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FH2 Help / Support / Re: Ranking for server
« on: 19-10-2019, 11:10:00 »
We can't help you, FH2 does not provide ranking at the moment, that part is server side and 762 community developed thier own raking system (they don't want to share btw)

Modding / Re: FH2 Modding Q&A
« on: 16-10-2019, 13:10:42 »
Instead of changing index in the existing weapons duplicate them with altered index and add only the new weapons you created in your kit to be sure they don’t cause the issue in other kits that can be used on the map. If you created new kit you want to use rather than editing existing one, you need to load it in the tmp.con or init.con in your map folder, I’m not sure, check how it’s done on other maps (those files are in the server.rar)

Modding / Re: FH2 Modding Q&A
« on: 16-10-2019, 10:10:42 »
You can use any index as long as there is no other weapon in the kit using it already. Be sure your kit uses proper weapons with changed indexes. There is no reason for it not to work.

Modding / Re: FH2 Modding Q&A
« on: 15-10-2019, 19:10:35 »
I'm not sure what are you trying to achieve, but weapons can only have 1 index to work, separate tweak file technically means a separate weapon, which usually is a copy of the existing one only with altered index (Index is weapon slot in your weapon selection menu). For example, side arms like pistols have index 2 by default, but there are also -i3.tweak files for alternative version of some of them, to be used in a kits where pistol/revolver is your main weapon (mostly AT kits). For example, in the bazooka or panzerschrek kit, your side arm is weapon #3 (index 3), but support class with MG will use other tweak file with pistol being weapon #2 (index 2). If you create a kit in which there will be more than 1 weapon referring to the same index number, your game will crash.

Forum is nearly dead nowadays, it's better to ask stuff like that on our Discord where more people hang out.

Suggestions / Re: Shooting with equipped bayonet
« on: 12-10-2019, 08:10:21 »
But my suggestion unfortunately didn't impress any dev enough to bother implementing it.  :(
It's not about impressing anyone, it's about convincing someone into doing something that will probably take few hours of his free time for a super little gain, while everyone on this small team has already multiple task and projects to work on. Melee is just bad in BF2 engine unfortunately.

Singleplayer is not being developed anymore.

Suggestions / Re: More Public Events Needed.
« on: 27-09-2019, 17:09:37 »
Why won't you just join Discord and be up to date with FH2 and its community? Forums like this are relics of the past.

Also this:
You're the public, so if you want it then you can organize it.
But of course you just want to seat there and do nothing, while others will invest their free time in things that may please you.

It kinda bothers me when the devs are willing to compromise on these cosmetic issues but when we ask for firing MGs in standing position it's a no go because "it would look stupid"   ::)
There is no issue here tho, since you can't fire while sprinting, and the mentioned "bug" is only visible when release your sprint button and hip fire in a split second (who does that? you won't hit shit). When you stop running shifting animation (from one hand to normal) is being played automatically, when you aim, aiming animation is being played obviously, and aiming down the sights from one handed position isn't all that difficult in real life either. You can do that in "split second" if you practice and German soldiers were supposed to be trained to do that.  ;)

General / Re: Nerf Panzer III!
« on: 16-09-2019, 20:09:23 »
Actually, there is a PzKpfw III Ausf. F with 2.Panzer-Division insignia but it's not featured in any map(??), except on the North Africa firing range.
I don't think that panzer was intended to be there, if it is on any map, it might be on Mt. Olympus, but as far as I'm aware it's not coded correctly, but even if it's done properly, it's still too much for the Boys Rifle to chew :D

General / Re: Nerf Panzer III!
« on: 16-09-2019, 18:09:59 »
PIII in FH2 can take several at rifle hits even from the side, while bazookas and panzerfausts destroy big tanks in one hit, its proof of the PIII being op.
Btw, this proves nothing, but your lack of knowledge on the subject again.

Panzerfaust, yes. It can 1s1k any tank for most of the time (penetration up to 220mm, but effective range limited to only 30m). Though it reached battlefield only in mid 1943 and was never used in North Africa, where British still used their AT rifles until the end of the campaign due to lack of any better AT weapons.

Bazooka on the other hand wasn't all that great when first introduced, it first saw combat in North Africa (early M1 Bazooka can be seen on Sidi Bou Zid map) and it could penetrate up to 75mm of armour, but due to how HEAT projectiles work, spaced aplique armour or simple shurtzen could prevent it from penetrating otherwise vulnerable sides of german tanks. So no, Bazooka is in most of the cases not enough to destroy big tanks in one hit, definitely not a Tiger I which it can barely damage.

General / Re: Nerf Panzer III!
« on: 16-09-2019, 18:09:09 »
Ed: PzKpfw III Ausf. F appears to be missing from the vehicles list
There is indeed no Panzer III F in FH2. All variants we have are even better armoured, with the earliest currently portrayed in the game being the early Ausf J model with 20mm side armour, and frontal and rear armour increased from 30 to 50mm + extra 20mm of aplique armor on late variant (50 + 20 is 70 btw, I did the math)
Boys AT rifle could pierce up to 18mm, do the math
I'm still correct. Sorry for calling you to read a book, all you needed is actually a Wikipedia page.

So my suggestion is to bring back the old K98 3rd person animation (and if its desirable for the developers and players, the 1st person animation too, for the animations to match).
It is not desired.

General / Re: Nerf Panzer III!
« on: 11-09-2019, 16:09:28 »
Nerf Panzer III, the other day I was shooting it in the ass with an anti-tank rifle and threw sticky bombs at it but it refused to die!
I was told before that it's normal for the Sherman to deflect anti-tank rifle shots to the ass, which I still doubt to be true mind you, but the Panzer III too? c'mon! I refuse to believe it.
Armor values in FH2 are based on the real thing and Panzer III is actually better armored than Panzer IV for example, just like it was in real life. Panzer IIi's rear armor is better than its side armor (when it's usually not the case on other tanks) and AT rifles were mostly obsolete already in 1941. Not to mention that sticky bomb was pretty much improvised anti tank weapon introduced in case of possible German invasion on the British Islands expected in 1940. It was dangerous to use and not very effective.

You refuse to believe it? Who cares, you may believe in Earth being flat if you want to, but I suggest reading a book.

Announcements / Re: Duck Hunt - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 03-09-2019, 17:09:38 »
I see Ivancic1941's point. The wartime camouflage on Sotkas (sans the test vehicles) was probably darker and the lighter patterns were applied more sparingly in thinner stripes.
Your point has literally nothing to do with what Ivancic said. He mentioned no camo.

Modding / Re: Thompson m1a1 reload animation
« on: 03-09-2019, 17:09:13 »
Awesome animation, hope your work can be included on the next update.
It will ;)

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