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Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 24-07-2019, 23:07:13 »
Is it possible to add a blur affect from high explosives landing near by or hitting vehicles?  I've never been in a Sherman under fire, but Im pretty sure if a 75mm hit the hull my ears would ring and I would probably shut my eyes for a few seconds.  Maybe the screen could go dark for like two seconds and a ringing sound plays too.  Something similar could happen if a building is shot.  Right now infantry can hide in the indestructible buildings and have no fear of high explosions (unless it comes in the window).  It would take some testing to figure how far away the blast should take a, but I think it would add to the game play.  It would allow tanks and grenades to better "suppress" the enemy.

Can't download the google link.

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 20-03-2019, 09:03:42 »
I feel like this would be fun.

Off-Topic / Slow Mo
« on: 05-03-2019, 04:03:04 »

It would appear the latest update is broken.  After investigating I released that the installer didn't ask for a key code nor did it install punkbuster.  I copied the 2.52 installer from my PC to hers and it installed just fine.

Edit: Well I lied, the installer did its thing, installed fine, asked for a key code, installed punkbuster, updated to 2.53, click play, get a black screen and COD again.

So I tried to install this on my fiancies PC and the game won't start.  The installer does its thing, I click the desktop icon, and click play on the pop up the screen goes black then COD.  Anyone else have this problem or know any solutions?

Any chance that Seelow will get the ISU-152 and the Luftfaust B added?  I really want to destroy some bots with the Luftfaust.

Seelow Heights / Re: Seelow Heights 64
« on: 05-11-2018, 04:11:59 »
There is no coop.
Must be no official version?  I just played CO-OP today.

Seelow Heights / Re: Seelow Heights 64
« on: 04-11-2018, 18:11:23 »
Can the Luftfaust B and the ISU 152 be added to the COOP.

Lenino / Re: Lenino 32
« on: 26-10-2018, 17:10:44 »
in COOP the AI automatically die if they spawn at he northern flag.  I can't remember the name starts with a P just north of the hill.  this was for the poles, I have not tried the germans.

Arad / Re: Arad 64
« on: 26-10-2018, 17:10:44 »
The lighting/shadows are broken after the 2.54 update in COOP anyways.

Announcements / Re: The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.54
« on: 21-10-2018, 22:10:40 »
Nice and on my Bday

General Discussion / Re: Cant join 762 #1 server
« on: 18-10-2018, 20:10:28 »
How can i be banned when I haven't even played on that account?
so you can't easily avoid your ban ;)
But I don't even know why im banned.  I see on the 762 forum it says it could be due to a CD key?  So how do I do that, uninstall the game and reinstall?

General Discussion / Cant join 762 #1 server
« on: 18-10-2018, 18:10:27 »
So I haven't played in a long time and I go to get on the 762 server and it says im banned?  So i make a new account and that ones banned too.  How can i be banned when I haven't even played on that account?

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