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Well. I guess he will add multi and singleplayer support when he can. You could Also rename the Coop Ogledow to "Ogledow Coop" for the coop version so you can have both The MP and Goop  installed.

Michael Z freeman, I guess it's a choice between SP and Online. Or you can have 2 copies of FH2 installed. One for offline one for online.

Michael Z Freeman, Copy the existing Ogledow to another folder. Delete it from your FH maps directory then. Copy the new one to your maps folder.

WOW, Amazing. I  played it and the experience was great. I just have 2 problems, When I get inside the ISU-122 it immediately CTD's, Plus the ticket ratio is way to high, 150% is over 5000 tickets. I have to set the ticket ratio under 30 to get under 1000 tickets. Keep up the great work. 

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