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Off-Topic / Re: European vs American gaming
« on: 11-09-2014, 15:09:06 »
Should have listened to the fucking advice. This did in fact give me cancer.

I almost hope you did. Same goes for OP.

This goes beyond gaming. Its how society works nowadays. Kids that keep asking from everyone congratulations for existing and haven't had a difficulty to overcome on their own. Parents that make their kids short attention span hyper consumers with no brain.

This however is very true. People can't think independently anymore. ADHD, please. It's called a loose and bad upbringing combined with 6-8 sugar overdoses a day.

I don't feel bad at all for the 'celebs'. People can't think for themselves anymore. Then this happens, and everybody is yelling and crying. I'll pop another beer and laugh  :D

Besides, over 70% i do not know.

BF2 was good, but BF1942, god yes. Much more modfriendly too. I don't count the -somanieth-modern-war-clones after that. I sometimes feel the urge to play FH2, but two new maps, and no new front in about three years is asking too much. The strive for perfection is nice, and BF2 is a bitch to mod, but it's simply too long.

Off-Topic / Re: World cup in Brasil 2014
« on: 09-07-2014, 14:07:12 »
That was pretty amazing. Hope we make it too, for a good old classic clash in the final.

Off-Topic / Re: World cup in Brasil 2014
« on: 07-07-2014, 16:07:30 »
Yeah, Robben is the first to perform a schwalbe during a WC, what a disgrace!

I hope we beat Argentina (probably not though, but who knows), and I really hope Brazil gets kicked out by Germany. However, Germany would do wise to leave remarks about schwalbe's at our adress at home, given their rather stained history on the subject, cough.


Off-Topic / Re: World cup in Brasil 2014
« on: 04-07-2014, 13:07:24 »
The best finals would be Belgium vs the Netherlands. Sadly one of them is on the wrong side of that whole bracket thingie.

Germany vs Netherlands would be fun. Where the Netherlands would proceed to lose with 0-7.

Or you get kicked out by France.

After that, it's still Brazil or Colombia. It's quite clear that the Fifa wants Brazil vs Argentina, so that's what it will be. I am sure they will pull out a referee from Neverheardfromthatistan, or their regular clown Webb. If the Netherlands make it, I am fairly sure we will lose the 4th final in recent history. Germany will be home by then though, it's nice football, but the Algerians went through the defence like butter. I think France will take it, they play much more solid.

Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 13-06-2014, 12:06:14 »
You are both missing out and you know it, otherwise you wouldn't be posting this. Must be hard seeing all these people having loads of fun, while you are under the impression that your not-watching will stop production or halt our viewing pleasure or something.

Did I get under your skin or did someone piss in your cereals this morning?

I know very well that GoT is great, there wouldnt be such a fuss about it and people like yourself wouldnt get all antsy about it when someone tells them that they honestly dont really care enough to start watching it.

It is not hard to see people having fun since I watch the stuff that brings me tremendous amounts of fun. And I have never thought that me not watching it would have an effect on the production or whatever, dont be silly.

You, sir, are the one under whatever impressions you have right now. Does it bother you if not everybody is praising something that such a large portion of people are going apeshit about? If that's the case, good. People like that fully deserve it.

You post things like this on a regular basis, whether it's a game, movie, series. You are just wonky that you don't like something as much, hence the hype disturbs you, and by posting, you are venting your own frustration, which makes you feel good, but also in hope people might agree.

You remind me of the kid that doesn't get his way, takes his/the football home, thinking the others will have to stop playing, which of course, they won't. In fact, you are doing them a favor. If someone hits that nerve, the so-called civil and patronizing answer comes out. Such predictable human behavior is hardly worth going apeshit over. I just love piercing through it, it's just too tempting.

Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 11-06-2014, 15:06:05 »
I promised my friend that I'd watch this shit if he'd watch Breaking Bad. Currently neither of us has started doing anything about it.

You are both missing out and you know it, otherwise you wouldn't be posting this. Must be hard seeing all these people having loads of fun, while you are under the impression that your not-watching will stop production or halt our viewing pleasure or something.

I finally can die in peace

Reminds me of that scene in The Longest Day. "I wonder what 'bitter, bitter' means."

Might want to remove those 'r''s before you accidently shoot them too.

Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 06-06-2014, 13:06:25 »
I just love the shock of people that usually only watch insert-case/weirdo-of-the-week-series-where-everyone-always-lives.


Was watching "Canadas Worst Driver" season 8 and 9. Unbelievable driving and attitudes that i was not expecting from Cannucks. Shamefur dispray!! Its on Youtube and well worth the watch for the laughs.

The main problem is not that those people actually drive that bad, but that such people really exist. I mean, how did they got a license?

Indeed, I believe we had season three in Holland last year. There was one woman last year, really. They should transport her back to a flowerpower community in 1962, seriously, I would even bet she is a heavy neurological patient. Total basketcase. I don't think she was from this planet tbh. But then again, I am of the opinion about 70% of mankind shouldn't be allowed to perform complex tasks.

Off-Topic / Re: Getting an ice-cream with my grandfather ..
« on: 18-04-2014, 15:04:13 »
Hou je taai Luft, hij had in ieder geval een prachtig lang leven. Veel sterkte toegewenst.

Off-Topic / Re: Review the latest movie you have seen
« on: 21-02-2014, 14:02:16 »
It's easily up there with the best, yep. Extra special because it is German.

In a comment somewhere I found a line that keeps staying in my mind: More than anything else, EVE is a social experiment.

I travel within seconds with podexpress, jump clones. My planets make money while I sleep. I play about 16-24 hrs per week. Sounds like the learning curve and sandbox wasn't for you, and that's ok. It's actually a social experience with people from all over the globe, and I may even get a nice job out of it abroad. No offence, but sounds like you played in a small highsec corp.

Gaming / Re: War Thunder
« on: 07-02-2014, 11:02:52 »
We don't care, stop polluting the thread.

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