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Developer Blogs / Re: The maps of Forgotten Hope 2.5
« on: 03-05-2019, 18:05:37 »
I've only just got back into playing Battlefield 2 after  almost a decade long hiatus and am astounded   how much has been accomplished over that time.   I loved the game  so much i played it virtually every day (apart for a few months following a   road traffic accident)from its release until 2009.   I used to beta  test for several mappers (Hayabusa, Homegrown, The Dark, Foachman, Shane John, BierPizzaChips, Ray Clovis and Big Foot) as well as   three mods (Mercenaries, The Marines and MCC mods), but eased off as  those mappers went on to other things  and  when family, life and  other  games such as ArmA, The Elder Scrolls drew me away from the game. 

I'd been hankering to  play the game for a while, but only recently reinstalled the game (via Steam) and have slowly been downloading  some of my favorite mods from back them.  Forgotten Hope has  changed so much since i last played it. I'm so impressed.  I noticed this thread hadn't been replied to  for quite some time. i just wanted to introduce myself and say a massive thank you to all those   involved in keeping this amazing  mod  alive and kicking. 


Thanks. I do apologize for posting it in the wrong place.  I'm full of morphine, so tend to be a little  fuzzy  most of the time and find it difficult to navigate  forums due to a serious head injury.   Thanks for moving it to a more appropriate location.

I thought I'd included the following images in the comment above. I wasn't able to add them when trying to edit it?

Hi, I've been trying to access my account on the  Battlefield Single Player Forums for ages. The reCAPTCA seems to be broken, so whenever I try to sort my password (It's been a few years since i last logged in I forgot the password I used).

Does anyone know how to contact MasterChiefRulz the admin on the site.

The main reason I wanted to log in was to  firstly ask the community if they knew where The Dark has disappeared to?  I used to be one of his map testers. He was working on a series of maps  for the Mercs mod called season of the Dragon, a seven map epic, most of which he completed and released. I'm sure many of you are familiar with at least some of his maps as they were   very well balanced and  some of the best custom single player maps around, partly due to his attention to detail.

I  hadn't played BF2 for several years  but got an hankering to start playing the game again recently, so dug out my back ups and  started to install maps. I do remember  The Darks last map, which as it turns out was never released to the community (I have searched  for the map online extensively in case one of the other beta testers had uploaded it, but have not found any trace of it.  It is called  'Pushing Beyond'. We were still beta testing it when he  literally 'up sticks' and disappeared. Anyway, I found a folder labelled  beta test maps on the external where I'd backed up most of my   battlefield mods and maps.  Over a period of around three years I beta tested many maps and some mods (Mercs, MCC & Marines)for several mappers (Hayabusa, Homegrown, Froachman, The Dark, Shane John and BierPizzaChip). 

I remember the map we were working on when  The Dark disappeared. It was in my opinion one of the best he'd created. It was almost ready for release as well. The only issue  was a section of navmesh in   the swamp area of the map that needed a little adjusting. Well, I found a copy of the last update before he disappeared and have spent several  hours playing it to make sure it  plays well.   I'm sure the   battlefield community would love to   add this map to their collections of BF2 maps, but  I thought I should first try and trace  The Dark to ask for permission to upload it. 

I really don't know what to do.  I've been sitting on this map for over 10 years and it really deserves to be out there for all to enjoy. I have tried to find the Dark several times over the intervening years as we were on good terms and i counted him a friend.

I apologize that this has nothing to do with the Forgotten Hope mod (which is incidentally one of my favorite BF2 mods together with AIXv2,  BOMSF,  Hard Justice and the Mercs mod)

Pushing Beyond images:


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