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I must sadly say that its so easy possible to play fh2 with the bf2 steam version. They use a special .exe.

Some people here can tell you more how to fix that.

Thanks so much for the help!  To be honest a switched out EXE would be a lot easier than the second approach.  Can you forward me a link to where I can download that or check it out?

now what you need to do is a bit "complicated" but ive done it a few times and it works.

here is what you need to do:
install bf2 via steam
run the game once
create a gamespy account
load any map in bf2 (online or offline)
make your config
install FH2
now comes the tricky part.
make a backup (rename) of the file in the steam/.../Battlefield 2/mods/bf2 folder
now copy the form the battlefield2/mods/fh2 folder into the Battlefield 2/mods/bf2 folder. (this is basically what the FH2.exe does but the steam version cant run & handle this so you have to do this manually)

now the following is HOW TO START FH2 on STEAM (you need to do this every time until we find a better way)
now start BF2 via steam > open the community menu > select custom games an start FH2.
Bf2 will restart with FH2 running. now you can join the servers and the shader issues should be solved.

IF you ever want to play BF2 or any other mod besides FH2 you have to restore the original file in the steam/.../battlefield2/mods/bf2 folder. !!!

good luck and report back ;)

Thanks a ton for the help.  I already installed FH2 before even logging into my old BF2 account I was able to reclaim, so I assume I would need to uninstall both and start your process anew?    I will give this a shot for sure if I cant find some easy .exe switch file as suggested above.

THANK YOU GUYS - I just wanna come try out your community and im an avid Battlefield guy, having loved the game and the mods made like 8 years ago to todays, i just havent had BF2 installed in a long time lol. 

I just recently bought a copy of BF2 and downloaded from steam, so it is a steamapp.  I had no trouble installing FH2 all the way p to your current clicent, but when I click on FH2.exe, Steam launches the game, but I get the WARNING UPDATE YOUR SHOTCUTS - HIT ALT+F4 screen.

Im fairly certain that steam is causing some of the problems but I have no way of lauching BF2 or FH2 without running Steam as far as I know.  I would REALLY appreciate some help is this mod is one of the main reasons I bought BF2 (again - lost my DVD a log time ago).

IF you need PC specs I will post them
QX9770 Quad Core Extreme 3.2GHz
4 Gigs of Corsair XMS Ram
2 x GTX280 in SLi using HDMI to my 50" Plasma
Creative Soundblaster X-FI Titanium running Optical to my home receiver
1200 Watt PSU

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