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Off-Topic / Re: New Commodore/Amiga
« on: 11-04-2011, 19:04:54 »
I still wonder who they try to reach

I cant see a potential customer, 

is it for the masses?  guess no
is it for geeks?  no, geeks want a better machine than that
is it for lovers?  maybe,  but I guess there are not enough of them to keep this product running

I really would like to know what the financial plan of these guys is ,

Suggestions / Re: S Minenwerfer
« on: 02-03-2011, 13:03:53 »
Ill just Quote
S-mine dischargers (Minenabwurfvorrichtung) were added to the Tiger to fend off infantry attacks. At first the launchers for these mines were not available, so starting in December 1942 all new Tigers were fitted with the mounting points. The actual launchers became available in January 1943.

Dunno how common they really where, I just know these becuase I started to build a 1/16 scale RC Tiger and  I searched something fancy for it ;)

Suggestions / S Minenwerfer
« on: 02-03-2011, 13:03:14 »
Before someone slaps me, I searched the Word „S Minenwerfer“ and „Minenwerfer“

Well, this would be a nice addition without to much work. Okay, the S-Minenwerfer would increase the Power of the Tiger Tank, would give it a plus on anti infantry / anti at-teams. I think it would be very useful on city fight maps like „battle of Brest“. It could be made to work the same way like the  Smokegrenades of the Tiger just with nasty S-Mines. Ofcourse only for Tigers on 43 – 45 Maps.

Edit: Found an english page with some more information

An this Picture you can see the S-Minenwerfer

Off-Topic / Re: Supremacy 1914 mini tournament
« on: 24-02-2011, 15:02:20 »
Im in!    Goldround?  doesnt care have enough gm

I agree with psykfallet

Also from
By mid December of 1942, the situation for the Axis forces fighting in southern Russia had become critical.  The Soviets had launched their counter–offensive, Operation ‘Uranus’, on November 19th by destroying the Romanian Army who had been guarding the flank of the German 6th Army.  The 6th itself was engaged in the bloody battle of Stalingrad.
The Soviets now had the Germans encircled, and would methodically move in and eradicate Hitler’s forces trapped in the pocket.  The destruction of the 6th Army in Stalingrad was just part of the plan that Stalin and his military leaders had designed to eliminate the Axis forces in this region of the Soviet Union.
‘Operation Saturn’ would be their follow up to Uranus.  This Soviet operation’s main goal was destroying the Italian 8th Army while forcing the Don River, and then driving on to Rostov on Don to trap Army Group A in the Caucasus.  Simultaneously they planed on cutting the line of communication to 4th Panzer Army who was attempting, in vain as it turned out, to relieve the 6th Army trapped in Stalingrad.
The Italians held a position along the Don stretching 250km, with the Hungarian 2nd Army on one of their flanks and the Romanian 3rd Army positioned on the other.  The military leaders of all three of these Axis forces had previously pressed the Germans for additional armament for their sectors.  All suffered from a serious lack of armor and anti-tank weapons that would be critical for any type of defensive action.  Their positions would be very vulnerable to an attack in strength by the Russians.  Their pleas were ignored however, the Germans feeling that the Soviets were on their last legs and would not have the strength to mount an attack in this area.  The German thinking was wrong on this, and the war on the Eastern Front was about to be altered forever.  The Soviets had in fact secretly built up an immense force of men and weapons to throw at the Axis forces who were now deep into Russian territory.  In the first weeks of that terribly cold December, the Soviets launched the first part of Operation Saturn, known as Operation Little Saturn, whose aim was the destruction of Germany’s allies led by the Eighth Italian Army.  The Soviet 63rd Army was the first to strike, attacking the Italian Ravenna and Cosseria infantry divisions.  A vicious air bombardment by Soviet fighter bombers was followed up by a devastating artillery attack as the Soviet offensive began.  Featured during this attack were Soviet Katyusha rockets, whose fear inducing shrieks preceded the devastation they caused as they slammed into the Italian positions.   The Soviets then unleashed wave after wave of T34 Tanks into the Italian lines.

Afik and my Book says, the 6th german Panzerdivision  was send to aid the Italians in the sector, so just give them German Tanks after the soviets captured a few flags like we have in some of the Africa maps with the Tiger and it would work quite well. Some Italian Paks like the Elefantino and the Cannone da 75/32 Modello 37.   Both movable of course to counter the soviet Tanks and compensate the fact that the Tanks they used where during this period of war just useful as anti infantry and anti light moured vehicels. Still I would put them on such a map, even if you just can use them for that,  but the players will use them. Maybe even some players will become so skilled that they hit the weak points of the Russian tanks with this under armed Italian tanks.
So again
47/32 Anti Tank Gun Elefantino (already in game)
5-cm-PaK 38 (already in game, got some from the Germans)
Cannone da 75/32 Modello 37 (not ingame)

Fiat L6/40 (already in game)
Semovente 47/32 (already in game)
German Tanks like Panzer IV and III maybe Tiger (spawing later to represent the 6th Panzer Division)

For Infantry I would than suggest the 20-MM. ANTI TANK RIFLE (SOLOTHURN) or maybe the polish Wz. 35 anti-tank rifle. Germany sold over 800 of them after the defeat of Poland to Italy.  Both models could be then used for the Italians and the Germans.

Just think of it. The Russians  lunch an attack an the Italian lines next to the frozen river Don. They fight hard but the Russians attack harder. Flag after flag is falling to the Russians. The few Italian Tanks kill some russian infantry and a BA-10 just to get blown up in the next moment by a KV2. The Italians can slow down the Russian attack by using lots of mines and ambushing the Russian tanks with their paks hidden in some bushes and the ashes of some burned down houses but nothing helps. The Russians take more than half of the flags but then…   The 6th german panzerdivision arrives (or at least some of their units). German Tanks start to spawn in the Italian Base and now the tide is turning (or lets say more balanced). Are the Italians able to take back the ticket bleed? Are they able to push the Russians now back over the river Don? Nobody knows, but the question is going to be answered now every day on your favorite FH2 server.

Italy is waiting for you...

Both russians and italians would, since most of the fighting between them happened during barbarossa... so both sides would need totally different uniforms and helmets and so on.

I'd personally would love to see Carro's duking it out with T-26's and such. Would make a very unique map.
it is possible, yes. I remember the fact that the Itals were also involved in the approach of stalingrad.

Im not going to quote myself, but read the suggestion I just made on page  14
A battle during stalingrad....

Eastfront, so, I was hoping for Operation Husky and more Italians but well,  the Italians where also fighting the Russians as we all know

I would suggest a battle that took place during the Operation Little Saturn. As we all know was the aim of Operation Little Saturn to counter the German Unternehmen Wintergewitter. Germans tried to relieve the trapped armies at Stalingrad, Russians launched counter counter attack (Operation Little Saturn). The (one aim) aim was to crush the weak pints of the German front line in that case the positions of the German allies, the Rumanians, Hungarians and Italians.

I would love to see the battle between the Russian 3rd Guards Army and the Italian 8th Army. The battle took place at the River Don near a Town called Millerovo. Manstein sent the 6th Panzer Division to the Italians' aid

So I would suggest a push map with the Russians attacking from the river Dom. Russians would attack with combined arms, so Tanks an Infantry.
Italians would defend with typical equipment, only a few trenches since the Italian army did not really set up a proper defence.
47/32 Anti Tank Gun Elefantino (already in game)
5-cm-PaK 38 (already in game)
7,5-cm-PaK 40  (already in game)
Fiat L6/40 (already in game)
Semovente 47/32 (don’t know if already in game)

As you can see from the Italian equipment, this would end in massive Italian slaughtering. That’s what happened but I would suggest that the paks would be movable to compensate the lack of proper tank support to face the Russian T34s and KVs.  Then, at a certain point of the game, when the Russian team has captured a fixed number of Flags we can start to represent the german 6th Panzer Division by spawning German tanks. So it would be the same trick as we have already on the Africa maps like Mareht Line.

Since I’m not home right now Im not 100% sure if the Italians already used the German Pak 40 and also on some other details I’m not 100% sure. A long time ago that I read about that battle.

So if the people think this would be worth a map I will read my books again an will provide “high quality” information on that battle but also I’m sure that on these forums there are enough geeks to improve my idea with ideas and information or they are going to prove that I’m total wrong on that one.

Points for that Map are clear
1.   Italians (yay!)
2.   Lots of the Italian models are already in game, don’t know if rescinning the Italian Soldiers would do the trick
3.   Don’t think that this battle was every portrayed in a FH game
4.   Took place during the said period of War

And I support the Idea of Volkssturm

Gaming / Re: Fallout New Vegas
« on: 09-08-2010, 15:08:56 »
I sell children in order to buy games

Off-Topic / Re: Death Parade
« on: 29-07-2010, 12:07:16 »
Oh Oddball ,   
why so negative on such things?   
I don’t listen to techno ether, but that’s music and that’s just a matter of opinion. It was actually meant to be a big party, there is nothing wrong to go there and have some fun,  even if people there do things you do not appreciate, like drinking and listening to pointless music.  Your approach is a bit conservative, isn’t it?

And what do you meant with, “but you know the risk from history when you get involved in these things.” ?  Well as I said you can never be total save, there is no total security.  Well 21 dead people out of a million ,  that’s something roundabout 0.0021%.  To get your point,  if pupils get killed in school because of a school massacre,  they are not to regret because they knew from history the risk when they get involved in things like school? 

Off-Topic / Re: Death Parade
« on: 27-07-2010, 19:07:34 »
Well N24Reporter

I guess with 21 she is old enough to go outside on her own, anyway as soon as I would start to act like the big protector she would laugh at me and than leave me xD
We (my friends) could not agree on a place to drink since there where two parties available. So I and some of my friends went to one place and my gf and the others went to the other place, we agreed to meet later at the love parade itself or at least by no later than the after show party in my flat.

And,  I was not that wasted to not know if I enjoyed something or not

Off-Topic / Re: Death Parade
« on: 27-07-2010, 15:07:27 »
Was someone of you on the Loveparade?

Well, since I live in Duisburg I had to go there.  Actually I don’t like techno but for one day it was okay for me. I managed to get fancy rave clothing and dressed like an idiot I vanished in the masses of strange people. Getting there through the tunnel was no problem and when I arrived around 2 o clock there was still plenty of space.
Wasted like a horse I enjoyed this 1,4 million people casserole of simple electronic music I would never enjoy in case I would be sober.  Nearly every 20 minutes someone wanted to sell my pills n stuff, well hat was somehow funny. When I was younger I really got pissed on parties when people asked me for marihuana just because I had long hair and that made me in their eyes a potential pothead.  That was nothing compared to the drug deals on the Loveparade who really had an eye on me.  
When I went back home around half past 5 or 4 ? cant remember that,   everything happened already. The Police already closed  the ramp to get to the tunnel to go back the main train station. So I walked next the ramp and was able to look blank at the bodies on the ground, some already covered with body backs,  some still uncovered.  
Everywhere people with injuries, lots of medics, lots of people with an asking facial expression. Well, thanks to the alcohol I saw all of this,  but actually did not understand it,  just saw that and continued walking home.

What I did not knew at that time was that my girl was down there.  She had luck.  She was in the crowed when that happened and she started to feel dizzy (sometimes she just have out of nothing a circulatory collapse) Well, she was feeling that this is going to happen soon if she stays in the overwhelming crowed there. One of her friends tried to convince her to get to the stairs (yup, the stairs you see on the news) and climp the way up to the love parade. Than here circulatory collapsed and she tumbled. Fortunately a unknown big guy picked her up before other’s could accidentally stamped an her and helped her to get out of there.

This is a sad thing that happened there but what is going on right now makes me a bit angry. Everywhere in the media suddenly people pop up and sardonic tell the world that they warned and that everybody knew that something is going to happen. Some even more smart asses proclaim that the ruhr area is not capable for such big festivals, the people of the ruhr should leave that to real metropolis. That’s really wicked,  the ruhr is the (tell me if I am wrong) he largest urban agglomeration in Europe. It is a metropolitan region of more than 12 million people.  So, what? Real metropolis? It even sounds like they assume the people who managed the loveparade, that they did that on purpose. Well you can argue on the tunnel - ramp combo as only entrance but one thing is for sure, there well never be total safety.  Something unexpected can happen every time but some people seem to forget that right now. Lord Mayer Sauerland`s political career is terminated, that’s fur sure. Well, on the one hand I could now say,  yay down the the CDU,  but actually Mr. Sauerland was IMO a good Lord Mayer, and I am really happy that he did not close the independence cinema and some other spots of cultural live in Duisburg although the city needs to save money where ever it can.

On the loveparade itself,  well I really enjoyed it as far as I can say and I am a bit unhappy about the fact that this was the last parade. I cant follow the logic…  

And yea,  I am thinking about a T-Shirt

I survived Loveparade 2010

Off-Topic / Re: Tanks and Nicknames
« on: 03-06-2010, 23:06:43 »
Well he guy who made that model obviously couldn’t speak german
He copied that from the stug

Well, after having a second look I can read now

Jungs holt fast! 

but that makes no sense

maybe the writing has just been “restored” by ambitious but not knowing russsians after this tug hast been captured by them
and so they made a mistake      ,    my speculation

Off-Topic / Re: Tanks and Nicknames
« on: 03-06-2010, 23:06:53 »
Thank you again guys

Siben, where did you find these pictures? 
Cant find anything with google, well but actually I don’t know what to search for

tank nicknames german, wehrmacht etc. doesn’t lead to something 

I found this pic of a stug in the kubinka museum, don't know 100% if it is orriginal but it could be.

Isn’t a nickname,  a few words for the following troops
Cant read it total, last word is unclear

Jungs holt last!   (well last doesn’t make sense)

Off-Topic / Re: Tanks and Nicknames
« on: 03-06-2010, 13:06:06 »
Thanks,  I appreciate that
Well, progress slowed down , cant give it right now its final treatment. My airbrush is broken ...

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