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This is something I should have asked a long time ago,but as I really need to free some HD space and I recently found out I can't play BF2 anymore (not even SP),I wonder if I could uninstall it,as FH2 seems to be "detached" from the game (doesn't need Gamespy to run and haves some own settings).

Off-Topic / Re: The Great Football thread
« on: 01-12-2016, 02:12:19 »
The plane that was carrying Brazilian team Chapecoense to face Nacional in Medellín, Colombia, ahead of the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana Final..., crashed leaving all but three players dead, two crew members and one journalist also survived but some are in critical condition. Just 5km away from the City, Chape's dreams ended in the worst way possible.

Chapecoense is a relatively small team in Brazil, not particularly popular. They gained attention after having an amazing run in the Copa Sudamericana (South American version of the Europa League, for context) by eliminating seven times Copa Libertadores Champions Independiente and San Lorenzo, tough clubs to face in such cup. They were going to face Nacional de Medellín (Copa Libertadores Champions) in Colombia...

They join Torino's four-times Scudetti champions squad who all died in 1949 (which Torino never really fully recovered), the Busby Babes of Manchester United who died in 1958 and the Zambia National Football Team of 1994 African Cup of Nations who died in a plane crash.

"If I should die today, I would be happy", Caio Junior, coach of the Chapecoense team said that when departing for Santa Cruz, Bolivia, before heading for Medellín...


Heard someone commenting about a plane accident yesterday,but I thought it was something old. Just when I managed to take a look at my cellphone I realized that the plane carrying the entire Chapecoense team had crashed. It's really bad,they were finally at their apogee,probably the farthest they have ever reached,and that thing happened... IDK what will be of the Sudamericana title,if it will really go to Chapecoense as Atlético Nacional abdicated from it,but nobody knows what Conmebol will do.

Right now there's a large tribute happening at Medellin's stadium,were they would be playing tonight.
May the passengers rest in peace and Chapecoense have a fast recovery. Força Chape!

Gaming / Re: Pokémon GO
« on: 10-09-2016, 05:09:27 »
Still havent tried that game,so I'm still figuring out how it works. At first,I thought it was only about capturing Pokemons,but as people started talking about gyms,I guess you can battle as well. Would it be a sort of Pokémon Yellow in "real life"?

Off-Topic / Re: The Great Football thread
« on: 04-07-2016, 03:07:07 »
All the teams I was supporting lost. I think I will have a DNA test to prove that Mick Jagger is my father.

The penalties yesterday were the most f'ed up moment of the match. I thought I was watching a rugby match. Last time I've seen so many players missing at penalties was at Boca Juniors match at Libertadores.

Off-Topic / Re: The Great Football thread
« on: 29-06-2016, 01:06:46 »
Yes,England took the Brexit way too serious. The welsh,scots and norn irons must be still having a very hard time trying to stop laughing.

What happened to Argentina,and much more specifically to Messi,was tragic. Seeing his desolation was bad,but hearing he saying he quits was far worse. I really hope he reconsider what he said.
TBH,I was never a Messi fan (nor anti-fan),but preferred him over Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo. But seeing him score that goal against the US,sending the ball to a spot in the goal where more than 90% of the players will very likely miss,that caught my attention. He is not a slightly better player that people and ads hype to the infinite. He really haves talent.

And argentinians shouldn't be pissed with their national team. Brazil must. In less than 20 years we descended from WC champions and most feared squad in the world to the laughing stock that felt "avenged" from the 2014 WC humiliation by scoring 7 goals on Haiti. All our players know is to take selfies,appearing on ads and having their egos bloated by the TV. At max,they can play at their clubs,but can't play at the national at all,because they feel they're "too good for this s...".

Off-Topic / Re: Revolting Uniting
« on: 25-06-2016, 01:06:03 »
I guessed that if Bretons voted Quit,Scots would be like this:

Turned out to be right:

Off-Topic / Re: The Great Football thread
« on: 25-06-2016, 01:06:13 »
I started supporting the boys in green since the 2012 Euro. They won't go very far,but the party they make at group stage is comparable only to a few teams that won the WC.

Damn,another team I was supporting was Sweden,and I had hopes they would beat Belgium with Ibra. He didn't score,but Belgium did. His career is over now. I've saw swedish jerseys with his name and number at souvenir shops while on Sweden,but couldn't find any other than children's size. :-(

Off-Topic / Re: The Great Football thread
« on: 22-06-2016, 06:06:53 »
I'm late,but,whatever.

That Brazil x Peru match. I didn't have high expectations on Brazil at all,but the "La Mano de Díos" remake was,at least,outrageous. Not that Brazil would beat Peru if that didn't happen,but Ruidias deserved a red card for that.

Chile x Mexico was expected to be an even match,with a few goals,maybe from both sides. Instead,Chile mauled Mexico in front of thousands of appalled mexican supporters. There was a report of people calling La Roja "Chilemanha" (Chilermany).

Argentina is doing very well,specially Messi. I remember well that not long ago,when Messi was with Argentina,he couldn't play 10% of his football as when he was at Barcelona.

Trying to watch the Euro,but the matches are happening at schedules that I'm busy. Fortunately,there's a channel (not paid) here that is broadcasting all the matches (or almost all) and is not unusual to see a bar or a bakery with a TV on,so I can have a glance at the matches.

Off-Topic / Re: The Great Football thread
« on: 09-06-2016, 07:06:42 »
Anyone watching Copa America? Torenico?

Off-Topic / Re: Revolting Uniting
« on: 19-04-2016, 05:04:39 »
Yesterday was the most bizarre day ever in brazilian history.

Gaming / Re: Creating a game?
« on: 29-01-2016, 04:01:55 »
Probably I am thinking at something too large. A multiplayer FPS for example.

Gaming / Creating a game?
« on: 17-01-2016, 04:01:57 »
Hello all. Just gathered some courage to ask something very uncommon here,as many from the FH community worked/works with modding.

How hard/costly it is to make a game nowadays? More specifically,how hard is this task for someone that have barely no skills,just ideas of how the game should be?

Gaming / Re: Battlefield: Korea
« on: 08-01-2016, 23:01:47 »
Was actually thinking at something else rather than a mod...

Gaming / Re: Battlefield: Korea
« on: 02-01-2016, 20:01:24 »
I need to find SeRig or Zefan. I've had an idea.

Gaming / Re: FinnWars - WW2 Multiplayer FPS
« on: 20-12-2015, 03:12:43 »
Mmm... Anti-air guns and airplanes. Would that work at UE? A map with tanks/infantry/aircraft,just like the good ol' BF42 (or FinnWars more specifically) but with modern graphics,sounds and complex physics and movements?

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