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Modding / Re: CMP vehicles into non-CMP maps?
« on: 24-11-2017, 17:11:30 »
Try changing the Me262 to 20mm.  I know we had problems with that 30mm in the past.

Modding / Re: CMP vehicles into non-CMP maps?
« on: 22-11-2017, 17:11:40 »
I tried to put the me262 on coop Totalize just to see if you were missing some simple step.  I put it in both the GPO and the assemble xml.
I got this error when trying to enter it:
"Text: you tried to enter a vehicle that is not prepared for use with AI: me262"

You should run in "windowed mode" if you are going to mess around with this game.  You will get helpful error messages.

Modding / Re: CMP vehicles into non-CMP maps?
« on: 22-11-2017, 05:11:09 »
You didn't say it was coop.
I think it has to be coded to interact with AI, otherwise the bots would notice it, etc.  That must be why you are getting the crash when you enter.
Maybe it is easy to code a plane.  Are there planes in coop?  I never play it.
I don't think you will ever get a ship to work.

~edit  I don't have the coop Seelow since that is custom.
I'm looking at the GPO of Hurtgen coop and I notice that they activesafe the vehicles at the top of it like:
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject m4a3
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1
Maybe you forgot to do that step.
As for the client and server archives.  I just added the two lines about noise and texture to the cmp client archives and then added/replaced the cmp archive into the server zip.  That should work unless the custom coop guy changed them.

Modding / Re: CMP vehicles into non-CMP maps?
« on: 22-11-2017, 03:11:39 »
You are doing it wrong.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: FH2 Launcher on Mac? (Help!)
« on: 21-11-2017, 18:11:43 »
Maybe your windows version isn't patched.

Modding / Re: CMP vehicles into non-CMP maps?
« on: 21-11-2017, 18:11:55 »
No need to transfer it into the mod.  Just copy the ClientArchives.con and ServerArchives.con from inside the server zip of any cmp map.  Put them in the server zip of your map.  That way your map runs the CMP minimod.

Modding / Re: FH2 Modding Q&A
« on: 20-11-2017, 02:11:07 »
hmmm...  I think that is between detailed textures on the terrain.  I usually get that early when making a map.  Either generating low detail map or putting a quick (low) terrain lightmap on gets rid of that, makes UG work right and fixes some other weird problems.  I always do both after adding the first texture and colormaps to a new map.  Later you should remove those trenches and things before your final terrain lightmap.

General Discussion / Re: Faustpatrone still ingame?
« on: 14-11-2017, 18:11:23 »
You teamlock vehicles with:  ObjectTemplate.teamOnVehicle 1
If you are using the editor there is a box to tick.

When changing kits, make sure you do it exactly like the others in those files.  the .tmp is the most complicated.  People forget to add .inc at the end.  You may even need to add lines the the ***Kitsets*** and ***kitspawners***.  If you pack the map with the script, it usually fixes this file.
Mapdata is usually just for setting limits.  You might skip that until you get it working.  Just delete the line for the slot, slot 5 I think.

This is usefull for figuring out crash causes:

Bug Reporting / Re: American Panther spotted!
« on: 05-11-2017, 17:11:38 »
Did it look like this?

I guess there is some historical accuracy to hip fire MGs but aimed shoulder fire, come on!  I don't know why this guy is asking to hip fire AT rifles.  You could never hit anything like that.

General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope 2: State of the Game
« on: 01-11-2017, 03:11:03 »
IMO, one shouldn't concern themselves with K/D, not for themselves or others.  It places limits on this great sandbox game.  As a high ping player, I never try to out shoot people.  I always concentrated on sneaking into flag zones when I first started playing.  That wins rounds and is very satisfying.  I also like to hunt tanks with satchels or man the same AT gun for 30 mins, constantly repairing it.  People should think about what they are contributing to the team goals.  In a way I feel bad for the aces, rifle, plane, etc.  There are much better games for their specialized skills.  This game is great for people who are mediocre at everything.

Though there are cheaters who come and go, it is the campers who really kill the game for everyone.  This is more of a problem on stock maps rather than the custom ones despite what is said above.  The push code limits the routes and options and is the perfect set up for someone who has played for years sit in the right spot and rack up kills.  Any camping problems on custom maps can be fixed in a few months if reported correctly.

General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope 2: State of the Game
« on: 30-10-2017, 03:10:08 »
You could mention the only active tournament at

If 2142 works the same as FH2 you have to have these models fully extracted in to an objects folder you make inside the mod folder.  It has to have both the client, texture, and sever files.  Of course you need a staticobjects.con in the fully extracted map.  You may also need to look at mod manager after you have loaded up the editor.  There are boxes you tick to tell it what to load.  You have to restart the editor after that.

Coop is going to be a different loadout.  I don't think the actual "singleplayer" mode works at all in FH2.
they probably removed the MGs because the bots either don't use them or are OP with them.

You can do Raid on Cabanatuan too.
I will have a bit of an update soon but it shouldn't affect nav-meshing much.
The map probably works better with bots anyway.

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