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I'm wanting to create some 16p & 32p layers for many of the existing maps which have co-op support, being that most of them are 64p only and my laptop can only handle around 44 bots. Also bots don't do too well with large complex maps + lots of vehicles, however they do quite well on infantry only maps. 
Before I get into it, is it necessary to generate entirely new navmeshes for making 32p & 16p layers on a map which only has 64p? Like, can I just draw a new combat area, create new strategic areas(, and new waypoints without worrying about the the AIPathfinding? 
Thanks everyone for the help.

@ VolkssturmGewehr
I am using Maya when I have to connect islands or to add missing navmesh or fine tune the navmesh.
Also, you can use Blender in order to edit the navmesh. There are plenty of tutorials in this regards. Not to mention Blender is free afaik.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I'm going to try learning how to use Blender, or maybe try to acquire Maya. Is there a specific version of Maya that is compatiable with BF2/FH2? With 3ds Max you have to use the old version 9 for BF2 modding.

I really want to be able to contribute to FH2 Co-op because, despite my current crappy Celeron laptop, I know how to map, navmesh, & code AI. My laptop is so crappy I can only usually play with 42 to 45 bots, any more and it becomes so laggy it's unplayable. Unable to afford anything better at the moment.
Anyway without a functioning version of 3ds Max 9 I am unable to do anything. I don't quite understand how the other dev's are able to create content because afaik only 3ds Max 9 works & Autodesk dropped support of it long ago. I actually have a key # from where I worked as a CAD developer for a company years ago back when 3ds Max was MUCH cheaper, however I have gotten a new computer since then. I have an expired trial version of Max 9 currently, but when I click "register" it opens a new window then quickly closes before it loads anything. I've spent hundreds of hours trying to figure it out but there's no solution to be found. My assumption is because Max 9 is no longer supported. It's really a shame because there's a lot I could contribute for FH2.

Thank you for the reply. I'm glad you are doing work toward co-op. There are a lot of people who play FH2 Co-Op quite often, such as myself.

I got the bf2 navmesh program working on my computer now, so I can generate navmeshes. However and unfortunately my problems are now with 3dsMax 9. I've actually already generated a navmesh for Lenino 16p, but it crashes during the load screen at 15% with no error message in windowed mode probably due to islands.

I had a 30 day trial for 3dsMax 9 (I believe that's the only version BF2 tools works with) in which I spent 12hrs per day familiarizing myself with it. So I can edit navmeshes, do some animating, etc. However version 9 is no longer supported by Autodesk. They will not answer customer service questions. You cannot buy it. You cannot do anything with it if you get a new computer (like I did). Even though I have a validation key from back when I was a student, when I go to register it nothing happens. Whenever the dialog pops up saying my trial has expired I click to enter my information in + activate it, a new dialog pops up then immediately closes not even 1 second later. 
If anyone has any ideas at all as to how I can get 3dsMax 9 working again on my computer, please send me a PM. I can absolutely create navmeshes for the new Eastern Front maps as well as some of the CMP Japanese maps (I've already coded all of the CMP vehicles for AI). I already have Coop Arad, Dukla Pass, Sammatus, and Seelow Heights working on 2.53. All I need is to get the now unsupported 3dsmax 9 working again and I'll immediately get to work bringing coop to the new Eastern Front maps.
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Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Sammatus 64p Coop 2.53
« on: 01-06-2018, 23:06:12 »
It's missing trees because there's an error in the init.con code where it says "run OvergrowthOvergrowth.con".

Lol, "used". I can see it now: people buying BF2 just to be able to play FH2 then being unable to install since it came with a bad key, many PC's now do not have a disc drive. 

You AI coded all the CMP vehicles ?!  :o I intend to learn how to navmesh maps such as this as well as the new FH releases, unless others get their before me. If they don't then inevitably I will probably get time to do it but that could 6 to 12 months down the line.

Could you help with coding the other smoke grenades (I already have the American M whatever it is grenade that was provided by Maxp) ? If the FH devs don't have time to test and include this (no doubt they are resting after the last huge release!) then a non-official addon and installer could be made.
I'm sure I can definitely help. I read thru the thread about AI smoke grenades but got sort of lost with what exactly was going on. I'm assuming Maxp sent you some code through a PM and that's what I'm missing. 
I'm already very familiar with navmeshing and know how to do it, but navmesh.exe shuts down without an error message after running for a few seconds. Still trying to figure that out. Without an error to clue me in it's difficult. Once I get it working, I'll start navmeshing all of the new maps along with some of the CMP maps. 
Yep, all of the CMP vehicles + weapons I have working with AI. The Avro Lancaster, Me-262, and Bf-110 are especially fun :). I've seen bots rip enemy aircraft apart with the Me-262, and they'll bomb the sh*t out of them with the medium & heavy bombers. Also added a very nice SU-85.

I play coop as I find MP to get a little boring & tedious after 15min or so just mostly staring at the respawn screen. I can't compete with the few players who are able to achieve 60+ kills and 2 deaths. Also I have a ton of my own mods such as the MG15 which can be carried rather than just fixed, I have AI coded all of the CMP vehicles + weapons, added several custom weapons such as the M1895 Nagant, C96 Mauser, MAS-36, created dozens of custom kits, map modifications, etc. I like to play outnumbered with bots usually around 2:1 against me depending if I'm on the defending team or attacking. I'm very much hoping to see if bot support is ever made for the new EF maps. If not then once I get navmesh.exe working I'll do it myself no problem. 
Also I downloaded my copy of BF2 from that website that had it up for free for awhile, can't remember the name of it before EA shut them down. As a matter of fact was listed here on the FH2 forums & recommended by several members of this community. Is it even still possible to purchase BF2? I bought it back when it came out what...13 years ago? Lost the CD in one of my many housing moves, and as a matter of fact my current laptop doesn't even have a CD drive. Sucks it means the FH2 is going to be unable to grow since BF2 is no longer available and using pirated 13 year old software that's no longer supported is frowned upon.

I see, that's unfortunate to hear although I imagined that would be the case. Once I get a new PC perhaps I'll be able to get navmesh.exe working. This 7 year old Celeron I'm using is so slow it takes 15min just to load bf2editor. I'm surprised it can even run the lowest settings of course. 
Perhaps Darman might be interested in doing it. He did damn good on the previous EF maps. I play Seelow all the time. I may start playing multi again, though I like playing coop during the off-time, since the server is only populated for 3 or 4 hours a day. 
I'll have fun playing with the new objects anyway. Looking forward to the AVT-40 (I made one myself several months ago, though this new one looks much better), the Lahti pistol, and Ferdinand.

Hi everyone. Just curious if there will be any Coop support on the new maps when the new update is released? I read through the changelog but wasn't sure if it would be listed there. I play Coop a lot primarily so I can do my own modifications, though my current laptop won't navmesh without crashing.

Developer Blogs / Re: Polish Manor
« on: 14-02-2018, 18:02:03 »
That's just beautiful modeling and texturing my friend.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Bot Stuff
« on: 17-01-2018, 16:01:27 »
I'm working on them. It'll take some time, and not all of them will be made SP/Coop as some of the maps simply won't work with bots but I am experimenting with all of them.

Another point, don't place overgrowth in any area that random generation would cause such problems.  Place static vegetation there instead.  You can make it look better that way and it is more stable.  Certainly do this around trenches, flag zones, etc.

I agree with your statement, but several maps such as Sammatus have a ton of overgrowth surrounding trenches, flag zones, etc. anyway. Which is not any big deal now that I've learned I can adjust the draw distance manually in the .con & it won't regenerate the overgrowth ingame thus interfering with the navmesh. I just don't do any overgrowth work within the editor once I've changed the draw distance.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Bot Stuff
« on: 12-01-2018, 19:01:10 »
I've coded all of the CMP vehicles & handweapons for AI. A few things were already coded such as the Heinkel He-111 but needed some tweaking. Once I get the Navmesh software operating correctly then I will start navmeshing some of the CMP maps too. Although not all of them will be suitable for bot support for several reasons such as having too many bridges, ships, flags separated by water, and obstacles. Though I will try my best on them, some will certainly require a bit of modification as well.

Thanks for the replies. I actually didn't check if editing the Overgrowth.con manually caused the overgrowth to regenetate in-game. I just edited the .con manually, opened it in the editor, and immediately noticed the overgrowth was all wrong. Thus I figured the same would happen if it was rendered in-game but if not then that's perfect. 
As far as the Navmesh software, I'm working on navmeshing the CMP Nietjarvi map, so the capture points exist but apparently nothing else. I do have Python 2.7. But of course I realize now that I hadn't created the Strategic Areas and such first. I had read another tutorial but it was rather vague & disorganized which made me believe the navmesh was created first *then* the Strategic Areas  I'll get to work on that. Thanks for the tutorial link, looks useful. 
I'm still relatively new at BF2/FH2 modding, but as I play a lot of Coop I've wanted to learn navmeshing. I'm currently building a Berlin map which I'd like to navmesh when it's done, but before that I'm working on making some of the CMP maps SP/Coop. Besides spending about 16hrs a day mapping & using 3dsmax I've coded all of the CMP vehicles & handweapons for AI. Also made the MG15 into a deployable handweapon (like the MG34 & 42), I've ported some weapons from FH1 such as the MAS36 & MAS38. Ported a few things from BGF & BFKorea such as the Nagant revolver, C96, T-26 tank, I-16 Polikarpov, and others. Only used the models/textures. Recoded everything for FH2. IE: FH2 projectiles, deviation, zoom, recoil, reload times, vehicle physics, etc. Created some new animations too. I'm wanting to port a few BF1 things as well such as the MP18, Fedorov, and Gewehr 98.

I've noticed an issue and I'm wondering if anyone else has had it as well and/or if there's a possible fix. 
When I change the overgrowth draw distance in Overgrowth.con it causes the overgrowth to be regenerated over the entire map. Practically every tree & such ends up in a different location. This is a problem because I end up with overgrowth in trenches, roads, and clipping thru other statics. Which I could work around that by simply removing each individual tree/whatever manually however since I'm working with Coop maps it causes the overgrowth to generate all inside the navmesh, and hundreds of random holes all over the navmesh where trees/overgrowth USED to be.
It makes no difference if I edit Overgrowth.con manually or do it in the Editor. Both have the same outcome. Even if it's only a 10m difference it relocates everything. Since my laptop generally sucks I must do everything I can to keep from wasting system resources which are imperative with many bots. Sammatus for instance has a view distance of 175m, Fog draw 175m, and Overgrowth draw 250m thus overgrowth is being rendered beyond what can be seen which I imagine wastes system resources. (The particular map is irrelevant, this occurs on *all* maps.)
Also for some reason I haven't been able to get the Navmesh program to work on my PC yet. I've spent hours trying to figure it out, but when I try to create a navmesh for a particular map it just won't do it. After I input mod:fh2 then map: (map name) it runs for a few lines, automatically opens BF2Editor, then crashes. The only error msg I've ever seen has been to do with GTS directories, which I have created, however they're just empty folders as I have nothing to put in them. I'm not sure if I need to create something in BF2Editor first like AI strategic areas or what, but I haven't quite mastered SinglePlayerEditor yet. Anyway, this means I cannot create a whole new navmesh to accommodate the overgrowth draw distance issue.
Has anyone else ever experienced this overgrowth issue?

Well I haven't yet but I do have a decent few other new goodies for SP/Coop which I will be posting some screens up soon.

Such as the M1895 Nagant Revolver and Bf-110. Which I will make abundantly clear: I did not create these models/textures. The Bf-110 is of course from CMP which I did code for AI. The Nagant Revolver I had to fully re-code to fit along with the gameplay balance of FH2, and it needed to be tweaked for AI. The recoil, deviation, animation tweaking, projectile, effects, zoom, sounds, icons, well as fixing a couple CTD's. I am however working on some new models & textures of my own for the Volkssturm project :)

(Sorry for the low quality pic. My laptop isn't powerful enough to run FH2 at max on Coop without lag.)

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