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Okay, I found the REAL cause of the problem.  You must have your BF2 disc in when you launch.  If you take take the disc out, it locks up BF2 when launching.

Update: Temporary fix resolved, see first post.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: FH2.exe won't launch
« on: 30-03-2009, 02:03:44 »
Thank you.  It tasted like rat.

I remember having this problem before, but I can't remember how to fix it.

I have a shortcut to FH2.exe with Win XP S2 compatibility, running in admin while logged in as admin on Vista 64.  When I launch the shortcut (or FH2.exe directly in admin), I see the BF2 banner pop up, but nothing happens (it doesn't launch or start).  The BF2 banner remains, and attempting to end the BF2.exe process accomplishes nothing.  I have to force-restart my computer if I want to shut down/restart or try to launch it again.

Anyone have any ideas?  I even updated the Punkbuster files manually, added +restart to the shortcut target, etc... I've looked everywhere and tried everything, but I think the original solution was on the old forums (which are now gone).

Thanks to Lightning's help, here's a solution that will help bypass the need for fh2.exe to overwrite shaders in Vista:

<[FH]Lightning>   In your Battlefield2/mods/ you have 'bf2' and 'fh2'.
<[FH]Lightning>   You need to go into 'bf2' and make a backup of ''
<[FH]Lightning>   Then you copy the from 'fh2' and move it into 'bf2'.
<[FH]Lightning>   Your BF2 then uses the FH2 shaders.
<[FH]Lightning>   That means FH2 will look ok, but you may get odd effects in BF2 or other mods.

So there you have it.  Lightning is a genius and I can now play!

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