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FH2 Help / Support / Re: Server files only for linux?
« on: 01-07-2019, 19:07:50 »
I know this is an old thread, but over at you can download the full game and when you install the client it will also install the dedicated server into the root directory and you can run it from there with the launcher.  It's possible that when you download the client (2 parts) from this website you'll also find the server there, but I didn't try that.   It certainly seems to me that the server offered here on is only for linux.   

Also, if you want to setup your own server for coop, there's a missing dll problem.  I got help via FH2 Discord's tech support section.  I was given a dll to put in the root directory and now it's good for coop too. 

As far as I can tell, the server version available here on this website is only for Linux.   I've moved on, but you might want to check this out yourself.   I did not download and install the two part client version available here on this website, but if I had, I think it might have also included the windows server version. 

What I did do was install from  I thought this was just the client, but it also included the server which could be found in the root directory after installation.

The problem for me with this server is that it crashed whenever I tried to start a coop game.  I checked with FH2 Discord and was able to get a dll to put into the root directory to fix it.    File name was AIDLL_w32ded.dll.  I think the devs planned have this fixed next time they release a version.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Advice for Private LAN Play
« on: 01-07-2019, 19:07:24 »
Just to wrap up this thread...

The Client found over at playfh2 (and the one here, no doubt) also contains the dedicated server.  After install, it's found in the root directory.   If, like me, you are doing a LAN game and want to play co-op, you'll find there's a problem with the dedicated server.  It needs a dll file.   I got help over at FH2 Discord in their tech support section.  File name was AIDLL_w32ded.dll.  I think the devs planned have this fixed next time they release a version.

Thanks to LUckyone and Jan for all the help!

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Advice for Private LAN Play
« on: 27-06-2019, 17:06:18 »
Not to be a whiner, but do you have a link for FH1 where I don't need to install special software (MEGA?) just to download it.  Also, not sure why I'd net portable.  If not, thanks anyway.  I'll keep looking. 

EDIT: The more I think about it I should just ask you gusy.  I've been out of the BF loop for a long time.    I'd really like is just a Battlefield style experience with bots but set in the WW2 or maybe WW1 era.   I bought BF ONE (ww1) last year but it was a beast on the harddrive alone and I don't want to cash out for 3 copies just to play on LAN.  I know nothing about BF after BF2.   Is there a good option for something newer than BF2, with bots, with good ww2 ww1 makeover (mod),  but without high systems requirements and without a high price tag?

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Advice for Private LAN Play
« on: 27-06-2019, 16:06:54 »

Thanks again guys.  I'll probably try Discord next as I'm not having any luck with this forum's FH2 help section (just as you warned me Jan).    There just doesn't appear to be a readily available windows version of the dedicated server.  If nothing else, we'll be ready to join you guys on the weekend sometime in the future. 

I actually got a used copy of BF1942 in the mail today so I'll try out the vanilla and see how it works, although I'm not sure if it comes with a vanilla dedicated server.  A used copy of BF2 is also on the way.  I know there are other ways, but the used DVDs are so cheap now and it's nice to know I'm not getting viruses.

Anyway, do you guys know if FH1 Client and FH1 Server are still available?  Is this even the right website/forum to find info on the first Forgotten Hope?  I might give those a try.

Hi, I'm new to FH2 but would like to setup a LAN game in my home.  Using three PCs, my intention is to run a dedicated server on one then use that same PC to run a client version of FH2 while the other two PCs act as clients and join.  All PCs are windows 10.   This would be strictly a private LAN playing MP with bots.

I downloaded the full client version over at playfh2 and got it to work on windows 10.

I tried getting the server from here:

I'm no programmer, but I'm pretty sure that file is for a Linus OS.  I get lots of missing dll erros and the readme instructs me to use chmod, which isn't a windows command.

Can anyone point me to FH2 dedicated server download that will work with Windows 10 or otherwise tell me where I've gone wrong?   I found few downloads on file planet, but they didn't seem complete and might not have been the newer version which I think is 2.54??   

I don't necessarily want or need to run a home server that matches what you guys use on the weekend.  I'd really just like to get something up an running on LAN.   Right now it would be great just to know what's possible and what's involved in making it happen.  If I can't run a server without Linux, then I'm dropping the whole thing right now.

THanks if you can help!

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Advice for Private LAN Play
« on: 26-06-2019, 15:06:40 »
You need to choose a game mode (conquest by default) in the multiplayer tab. After you switch it to coop, your map pool will be limited, as not all maps have a bot support. Then you can choose a map and start your game. I don’t have experience with LAN or running the server in general but to keep your game and the server on separate CPU cores, which is the best way to do it, you will need to run a dedicated server. You can download server files in the download section on ours website:

Unfortunately, this is where my knowledge about running a server ends, so I recommend joining us on Discord and asking in the tech-support channel where your chances to get help are much bigger:

It's been a while, but that sounds about right.   

Thanks for the link.  I can't believe I didn't see it when I was on that page last.   However, upon trying to install, I got lots of missing dll errors.   The "readme" file makes a chmod command reference.  I'm no programmer, but chmod isn't a windows command.  Long story short, I believe this server install file is only for Linux.   If so, I can't run it on windows 10.

I found a different download for FH2 dedicated server over at File Planet, but I think it's an older version and may not run with the client version found at playfh2.  I'm downloading that now...

Anyway, it's down the rabbit hole we go as so often happens with these things.   I've never used Discord or even know what it is so before I do all that I think I'll check the support/help section of the forums here first.

So thanks Jan for all your help and patience.   I got your helpful PMs as well.   At least now I think I know what I want to do.   Have good one!  :)

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Advice for Private LAN Play
« on: 25-06-2019, 21:06:46 »
You can get a fully working online (in case you wanna join us on the server ;) ) standalone version of FH2 here:

Thanks for hanging with me Jan.

So I'm basically re-editing this whole post.   I downloaded and installed from playfh2.   

I'm still confused about what my options are for LAN play with bots.  From your last post you seems to say that bots are ONLY with singleplayer & co-op.   This makes sense because when I tried to "Create local" (under multiplayer) I was successful but no bots.

So let's recap.  I want to play on LAN with bots.   My one guess is do a single player game (where I see I can assign bots).  Then, can I use this single player game to invite other players (i.e. co-op)?  If I do this will it be just like MP where other players and fight with or against me, all with bots?  Is there a limit to how many can play with me?  (I'd prefer myself and two others).

Or is this the wrong direction?  Should I be looking for a dedicated server that I can run on my PC to host for the LAN and then let others join?   In THIS case, would a dedicated server have the option to add bots?

When I'm on the "create local" screen it stated, "to get access to more options use dedicated server launcher."   Well, I don't seem to have the dedicated server or a launcher for it and I'm not having much luck searching the forums for a download.

I'm not sure if I need to download something more (dedicated server) or if I'm using the wrong mode, or if what I want to do just isn't possible.   Please someone set me straight and thanks for your help!

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Advice for Private LAN Play
« on: 25-06-2019, 20:06:36 »
jan_kurator/ Lucky one,

Thanks for the long replies!  I don't recall BF1942 having SP, but if it did, that's not what I'm interested in, nor am I interested in co-op as a subcategory of SP.   In other words, I only want to play multiplayer, but on LAN, using my beefiest PC to run the server and one of the three clients.   My sons and I will experiment playing with or against each other on multiplayer.   That's the only co-op I'm interested in and so when you guys talked about bots for single player and co-op, I'm assuming that doesn't apply to what I intend to do.  I'm only playing MP, but on LAN.

My plan is to install BF1942, patch it, then install FH2 with no other mods and see how it goes.

Do I need a different download in order to run a server as I describe?  (Thanks for the tip about running server on a different core... I'm researching that now)

Does FH2 do anything to improve the bots?  I'm not super familiar with FH2, but are bots WORSE than vanilla BF1942 if for no other reason than they don't know how to use the enhanced weapons and vehicles?

Know of any stand alone BOT mods to improve AI?

Do I need to worry about different keys for each player on my LAN?

I am a little bit of WW2 buff (and civil war).  I just finished binge watching Band of Brother again and am half way through my 2nd watch of "The Pacific".  However, I don't mind the cartoonist nature of BF1942 and probably wouldn't mind if Secret Weapons expansion or mod wasn't totally historically accurate.  What I enjoyed about BF1942, even playing by myself with bots, was that if I had the settings right, it really was a good challenge to capture and hold objectives.

Regarding FHSW.  So, I understand there was a Secret Weapons Expansion pack that came out for the original BF1942 and another one called Road to Rome.  I wasn't planning on using either of these unless they are necessary to run FH2.    Is FHSW (Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon) a mod that requires the BF1942 Secret Weapon expansion pack?   You guys seem to like it.  So long as it's as stable as FH2, I might give it a try.   The problem is the lack of bots.   If there are no bots with FHSW for playing MP over LAN, then I'll have to pass. 

I actually noticed the HD mod that luckyone suggested.  Maybe I'll give it a try after seeing if everything is stable with just FH2.

I've found a few install guides for BF1942 on Windows 10 (64-bit).  If you happen to have a link for more trouble shooting issues, please let me have it.

IF.... we end up trying to play on the real MP with you guys some day....

1.  Does the server run FH2 or FH2 with FHSW?
2.  Do I need keys for each player?
3.  Do you think I could log on with three different PCS using the same IP?  Or would I be limited to one player per household/IP?

Thanks Again!  I won't be able to work the LAN for a week or so but I'm giving FH2 a go later today!

EDIT: Doh! I just realized FH2 is for BF2, not BF1942.   I haven't found my old BF2 CD, but I'm sure I can get it used cheap on Amazon.    I'm assuming bots on BF2 were about the same as bots on BF1942.

Singleplayer and Coop / Advice for Private LAN Play
« on: 25-06-2019, 16:06:28 »
Hi all.  Been a long time since I played BF1942.   I'm an old fart now and have teenagers and would like to setup a private LAN game in my home of 1942 just for three players and bots across 3 PCs.  What this means is I'll probably spend several hours getting this all set up but then not really know if they'll be into it.  So, before I begin I'm seeking out advice on how to best present this game.   I never really played 1942 beyond the vanilla version so I'm only now getting acquainted with modern mods.   Forgotten Hope 1 & 2 have gotten great reviews and I'm downloading now to try them.  However, at this point, before I start doing all the homework, I'm just hoping to find out if Forgotten Hope is a good fit for what I want to do BEFORE I spend all the time installing it and getting it to work...

Anyway, I'd like to get a private LAN game going in my home and here's what I'm looking for. 

1.  Hardware requirements.  My three PCs were built for gaming and none is older than 5 years.  I assume one will act as server and support one player while the other two PCS just connect on LAN.  I don't think I need to worry at all about hardware requirements.

2.   BOTS!   The original BF1942 were far from perfect, but overall I had a great time with them in SP.   Whatever I setup, bots must be AT LEAST as good as in the original BF1942.   If FH 1 or 2 has worse bots I actually think I'd prefer the original.   If the FH bots are NOT good, then is there a good bot MOD someone can recommend which improves on the original?

3.  Stability.   FH or whatever I run MUST BE STABLE.   I understand I'll need to tweak and play with settings to get it going on Win 10.  I don't mind that.  But once it's up and running it must be stable.  If I'm going to be dealing with bugs and game crashing issues, then I'd rather just play the vanilla and skip FH or any other mods that might cause stability problems.

4.  Anti- Cheat.   I don't need it and, if it's an option, I'd rather not install anything.

5.  Graphics enhancement?   Is it worth installing a HD or better graphics mod on top of Forgotten Hope?   My hardware is strong so I might like to try better graphics so long as it doesn't make the game less stable.  Advice?

6.  Other mods... any other mods I should use WITH FH to enhance the game?  Or, if FH just doesn't meet my requirements, should I just play the vanilla or try a different mod?  Again, stability is most important to me.

7.  Is it fair to say FH 2 is just a better version than FH 1, or is there any reason I should prefer FH 1 over FH 2?

Thanks in advance for your advice!   Once I know if FH is the way to go for me, I'll do my homework and reading to get it going.

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