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General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 14-03-2017, 00:03:51 »
My guess for a new weapon would be yet another one for the Finnish army.. the Lahti L39

Suggestions / Re: MP 3008?
« on: 12-03-2017, 18:03:19 »
 Excellent! ;D

Suggestions / MP 3008?
« on: 12-03-2017, 00:03:40 »
Why not adding the MP3008 for germany, to complete the list of german last ditch weapons?
Moreover it would not be too hard to modelize it as it is basically a simplified Sten.

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 25-12-2016, 17:12:45 »
Still no news? For Christmas?  :'(

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 08-09-2016, 11:09:32 »
Humm.. very nice WIP map pictures  ;)

But you can also post Ogledow pictures, if someone doesn't want to see it, well he can just turn his head away  :P

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 08-09-2016, 01:09:11 »
Shall I post some WIP map pictures?

Of course, you can..

Suggestions / Re: Bullet sounds
« on: 04-09-2016, 16:09:22 »
Well, to be more precise i thought of a sound like this one : (skip to 3:00). It is a short and more "violent" sound.

Suggestions / Bullet sounds
« on: 04-09-2016, 01:09:13 »
Just a thought, when a bullet comes near the player, shouldn't the "crack" sound be louder than it is now? It would also be more stressful for the "victim".

Suggestions / Daimler Armoured Car Western Front skin
« on: 19-06-2016, 19:06:55 »
In order to get more diversity  for Villers Bocage map, you could add the Daimler Armoured Car for the British team, with the appropriate skin as some did participate as part of the 11th Hussars of the 7th Armoured Division.

Bardia / Re: Bardia 64
« on: 16-06-2016, 13:06:28 »
Near the City Hospital I found this pottery that will never fall (why?!!  :'( ) and floating bricks. Also what about deleting german inscriptions on ammo boxes and barrels to give a less "german feel" of this italian base?

Sidi Bou Zid / Re: Sidi Bou Zid 64
« on: 14-06-2016, 12:06:50 »
Hi, I noticed this next to the AA gun at Kampfgruppe Reimann position :

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