old custom vehicle.

Bug Reporting / Re: Trojan in FH2 installer
« on: 31-05-2020, 19:05:49 »
If it was 'just a firewall' it probably shouldn't report viruses?

If you downloaded if from our official site, it's safe. You can then whitelist it in your software if you need.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: SP/COOP issues on 2.56 update
« on: 22-05-2020, 18:05:27 »

Got this message, but donĀ“t know which map! Server crashes!

This one is also fixed and will be released in the hotfix

Modding / Re: Help with spawning kits on BF2 Editor
« on: 23-04-2020, 08:04:17 »
You can't place stuff like that. It needs to be placed like an object spawner.

Cool Stuff. Did you ever join Discord? I can't recall. If not, please do and talk to me so i can include your AI files into CMP mod directly.

Modding / Re: Old Map maker, craving some new creating.
« on: 02-01-2020, 00:01:25 »
Welcome back. Join up in discord, it's always quicker to throw information back and  forth there.
There's also a community mod called CMP going on. Which currently mostly aims on the pacific campaign. Some indo-asia maps would be great fun to include in that.

CMP mod discussions mostly take place on cmp-gaming.con discord, so join up there as well.

Front armour is coded to take Angles in account

Suggestions / Re: NEW TANKS
« on: 18-08-2019, 20:08:50 »
I also want to see it 2:1

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Crash on startup
« on: 01-08-2019, 23:08:15 »
che out our discord channel troubleshooting. It might be that your laptop gfx drivers aren't supporting 800x600 resolutions.

General Discussion / Re: Weird Update Message Seen
« on: 19-06-2019, 22:06:38 »
CMP should not intefere with that

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 16-06-2019, 11:06:43 »
Maybe map side material tweak for all winter maps, so that you take damage from water. It would be rather accurate after all. Would have to see if this works though.

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 14-06-2019, 20:06:48 »
Just a reminder that you can't put too many vehicles (of different type) on your map (doesn't matter which layer) because it will increase already heavy texture load and will make your map unstable.

What do you mean with it doesn't mean which layer? You mean firing range for example loads all vehicles and weapons in the mod always?

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