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Last night I played Omaha beach multiplayer on the German team, and while attempting to jump on top of some pallets I got stuck between them. Americans appeared, but no matter how much they shot at me I took no damage, although the blood decal was showing. I was able to shoot from this position, but not get hit myself. I managed to get intentionally stuck again in singleplayer.

Here's an image. It's just south-east of Vierville:

Announcements / Re: Motovskiy - public map test
« on: 16-02-2019, 19:02:50 »
Oof, 1GB to download. Estimated time 4 hours  :'( Should have done this earlier.

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 05-12-2018, 23:12:31 »
A tired American soldier after a hard fight.

Announcements / Re: The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.54
« on: 21-10-2018, 20:10:57 »

Do you have a link to your post?

I was an extra recently in a series about Norwegian front fighters. The scenes we did were supposed to take place in Russia (on the Finnish border I think). Lots of running and explosions. Sadly we didn't get to shoot blanks, but all in all a fun experience. Funnily enough playing a corpse was the hardest part. Releasing in Norway next year and I believe it's sold to other countries.

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 12-06-2018, 21:06:42 »
I've asked this before, but I thought I'd throw it out there again; is it possible with the BF2 engine to give points for giving other players ammo etc, like with repairs and spotting?

Announcements / Re: The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.53
« on: 23-05-2018, 00:05:18 »
Fortnite has absorbed my time, but it looks like it's back to FH2  8)

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 09-02-2018, 20:02:28 »
Pushed the AT to the bridge, had the Tiger in my sights, fired, hit sandbags in front and killed 3 teammates. Didn't have AP rounds equipped. Felt the shame.

Funnily enough the only game I still play. Cheers  ;D

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 11-11-2017, 01:11:17 »
This probably has been asked before, but would it be possible to code it so you get points for supplying ammo to teammates? Like with spotting and repairing vehicles?

General Discussion / Re: A New Dawn, A FH2 Campaign
« on: 19-05-2017, 22:05:49 »
Sucks that the updater gets stuck because of lack of seeds, so nothing I really can do  :'(

Looks great! Good to have updates back  8)

General Discussion / Re: The Players of FH2
« on: 23-04-2017, 21:04:54 »
Just wanted to say I had a lot of fun playing in a squad yesterday with Hetzenhauser(?) and Jobabb and some others.

General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope Youtube
« on: 21-04-2017, 17:04:09 »

The great Infantery vs. Tank Combat  in Fh2 is why i love this game     

You're Ornstein?? You're one mean machine. The amount of times I've been killed by you!

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