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Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 23-07-2013, 10:07:50 »
Unlike BF2 in FH2.45 knife, bayonet and gun more effective weapons as often the enemy has a rifle in close combat if you do not hit with a rifle need some time to recharge it.
During this time, there is a good chance to shoot the enemy with a gun or a knife or bayonet stab.

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 23-07-2013, 10:07:41 »
In close combat, bayonet very effektivnoek weapons because they can be used more than once reloading rifle

General Discussion / Shut off CD-Key servers
« on: 17-07-2013, 10:07:39 »
I live in Ukraine (former republic of the Soviet Union)
We have almost all the game server BattleField 2 and mods do not ask CD-Key.
Server VBIOS #1 FH2 2.45 | UA-RU | RANKED also requires CD-Key.
Many players of the former USSR like to play Forgotten Hope, but they do not want to buy CD-Key.
They do not mind the money, they have a principle not to buy anything that just comes to games, applications, programs, etc.
Sorry, but this mentality 99 % of the citizens of the former Soviet Union.
How to relate to this in Europe and other countries?
How to relate to this administration server 762?
762 server, the most Filled server and many players would like to play Forgotten Hope, but do not have CD-Key, a play on the servers where the optional CD-Key, but few players do not want.

Sorry for bad english - I use a translator

Bug Reporting / Re: Bug or Ping
« on: 02-07-2013, 23:07:37 »
It looks like they left the tank and the explosion of the tank killed them and not the rocket. This happens very often.

As BattleField 2 when you get into the tank and other vehicles and explosion kills infantry then counted  murder

Bug Reporting / Bug or Ping
« on: 01-07-2013, 20:07:11 »
I doubt that ping (ping me on VBIOS lately is great), but still not a single case that vrazhina vylazet with technology, I am fitted to vehicles with a bazooka.
Tech explodes vrazhina die, and I do not frag count.
It was such at someone?

It would be interesting to see what interesting banners and other promotional pictures are for fashion ?
This banner came up and I did using the frame with this video

The idea of such a video is nice but there is alot of stuff missing. Just take a look at the vehicles section
and you get an idea of the whole amount of vehicles in this game. There are far over 100 different vehicles in this mod and you could show much more airplanes, AA guns, naval vehicles and what not. Ofcourse this is only a suggestion and how you make such a video is up to you. But if you call it "Almost all the vehicles" it is a bit misleading and doesn't give enough justice to the whole amount of work that went in to this project IMO.

So take a look at here:

Maybe make a new video with alot more additional stuff (you can still use the old scenes). Could be good adverstising for this mod and I very much appreciate the effort.  ;)

Ok. Do normal sound and add more Vehicles


Dear players, please specify which you have criticism of the video.
Which of the weapons need to add?
May be necessary to remove any fragments of a video?


Dear players, please specify which you have criticism of the video.
Which of the weapons need to add?
May be necessary to remove any fragments of a video?

General Discussion / Re: Show us your FH2/FH1 Videos
« on: 01-02-2013, 00:02:20 »
My most productive fight as infantry against enemy infantry ;

Incendiary mixture (Molotov cocktails) in fashion Forgotten Hope 2.45 does very little damage to Tiger.
Offered in the Eastern Front to greater damage.

Some of those bazookas supplied under Lend-Lease U.S. allies in the coalition, and if English is not high rated this weapon and not used in combat, the Soviet Union, he was immediately found application. Just before the Red Army received 9,000 bazookas at the end of 1942.  In the years that supplies were not made, so the latest model of the German armor had to contend with anti-tank guns, anti-tank grenades (although quite powerful) and petrol bombs. Fire as tools that can effectively destroy tanks at a distance, but not in close combat, the Red Army had been received. And therefore had to rely on the remnants of the Soviet infantry from the party of American bazookas, small number of British "Piata" well and captured "Pantsershrekami" and "Faustpatronami" (the latter, by the way, used so readily that General V.Chuykov jokingly suggested to rename the weapons in "Ivan chuck").

will there be a set of hand weapons Soviet Soldier included U.S. weapons Lend Lease ?


There's already US Studebaker in the Russian vehicle section to answer your question.

I want to clarify for infantry and small arms components from the Corps ?

U.S. weapons Lend Lease in the Red Army on the Eastern Front . Will be in FH2  ?

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