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General Discussion / Re: New Engine
« on: 26-11-2014, 13:11:54 »
Toddel has spoken.

Move on.

Couldn't say it better myself.

Have you just logged in here after 2 years and started browsing all old threads unread for you??? And even answering them??  ::)

Yes. :)

General Discussion / Re: New Engine
« on: 23-11-2014, 23:11:43 »
Toddel has spoken.

Move on.

Couldn't say it better myself.

General Discussion / Re: Cry Engine 3 = Forgotten Hope 3
« on: 23-11-2014, 23:11:34 »
I have to say that i would love to see a new ''FH'' style game on a new fresh engine, BUT... FH2 is unique in it's own way and is enjoyable in it's current state, besides that, there is a game called Traction Wars ( that comes close to FH.

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 23-11-2014, 23:11:37 »
We had a good start. We held the US in the palm of our hands, but then they managed to counter-attack us from all sides, it was tense but in the end, we had to retreat to the airfield where we got shelled by enemy arty and fly-by's from enemy planes.

Bug Reporting / Re: Can't login into the game
« on: 22-11-2014, 18:11:47 »

Thank you for the headsup. I managed to get the game working after a restart. Maybe the fix was applied at that time.

Bug Reporting / Can't login into the game
« on: 22-11-2014, 15:11:34 »
Since today i am getting this error, i've never had this before so i have absolutely no clue on how to fix this.

Realistic. I agree with making of a proof of concept with UE4. It opens up possibilities and brings a chance to explore a monetised concept, while bringing in attention by the "UE4 WW2 shooter" label. And if the engine is good enough to fix the gunplay issues this time FH3 may actually keep the newcomers, as otherwise has been proven for FH2.

I saw and see some WWII ''realism'' games being created with the CryEngine, 1 of them (Festung Europa) now moved to the Unreal 4 engine, wich people dont like because of Red Orchestra 2 (wich i think is a good game)

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 22-11-2014, 02:11:02 »
Sniping in Operation Totalize.

Such awesome comparisons, i made one myself too.

left is FH2 and the right is Real Life.

Awesome wallpapers, thanks!

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 22-09-2011, 19:09:30 »

I wonder ... how many just start  drooling on that view ... and how many wish to see that in FH2 ?  ;D

Hey... isn't that in Aviodrome @ Lelystad? I was there... and i recognize that place.

Off-Topic / Re: Violence in London
« on: 10-08-2011, 19:08:24 »
I heard on the Dutch radio that Scottish policemen or soldiers are coming to the north of England to defend... but i am not sure.

Off-Topic / Re: Desktop Pics [56k warning]
« on: 06-08-2011, 18:08:35 »

Suggestions / Re: (American) Kit Revision
« on: 05-08-2011, 10:08:33 »

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