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General Discussion / Re: Would you remove any maps?
« on: 15-02-2017, 19:02:17 »
I wouldn't remove any map. Me <3 Devs

Developer Blogs / Re: Firing Range
« on: 10-01-2017, 11:01:30 »
Cool stuff!

Weren't there talk about FH2 boot camp map in the past?

Looking forward to test this!

Developer Blogs / Re: Designing Forgotten Hope 2 Maps
« on: 04-12-2016, 19:12:19 »
Nice devblog!

I would love to start mapping again, and if, more from a designers perspective.
When i did maps in the past I focused on the players perspective - a misstake you talked about in your devblog. Furthermore I pay attention to looks and detiles, so my maps could look good but played so bad.

Sadly there is no time for me at the moment with kids etc ;)

Great blog!

General Discussion / Re: Rare weapon survey
« on: 22-11-2016, 22:11:43 »
M1917-Enfield 😉 All the way

General Discussion / A shoutout for the Developers!
« on: 25-02-2016, 12:02:37 »
After the recent fantastic release of Forgoten Hope 2

I think we should deticate this thread to show thanks to our wonderful developers!!

Thank you so much!
I look forward playing with you devs, forum members etc.

Once again, thank you! You are best!   8)

Developer Blogs / Re: Gameplay changes in FH 2.5 explained
« on: 13-02-2016, 15:02:05 »
Damaso did something good? :P


Wow devs!!!

And thank God for the mine nerfing

That was hillarious!!!!

I didnt read the text or watch the stream(yet) and then suddenly russian voice!!!?!?!

Haha! Wonderful update!
In my head the east front was 1 year away? Wow!!

And i havent yet read about the fixes.

Tap yourself on the back devs!! You guys lighted up my dark swedish winter!!!

Developer Blogs / Re: Hunting the most dangerous game: a bug
« on: 27-09-2015, 17:09:19 »
Nice reading!

Hillarious bug and well done by the testing team!

Yes! Release of the Eastern front!!

I like to mapp, but i feel i nor have the time nor the FH2 quality check i need :)

British paratroopers? :P

Very nice update guys!
Looks great as Always! Almost as great as those chinease player models :ppppsHHphpp

General Discussion / Re: Some questions to our developers
« on: 24-05-2015, 01:05:16 »
Hmm, once again it's very intresting to stop by here :)
Intresting development in this thread indeed ;)

Xie xie

elander, you start from a false premise that the CMP is dividing the population.  762 is currently testing the CMP on their #2 server and testing the Pacific on their #3 server.  That's what is causing the population to jump from one server to another.  If you think it is disruptive you should complain at 762, though I hope you see that the testing is necessary.  It has nothing to do with being "officially" part of the mod or not.  When the testing is done, you may see these maps in the same rotation with the official maps on some servers.  There will be less server hopping as a result. 

The only difference from being part of the mod and a custom mod is that you will have a separate download or installer from the official FH2 updater.  That is not a bad thing as far as I am concerned.  It gives the CMP/Pacific team more flexibility to offer updates and fixes more frequently than the official updater.  IMO it is not too much of a burden to expect players of a mod of an ancient game to have to download separate map packs from time to time.  What we are trying to say is that this argument is unnecessary at this point, despite your good intentions.

I dissagree with your text in the bold qotation.
It's not 762 fault
Player hopping will get worse
Separate download is not good

Community Polls / Re: 2.48 Favourite 64p Map thread
« on: 15-03-2015, 17:03:45 »
1. Hurtgen Wald - Fantastic map, fought in hills and forest and the last part of the map is glorius - exiting the dark hurtgenwald into the bright farmland of germeter.

2. Operation Goodwood - A FH2 Classic, a big map with long range parts and close quarters in the town, nice tankbattles aswell.

3. Lebisay - A nice map in the lush French country side. I love the push map with 3 different fronts. The beauty if this map is great!

4. Sfakia - I guess i like hillside maps. Sfakia got some great hand to hand battles going on. Also this map was my first love in FH2 :)

5. Girabub - Close quarter heaven. I like this tight fight with the italian weapons, its great.

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