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Bug Reporting / Re: Commander bug
« on: 09-12-2017, 16:12:52 »
a few patches ago it was changed so commanders get points not kills when they kill with commander arty

Bug Reporting / Re: Commander bug
« on: 08-12-2017, 15:12:10 »
our right kills with commander arty will give you points, indirect kills ie the arty blows up a jeep and then the jeep blowing up kills a person will give you kills

General Discussion / Re: The Players of FH2
« on: 03-07-2017, 12:07:30 »
practice practice and a good set of 7.1 dolby headphones

General / Re: 762 servers
« on: 25-01-2017, 21:01:54 »
is there a way to punish players who die with in 100m of a uncappable flag in similar way you get minus points for teamkills ?

FH2 Help / Support / Re: reset password
« on: 17-10-2016, 21:10:50 »
tryed but not success thanks for the suggestion though

FH2 Help / Support / reset password
« on: 16-10-2016, 17:10:21 »
is there a way to reset or recover my fh2 log in password, had a power cut early and when rebooted the password field had changed and i can not rember my old password

Suggestions / Re: aa gun precision and damage
« on: 28-08-2014, 16:08:04 »
In game the problem is not accuracy or damage. The problem is the pilots know where every gun is.  adding more guns or making a battery system where you control multiple less accurate guns but have a harder central batttery is only way to stop them being over powered against aircraft and yet still provide cover

best way to deal with idiots is to screen shot, lots of screen shots help prove its not just a one of
if you have a particular problem that drives you mad, make a post on the servers forums.  If enough people complain something may get sorted

something to note about this thread, Korsakov829 you where nothing but trouble on hslan for being one of the smacktards being mentioned

things to note about screen shots, whilst it does show the players being kicked, it doenst show if they had been warned before about attacking uncaps, one player is clearing entering allied last flag maybe the others had been near it to and its taken him time to scroll through chat log to see who was there believe me that can take some time and effort to work out if you have certain settings enable on gfx card and type out the kicks now most of the ones kicked are not problem players but ever the best players can get caught up and attack the wrong flag hence the kicks not bans,

you will also note another none admin player calling for them to be dealt with so maybe they had done something a few minutes before?, and if it had been hectic battle with people being idiots mistakes get made and some admins are more likely to kick than others due to differing views on what actions are worse or not

graf as admin on hslan and now 762 these days there is no real difference apart from different rules between the two servers

skype is a major cause of this for me

General Discussion / Re: New Player Issues/Questions
« on: 21-08-2012, 12:08:50 »
he was kicked for shooting at team mates in planes and killing the pilot for a plane

General Discussion / Re: 130 Player Server back online!
« on: 18-08-2012, 18:08:59 »
thanks for the update nems1s, if you give a post when a fix is out will try and get people to populate it again

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 10-08-2012, 00:08:55 »
they have found out about our secret dr evil map quick to the space rocket!

General Discussion / Re: Where is HSLAN
« on: 08-08-2012, 21:08:46 »
ive posted on out internal forums to see can find out why so unstable

General Discussion / Re: 128 player test - no lag!
« on: 08-08-2012, 19:08:55 »
nemes1s is the code going to be released for all servers to use if succesfull?

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