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I can only say that it’s a fine balance between realism ( actual historic battle) and game play. After reading about the battle, the KT’s got knocked out from side on, and most of the unit was destroyed. Surprised me! I can’t help you about the other questions. But it’s interesting watching your journey with this map project.

Played a few more hours as the Axis. The pivotal capture point is the Estate building. I notice the building has extra MG positions added inside from the previous version. It needed them to make the capture harder. I found it still too easy to run in the front or back door and take out the bot manned MG’s. Just a suggestion, but could those extra MG’s be mounted at those doors? Also could one of the spawn points include a stug iii g?
Keep up the good work, thanks. ( Just read about the battle, only Pz Iv and Tiger II’s involved)

Played as Axis for about an hour with latest version.  Definitely a step up from previous one! Bots man the mg’s and anti-tank.
I Thank you.

Modding / Re: Old Map maker, craving some new creating.
« on: 31-12-2019, 00:12:24 »
Hi, from a fellow Aussie! Playing a map involving the battles of Kokoda in New Guinea would be the ultimate goal for me. I remember playing a similar map in Forgotten Hope years ago. Best of luck with your goals.

Good news. Anything to improve coop play is welcomed!

No luck, but thanks for the tip.

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 29-11-2019, 02:11:14 »
Is it just me or the half tracks and tanks under human control are a wee bit fast across the ground? On roads yes, but off road maybe adjust to as fast as a person in the game can run?

Ok, please explain Hamachi. A search pulled up empty.

Hi garylee,
Great game, played it for hours.

Suggestions / Request for easier LAN hookup with Coop games.
« on: 02-11-2019, 08:11:15 »
first post, great game, fantastic improvements each update.
I played FH1 with LAN for years. Very easy to connect.
Found FH2 not so easy to play LAN with Bots in Coop mode.
After reading through the fixes to achieve a LAN game. I gave up,
I'm not tech smart.
Can the files to LAN play in Coop mode be incorporated in one of the upcoming updates?

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