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General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 26-02-2017, 10:02:25 »

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 26-02-2017, 09:02:06 »
We will get the Frenchies. Why else do we have the French skin for the Somua? And pay attention that the model is by Seth Soldier, but the GERMAN skin is made by Gurdy.

General Discussion / Re: Goodbye all.
« on: 26-02-2017, 09:02:13 »
Goodbye. May you ever rethink, we are waiting. We will miss you.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 23-02-2017, 09:02:57 »
Man, I wish I could get that for Tali.  :)
;) i've created finnish toys for your maps now it's time to give my french toys a map !

** Update **

Appears servers are back up - but restarts may continue to happen.

Hey Fh2 -

In case you are wondering World at War (WAW) is in the process of updating their servers and tools, and thus the FH2 master server may be up and down periodically.  I personally have no direct knowledge of when it will be back up and running for good.

Published on 02-16-2017 03:32 AM
When: Friday 17 February 2017
Downtime: Unknown; only told it will be Friday (host is on US East Coast time)
Affected: All game servers, TeamSpeak 3, forums, and development tools

The transfer is to even better hardware. The physical transfer should take only a matter of hours. But since it is not a clone transfer, it could take some time to complete installation of all services. Although, Wir3tap has worked miracles in the past, so... pray for him.
This article was originally published in forum thread: Server Upgrade started by [WaW]CA|Melvin View original post
Crap, I was going to play FH2.

Modding / Re: FH2 Zombies beta release! (1-19-13)
« on: 16-02-2017, 16:02:18 »
I'm interested to update the mini mod
Do it, if you have time, we are waiting patiently.

-Also I would include in CMP mostly only Italian and Pacific campaign maps as FH2 doesnt cover that areas with exeptions like Sidi Muftah,BoB or really really uniqe maps (people dont want more European or African maps as FH2 covers that and you should bring refresh to FH2)
I 100% agree with this. Some maps are simply boring, as they don't bring anything new and fresh, visually nor gameplay wise. I'm not even talking about maps that looks WIP or are bugged in some ways (substandard to FH2 stock maps). Many of them simply don't have that potential Pacific Front  has, and since it will never be a part of the official development, I think that's an area where CMP should focus. I would not mind seeing custom Eastern Front maps too.

Suggestions / Re: Make SVT-40 a choice in the spawning menu
« on: 12-02-2017, 13:02:28 »
I understand that the reason why the SVT is not in the spawning menu might be because it is thought to be uncommon. The thing is - is really was not.
Number of G43s that were build is as far as I know around 400 000 yet number of SVT-40s and AVT-40s build is around 2 000 000. That makes this gun more common than the MP40. Yet the G43 is an option in the game and SVT/AVT is not.
Production of SVTs was halted in 1942 and all Tokarev rifles produced after that were AVTs. Some of them were produced in 1944 and very few even in 1945
Although most of them were obviously produced in 1940 and 1941.
Nonetheless it was definitely a rifle that was common enough to be in the class selection screen especially considering that much less common guns are the option.
Any thoughts?
The only common kit I would see it in is the NCO kit.
Found this in the archives of the FH2 forum. It confirms my intuition:

However, this is from a very WIP build of the Eastern front, back in 2013, as the Mosin Nagants are redish, instead of the standard brown.
Sorry if I am necromancing, just wanted to point this out.

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 10-02-2017, 19:02:35 »

Thanks to Roughbeak for the info. Although it was years ago, we might see the French.
Fixed it. Sorry, I don't bother to read all of the characters in the word, Roughbeak.

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 10-02-2017, 09:02:01 »

Thanks to Roughbeak for the info. Although it was years ago, we might see the French.

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 08-02-2017, 09:02:23 »
Those telephone pole statics are awesome.

Thank you, Pyjama Shark!

To be honest, they are based off the other ones, but just some rearranging was the main work. :)
All of the new statics are amazing because of dedication and hard work from our awesome dev team!!

Dear Players,


our mappers have been hard at work to fix up the maps of the
[FHT] & [762] & [WaW] Community Map Pack.

Before we include the new version into the main server rotation on [762]RANKED #1
server, we want to give the interested players a chance to test the maps and report
things that they find (errors, bugs, crashes, ...)

You can join us by:

  • downloading and unpacking this BETA version of the CMP into your \BF2\mods folder.

  • joining [762]#3 Public Play Test.
  • leaving your feedback, as before, in this subforum.
(If you wish to continue to play with the "public/old" CMP,
make a backup copy of your FH2 folder before you install the CMP BETA.)

In case we are planning test nights, we will inform you here in the news.

Thank you for your support!

Nice, but I will wait for the full release.

Thanks, but it isn't your fault  :) . Do you know where I am supposed to go with my problem? (Link maybe?)
This should help:
I don't blame you. I call this type of activity "guerrilla warfare".

Gaming / Re: Project Reality Mod
« on: 07-02-2017, 21:02:55 »
PR has hard time with forum again...
Yep, I don't visit there often after I stumbled on a thread discusing FH2's demise. There are some fine fellows there, but I don't see them often. Also on other websites people are still discussing this.
One guy (G.Drew) wrote this:
cant wait tbh, FH2 updates are always good
Others (supahpingi) do support us:
Anybody still playing this? Would be a shame if it died
Another person (not on the PR forums) said:
The gameplay is where FH2 falls flat on its face, which is probably the biggest factor as to why FH2 servers are mostly ghost towns at most times and why only a handful of german/european servers ever seem to get populated. FH2 did little to change the arcade style gameplay of BF2, keeping all the same gameplay mechanics, making FH2 a real chore to play and offering little to no incentive to use teamwork or any kind of authentic tactics.

Most rounds of FH2 on public servers consists of spawning, running somewhere quickly and dying with 10-15 seconds, and repeat ad-nauseum. There are no medics, tons of spawn points everywhere and not much point to playing as a combined team. Most FH2 players dont use mics.

For all the hard work FH2 team has done on the visual and audio aspects of the mod, trying to make things as authentic as possible (And suceeding!) it seems that the gameplay took a backseat in the development and it definitely shows, which ultimately makes FH2 a forgettable mod

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 07-02-2017, 21:02:41 »

It is probably pre-June 1944, as part of the seawall was damaged in the bombardment, and in this one it seems intact.

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