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Off-Topic / Just saying hello
« on: 24-05-2017, 06:05:27 »
Howdy folks. I haven't played or looked at this mod since around 2007ish, but I am really happy it is still alive! I am hoping to see some more full servers when I figure out the best times and also to figure out  how not to get shot so much. Mod looks awesome, kudos to the latest devs for keeping it going!

Aside from being such a n00b I cant stay in-game, and spam my own threads, I posted this in the wrong forum--should have been in FH2 support, not 0.7.

I am keep ending up in the Main Menu during games, kind of as if I had hit the Esc key. Hitting the Esc key doesn't always take me right back--clicking the main menu seems to help. Could this be due to having more than one display attached, like maybe the OS has concluded I clicked outside of the game? Just wondering if this is a known issue. Otherwise I need to experiment more, I guess.

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