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Modding / Re: Pointe du Hoc crashes 10 secs into gameplay
« on: 03-05-2018, 04:05:48 »
Well, problem solved I guess - tho I have no idea what the initial cause was.

I restored my pre-G3 backup, tested the map, then systematically re-installed all the G3-related files I had pulled together, one at a time, re-testing the map after each one. After I installed the final file everything ran fine (???).

Can only assume I inadvertently changed something else, but have no idea what.

Modding / Re: Pointe du Hoc crashes 10 secs into gameplay
« on: 26-04-2018, 17:04:51 »
Thanks Jan,
The pattern of events seemed to fit the hypothesis, but guess I'll have to look elsewhere. It's seems to be something that happens in-game, but I can't think of any other game event that would fit what's happening. And why only this map/level. There's gotta be something unique about it. Frustrating.... it's one of our more favorite maps.

Modding / Re: Pointe du Hoc crashes 10 secs into gameplay
« on: 25-04-2018, 19:04:36 »
Curiously, when I set the bot count as low as it will go (1), all the bots become US except one. Then it ran for over 5 min and never crashed.

I didn't (consciously) change anything on the Axis side. All I did was temporarily use the STG44 dds as the HUD and Selection icons for my G3. Could it be that a German pickup kit is corrupt and the game crashes when it's picked up? That could randomly happen fairly quickly with many German bots in the game, but with only one it would take a lot longer for him to find/grab the alleged offending kit(?).

This is all based on circumstantial evidence, but it's all I got right now. Still searching....

Modding / Pointe du Hoc crashes 10 secs into gameplay
« on: 25-04-2018, 04:04:25 »
I've successfully(?) imported a G3 into the game as part of the US Antitank class. I've run thru a half dozen US levels with no apparent problems. However, Pointe du Hoc crashes to desktop anywhere from 5-15 seconds after spawning in. I'm running in windowed mode and there are no msgs. It's just gone. Doesn't seem to matter what I do or don't do. I've even taken my hands off of everything - just let my player spawn in and just stand there. Seconds later - CRASH.

This is in coop play.

It didn't do this before the G3, but I can't imagine what I would have done to cause this - especially since all the other levels play fine. I've run thru weapons, kits, init.con, tmp.con - who knows what else - until I'm numb. Initially there was one itemIndex conflict that crashed the load 20% into it. But that was resolved early on. There are a couple of grappling-hook-specific pickup kits that aren't in the other levels, but I can't find anything odd about them.

What would cause it to crash AFTER the level starts? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I believe you're spot on, Mayhemic. The "4" in particular (in other weapon labels - such as the STG44) is quite distinctive, along with the lower-case "L" with the slight curl at the bottom, and DIN1451 seems to match both. Will give it a try. Thanks!

OK, probably the long way around (sorry, didn't see the Gimp suggestion until too late), but I got a working G3 dds icon:
1. Found a transparent PNG image of a G3A3.
2. Used FastStone Viewer to resize/crop it to 150x46. I suspect IrfanView, etc, would do the same as long as it preserves transparency.
3. Uploaded that to (pixlr's online editor). Pixlr preserves transparency. Slid weapon image to the right edge if its transparent "frame", then added "G3 iron sight" label (in white) to lower-left. Saved.
4. Uploaded that to This one has options to set 8,8,8,8 argb32 (or "A8R8G8B8 (32 bits)" as they call it), and no mipmaps. Clicked "Convert file".
5. Copied resulting dds to\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\Selection.

Presto! A working icon with no crashes! I was not able to figure out the exact font used for other FH2 weapon labels, but 11pt regular Bahnshrift SemiBold came pretty close.

Thanks, Stubbfan. Any (free?) alternatives for those of us who don't have Photoshop? I'm not likely to get that deep into modding that I would need to purchase something that.

BTW, we played last night and the G3 was a big hit! It was quite a surprise and everyone loved it (not just my nephew). So thanks to all for your assistance!!
Still hoping to get a proper weapon selection icon in place. Even tho the others didn't seem to mind that the STG44 I'm (temporarily?) using wasn't correct, I don't like to leave a project this "incomplete". Just the way I roll I guess...

Thanks for reply Ts. Sadly I'm not sure what guiIndex is or how it works. I changed it from the 210 it was to 52 (same as the M1 Garand - and an online reference said 52 was "hit indication"), but it made no difference.
CORRECTION: the hit indicator (guiIndex 52) works! Swore I was hitting people before, but maybe not(?).

I actually have been running in window mode pretty much all thru this process. I put the tga file back in for hud/selection. Everything works fine until I scroll the mouse wheel to bring up my weapon selection menu. Then it instantly crashes to desktop and is completely gone (not still running on the taskbar). No error msg.

What do you recommend for creating/modifying a dds? All I had done was try to convert the existing tga to dds via an online converter, but they give no details on the file/graphic format they converted it to.

Dead on, Stubbfan! The projectileTemplate line in the G3 tweak file specified a "762_51_g", which didn't exist in FH2. I replaced that with FH2's "7,62x54mmProjectile" (which for this purpose I figure is close enough). Boom - I got real bullets.

The last 2 things (and I can live without either if they're too complicated to get running):

1. That yellow, 4-pointed "star" doesn't flash when your shot scores a hit. Can't tell if I hit someone or not unless they drop. I know that's actually more realistic, but we're kinda used to (spoiled by?) that little indicator. Done a lot of comparing files between the Garand and the G3 and can't seem to figure that one out.

2. The original HUD and HUD\Selection images that came with the G3 are tga files, which FH2 doesn't seem to like. Get crashes to desktop. Tried an online file converter to convert them to dds but that made no difference. Maybe it's the image size or something else? For now I'm just using FH2's images for the STG44, which technically works, but isn't real accurate.

Thanks for all the help!! We're gathering to play Monday night and I think my nephew will be pretty geeked when he sees the G3! ;-)

OK, I was able to add the weapon I wanted to the UW_Antitankassault kit (using index #7), rather than have it replace the Winchester. So now I have both the Winchester and the new weapon (an iron sight G3 I ported from another source - mainly for kicks for my nephew who has one).

Everything seems to "work" (animations, it fires, reloads, can switch to iron sight, etc) except it does no damage. You don't get that little flash indicating a hit, no bullet holes on a wall, nothing. It's like it's shooting blanks. What am I missing? I assume I missed setting up the proper projectiles and/or damage, but not sure where to start with that....


Thanks for the quick reply, Ts! I was starting to think it was going to be something like that. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about python, so I might be out of luck.  :P

Do you happen to know if the entire kit is replaced that way? Or just the Colt weapon itself? Wondering if I could just add the desired weapon to the kit (in addition to the Winchester) vs replacing it(?).

Modding / Where does AntiTank Winchester shotgun come from??
« on: 14-04-2018, 19:04:47 »
Looked thru a dozen pages of posts, and did a search, but can't find this topic/problem.

I'm new to modding, and have successfully replaced a few weapons in some of the kits (i.e. m1903a1 with springfield03a4scope in, etc).

Wanted to replace Winchester shotgun in US AntiTank kits, so I looked in the init.con file for a few levels (Bastogne, Brest, Omaha) to see what AT kits they use. When I look in those AT kit inc files in they all list a Colt1911 (or some derivative). No shotgun in any of them. Yet in-game the AT class comes up with the Winchester Model 12. No pistol. All the other in-game AT weapons seem to match the kit inc - just not the Colt. There must be some kind of override going on(?), but I've looked every place I can think of and can't find it.

Including, but not limited to:

1. ClientArchives and within a level (where existed - Advance on Foy). Some additional kits were loaded via WaW archives, but no ATs.
2. tmp.con within the level
3. various other archives (common_client, common_server, objects_client, object_weapons_client, etc, etc)
4. the con & tweak files for the Colt1911 (and derivatives) and Winchester.

Some levels come up with the "correct" AT weapon list in-game (i.e. Eppeldorf), but they seem to use the UW_TankHunter_GarandGrenade kit as opposed to the UW_Antitankassault (and its derivatives).

I found a few grenade overrides ( in\Common, so I assume it's something similar, but nothing for a Winchester/shotgun that I can find. I even manually unpacked several archives so I could do a file-content search for the words "Winchester" or "shotgun" within the inc, con, & tweak files. "Winchester" pops up in a couple of UW_Pickup... kits, but otherwise nothing.

I'm at a loss. If anyone has any insight I'd GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks!!

Other notes: we play exclusively coop.

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