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Developer Blogs / Re: Polish Manor
« on: 14-02-2018, 18:02:03 »
That's just beautiful modeling and texturing my friend.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Bot Stuff
« on: 17-01-2018, 16:01:27 »
I'm working on them. It'll take some time, and not all of them will be made SP/Coop as some of the maps simply won't work with bots but I am experimenting with all of them.

Another point, don't place overgrowth in any area that random generation would cause such problems.  Place static vegetation there instead.  You can make it look better that way and it is more stable.  Certainly do this around trenches, flag zones, etc.

I agree with your statement, but several maps such as Sammatus have a ton of overgrowth surrounding trenches, flag zones, etc. anyway. Which is not any big deal now that I've learned I can adjust the draw distance manually in the .con & it won't regenerate the overgrowth ingame thus interfering with the navmesh. I just don't do any overgrowth work within the editor once I've changed the draw distance.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Bot Stuff
« on: 12-01-2018, 19:01:10 »
I've coded all of the CMP vehicles & handweapons for AI. A few things were already coded such as the Heinkel He-111 but needed some tweaking. Once I get the Navmesh software operating correctly then I will start navmeshing some of the CMP maps too. Although not all of them will be suitable for bot support for several reasons such as having too many bridges, ships, flags separated by water, and obstacles. Though I will try my best on them, some will certainly require a bit of modification as well.

Thanks for the replies. I actually didn't check if editing the Overgrowth.con manually caused the overgrowth to regenetate in-game. I just edited the .con manually, opened it in the editor, and immediately noticed the overgrowth was all wrong. Thus I figured the same would happen if it was rendered in-game but if not then that's perfect. 
As far as the Navmesh software, I'm working on navmeshing the CMP Nietjarvi map, so the capture points exist but apparently nothing else. I do have Python 2.7. But of course I realize now that I hadn't created the Strategic Areas and such first. I had read another tutorial but it was rather vague & disorganized which made me believe the navmesh was created first *then* the Strategic Areas  I'll get to work on that. Thanks for the tutorial link, looks useful. 
I'm still relatively new at BF2/FH2 modding, but as I play a lot of Coop I've wanted to learn navmeshing. I'm currently building a Berlin map which I'd like to navmesh when it's done, but before that I'm working on making some of the CMP maps SP/Coop. Besides spending about 16hrs a day mapping & using 3dsmax I've coded all of the CMP vehicles & handweapons for AI. Also made the MG15 into a deployable handweapon (like the MG34 & 42), I've ported some weapons from FH1 such as the MAS36 & MAS38. Ported a few things from BGF & BFKorea such as the Nagant revolver, C96, T-26 tank, I-16 Polikarpov, and others. Only used the models/textures. Recoded everything for FH2. IE: FH2 projectiles, deviation, zoom, recoil, reload times, vehicle physics, etc. Created some new animations too. I'm wanting to port a few BF1 things as well such as the MP18, Fedorov, and Gewehr 98.

I've noticed an issue and I'm wondering if anyone else has had it as well and/or if there's a possible fix. 
When I change the overgrowth draw distance in Overgrowth.con it causes the overgrowth to be regenerated over the entire map. Practically every tree & such ends up in a different location. This is a problem because I end up with overgrowth in trenches, roads, and clipping thru other statics. Which I could work around that by simply removing each individual tree/whatever manually however since I'm working with Coop maps it causes the overgrowth to generate all inside the navmesh, and hundreds of random holes all over the navmesh where trees/overgrowth USED to be.
It makes no difference if I edit Overgrowth.con manually or do it in the Editor. Both have the same outcome. Even if it's only a 10m difference it relocates everything. Since my laptop generally sucks I must do everything I can to keep from wasting system resources which are imperative with many bots. Sammatus for instance has a view distance of 175m, Fog draw 175m, and Overgrowth draw 250m thus overgrowth is being rendered beyond what can be seen which I imagine wastes system resources. (The particular map is irrelevant, this occurs on *all* maps.)
Also for some reason I haven't been able to get the Navmesh program to work on my PC yet. I've spent hours trying to figure it out, but when I try to create a navmesh for a particular map it just won't do it. After I input mod:fh2 then map: (map name) it runs for a few lines, automatically opens BF2Editor, then crashes. The only error msg I've ever seen has been to do with GTS directories, which I have created, however they're just empty folders as I have nothing to put in them. I'm not sure if I need to create something in BF2Editor first like AI strategic areas or what, but I haven't quite mastered SinglePlayerEditor yet. Anyway, this means I cannot create a whole new navmesh to accommodate the overgrowth draw distance issue.
Has anyone else ever experienced this overgrowth issue?

Well I haven't yet but I do have a decent few other new goodies for SP/Coop which I will be posting some screens up soon.

Such as the M1895 Nagant Revolver and Bf-110. Which I will make abundantly clear: I did not create these models/textures. The Bf-110 is of course from CMP which I did code for AI. The Nagant Revolver I had to fully re-code to fit along with the gameplay balance of FH2, and it needed to be tweaked for AI. The recoil, deviation, animation tweaking, projectile, effects, zoom, sounds, icons, well as fixing a couple CTD's. I am however working on some new models & textures of my own for the Volkssturm project :)

(Sorry for the low quality pic. My laptop isn't powerful enough to run FH2 at max on Coop without lag.)

I have to ask, would there be any possibility that I could have at least the two French handweapons, both bolt-action rifles I believe the MAS 36 & the Berthier? Just the required handweapon contents such as the meshes, textures, animations, sounds, .con/.tweak, etc. Anything that may need coded/tweaked such as AI, projectile, recoil, deviation, etc...I can do myself. This isn't for any sort of distribution nor would I distribute anything (at least not without permission). 
I've always loved the MAS 36 rifle in particular & would enjoy having it available in my SP/Coop FH2. If this isn't possible then I certainly understand, not a problem.

Oh I see. Alright then thanks.

Hi everyone. Looking thru the game files I notice some kits and whatnot for the French faction which I understand was scrapped. Such as the MAS 36. I'm wondering if anyone still has those files though? It's okay  if they need some coding tweaks or something, it would just save me a great deal of time from having to model/texture them. They're for my SP/Coop Volkssturm project which is progressing nicely :)

I'm working on porting a tank right now for my FH2 SP/Coop. I have mostly everything working perfect so far, but one thing I haven't been able to figure out are the tank sights. I have the driver & gunner cameras in the proper positions, using "Tank_GunnerCamera" however I'm unsure how exactly to implement a reticle overlay texture. Is this something that must be accomplished with 3dsMax/Maya?

Edit: Also why are "VCHelicopter" controls used for FH2's tanks?

Modding / Re: Importing weapons From FH2
« on: 29-11-2017, 22:11:41 »
There are several files required to do this. Different weapons use different files, however you may use this as a rough guide for all handweapons. First download NotePad++ if you haven't already. In\weapons\handheld you'll find a list of the handweapons contained in FH2. Each weapon has a .tweak file. Open this .tweak file, carefully study the contents of the .tweak to see what all files that particular weapon uses. Such as the effects, projectile, AI, sounds, etc. For example the stenmk2 uses e_muzz_smg for muzzleflash, 9x19mmProjectile for its projectile, e_shellejection_9mm for its shell ejection, so on and so fourth. They appear like this:

Code: [Select]
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate e_muzz_smg
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate e_shellejection_9mm
ObjectTemplate.projectileTemplate 9x19mmProjectile

For the Stenmk2 you'll need:\weapons\handheld\stenmk2 >This folder.\weapons\handheld\stenmk2 >This folder.\Weapons\Handheld\Common\MonoSounds >This folder.\Effects\weapons\muzzleflashes\emitters\e_muzz_smg >This folder.\Effects\weapons\shellejections\emitters\e_shellejection_9mm >This folder.\Kits\kitmeshes\kitmesh_stenmk2 >This folder.\Weapons\Projectiles\Handweapons >This folder.\Weapons\ai\ >This file for SP/Coop.\Weapons\ai\ >This file for SP/Coop.\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\ >These two for HUD Icons.\HUD\Texture\Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\Selection\
I *think* this is everything. Make sure you run FH2 in window mode so if there's a CTD due to a missing file and/or file conflict the error message will specify which file you need to investigate. I don't know what sort of modding experience you have, but believe me I know it seems tedious at first with so many archives, FH2 is such a greatly detailed mod however I recommend you open/examine every archive in the fh2 folder, study their contents, and remember what files are located in them. This makes it way easier when you're looking for something specific as the .tweak file does not list specific archives.

General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope 2: State of the Game
« on: 25-11-2017, 15:11:53 »

I was referencing FPS SP.

Sure you were. That's why you were talking about Forgotten Hope 2. A classic "singleplayer game". Here again, to refresh your memory what you said:

I discovered FH2 in Sept. ... I was researching my top favorite gun: Volkssturmgewehr Gustloff on Saw FH2, the only FPS w/the VG1-5 & VK-98 both! Looked up videos & saw how realistic they were. Reading on here I saw how you can play as Germany (a dream & rarity)

If, according to your own words, FH2 counts as a singleplayer game and it fulfilled your dream of playing as the Germans, then other games should have fulfilled your dream too. Games like BF 1942 would count as a singleplayer game according to your logic, because it also has bots.
Let me refresh YOUR memory. I never ever once said FH2 is the ONLY SP FPS with German play. I said it's a rarity. You named one game. 
You know people like you are the reason I see the FH2 community catching so much shit on other boards. You refuse to accept the fact that you're wrong, you made a mistake, grow up and deal with it instead of acting like a pretentious little child.

Modding / Re: CMP vehicles into non-CMP maps?
« on: 24-11-2017, 05:11:55 »
I will say it certainly is fun shooting up AI with the Me-262 however when the bots fly it themselves they don't do much but fly around. It only has a 30mm cannon of course, which I coded for AI too, but I've yet to see a bot make a ground strafing run with the 30mm or dogfight. In fact I don't recall ever seeing any planes do strafing runs with MG's or cannons. And I've seen the bots dogfight in other planes too, but no ground attacks. Is this possible? 
Now I just finished coding the Bf-110 w/500lb bombs for AI and the bots bomb the f*ck out of the enemy with that, thus I'm fairly certain I am doing the coding correctly. Not 100% certain on the rear gunner yet however.

Would anyone happen to know which file this would be stored in so I can edit it myself? I've searched through numerous artillery related files but haven't found it yet.

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