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762 has a beautiful website - link.

Do other servers have anything like it? Currently, [Russian Hope]RANKED #1 FH2.55 [100p] is the most populated, are the stats from it going to be lost?

General Discussion / Re: FH Game Night 23
« on: 17-02-2019, 19:02:18 »
Hype! This is actually almost exactly the list I voted for - with that exception that I preferred Arad over Oglendoov.

Also, both Pegasus & Ihantala, so incredible.

Developer Blogs / Re: The road to Prokhorovka New Update
« on: 13-02-2019, 23:02:46 »
So hyped when saw this topic. Then look at the OP, see 2012...


Announcements / Re: Motovskiy - public map test
« on: 13-02-2019, 23:02:20 »
Even Berlin? Oh my! Is that CMP map going to be as photorealistic as the original ones tend to be?

Ogledow / Re: Ogledow 64
« on: 01-06-2018, 02:06:00 »
Is it true that the map has proved out to be skewed towards the Soviets? Or is there still hope left that Germans will learn how to do the final push?

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 02-04-2018, 10:04:07 »
Alright, this screenshot is not from the game but from the website.

...Boy next door in the dungeon...Dungeon Master...that's amazing

Suggestions / Re: Tomphson M1's sight problems
« on: 04-03-2018, 17:03:38 »
There will be a way to switch between iron sights for the scoped G43 (and some other rifles) by pressing Q. Could be relevant.

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 04-03-2018, 17:03:08 »
I've just had a few ideas to make Seelow cooler! And no, neither has flying saucers!

1. Add hanging traitors' corpses to the streets of Seelow! You know, those with the signs "Ich bin ein Feigling" (could only find from the movie)?

2. Could you add a few bikes? There are quite a few on Sfakia, and I think, they would fit the atmosphere of Seelow!

I wonder what category the stream will be under? Battlefield 2?

This is insane news! I'm curious about how many viewers there'll be! FH2 has literally no presence on Twitch. So weird to watch a FH2 stream ^^

Also, the plural, "maps," sounds really exciting! Bring them all! All of them! For our eyes to feast on!

Is there an estimated release date for the next patch?
No. There never is. It will be released when it's ready

But this map has been in the works for like two years at least. What's the point of announcing it now without announcing a date?

Also, is the update going to coincide with the changes to the Dukla pass?

By the way, it's cool to remember that the Finland map with planes from the conspiracies thread is still somewhere there. Ogledow proved out to be a pleasant surprise.

General Discussion / A hilarious mistake on the website
« on: 17-01-2018, 03:01:17 »
The Alpenfestung page says Germans have aircraft called Sturmpanzer IV "Brummb?r" and Type 95 Kurogane "Black Medal".

Both are not aircraft, and one is not even German lol.

They have to be changed to Arado Ar-234 and Messerschmitt Me-163.

General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope Youtube
« on: 13-12-2017, 00:12:02 »
On the topic of the YouTube channel, a long time ago you showed the Dukla rework (with the fifth flag in the south), is it still going to come to our servers?

General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope 2: State of the Game
« on: 25-11-2017, 06:11:30 »
EA shut down Battlefield Revive. No downloads from there anymore. You can remove it from Getting BF2 nowadays.

Will they look at PRthing after?

Ahahah, I didn't know that! It's incredible! On the other hand, I wouldn't blame EA, I would blame the lazy developers that gave in. The same was about Nostalrius in WoW - no private server cared about C&D letters, yet they did and shut themselves down.

I do hope that 762 aren't this defeatist. FH2 has been around for a decade. Betraying it now would be quite disgusting.

Inb4 EA try to shut down Pixel-Fighter because they reach 25 players online xD

Montoya and FH1 are long gone so I'm not sure if stolen models are still seen as a crime.

Wait, doesn't a Pixel-Fighter server with 26 concurrent players count as alive?

There are two proper air war maps in FH2, namely, CMP Battle of Britain and CMP Bombing the Reich. By that I mean they are completely centred around aerial warfare where one side's planes come to bomb the enemy's targets, and the enemy fighters get off the airfields to challenge them, and face the escort fighters, and that's all accompanied by the tracer rounds from the ground (and even sea-based!) anti-air guns!

Why are such maps so rare and seemingly unpopular? Do people hate flying? Does it become boring too fast? Are they imbalanced in favour of some particular side?

After all, I can't even name a computer game that captures this fantasy! The closest is War Thunder, but it can't be compared with its pitiful 24 or 32 player maps! And with its disgusting 3d person view. FH2 is 1st person and it can support 80, 90, even 100 people on the server! It's incontestable, yet these maps barely see play! Why?

Some epic moments from BoB and BtR (FH1). And the tracer rounds going into the night sky!

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