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Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 09-08-2018, 17:08:12 »
Yeah, I'm thinking BT7 as well.  I'm kinda willing to bet that guy inspecting it might have been the lucky AT rifleman himself.
Or the scene takes place in some kind of shooting range, that would explain such deadly accuracy and why he is inspecting it so closely. It could serve him in a nearby future.

Off-Topic / Re: The World Cup 2018
« on: 08-07-2018, 10:07:46 »
If I say I want England to win, I'll be lynched here.

It would make sense knowing that this english squad is a disgrace. Lots of fouls, they dive a lot. But they must be the luckiest team this year, so far they have not once beaten a strong team (Tunisia/Panama/Belgium-B/Columbia/Sweden). Columbia was the strongest team they met, and they have'd so much troubles, even with James Rodrigues injured. And now the over exhsausted Croatia. I hope they will be severly punished by Belgium or France in the final :D

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 12-04-2018, 14:04:59 »

Explosion of a Japanese anti aircraft phosphorus bomb, type 99, Kai 3, Model 3, exploding over B24 bombers. Bombs were dropped by navy fighter interceptors.

Is your Twitter account dead ? No news since 05/2017 while FB is up-to-date.
Keep the good work 8)

Agree. Op. Cobra is a piece of shit.
And yet it's still better than any other map (or any content) you made.
You may not like it, but don't say it's a piece of shit, as for as I'm concerned, I really like this map, even if it has its flaws.

General Discussion / Re: Comparing FH1 and FH2
« on: 13-12-2016, 10:12:42 »
I think this is too late, but why in FH 0.7, on Supercharge, the Germans get Panzerfausts?)
Play the real Supercharge-1942, the conquest version on multiplayer server.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 13-12-2016, 10:12:36 »


FH2 Help / Support / Re: Lag problem! help please!!
« on: 16-05-2016, 11:05:25 »
still is there any other way to play on low specs (the one mentioned above) because i seriously love this game!  ???  :-\  :'(

Do you play in singleplayer mode ? I would not be surprised, the more bots there are, the more lag you have.
Try to lower the ammount of bot, or best, play multiplayer, you should be fine online.

Off-Topic / Re: Attacks on Paris 14/11/2015
« on: 16-11-2015, 23:11:19 »
Agreed. I'm almost sure that the nest will spread out. And I wonder who will try to put troops on the ground. Obama won't, he doesn't want to go to war in his last year. Putin? I think he has his hands full with Ukraine and other former Soviet republics. EU doesn't have the power. So I think boots on the ground is still pretty far away. Especially since there are several attacks being prevented each year, which gives the security services a reason to have some self confidence.

More jobs in EU would be nice, though :)

You forgot about the two regional powers which are Saudi Arabia and Iran, ISIS is their common ennemy and it would be in their best interest to take them out. They are not best friends at all, but you can say the same about US and Russia, and yet the cooperation could increase between the latters.

General Discussion / Re: Q about weapons...and other my Q's
« on: 13-09-2015, 10:09:38 »
You should look into FH fanmappack#6, on A Day of Zitadelle map, there is an SU152 directly in the map.
You should see all the files needed to import a vehicle in an other map/mod.

Check also BFmods forum, and the old Forgotten Hope forum too.

I don't know for the vehicle stats. If you look at FHSW ObjectSpawnTemplates.con, you will see that they tweak some weapons sometimes, such as shells velocity, deviation, ammount of ammo, etc...

General Discussion / Re: Q about weapons...
« on: 08-09-2015, 23:09:37 »
If you are looking for the german flamethrower, you should find it on Pavlov and Valirisk in a couple of minutes as they are spawning in the mainbase. There are more maps where you can find it though (such as battle of stalingrad, counterattack, Fall weiss.... but I won't list all of them :) ).

If you want to edit some spawners, all you need is a notepad, and a software to pack and unpack .rfa files.
I'm using winRFA to unpack, and GUI_RfaPack to pack them. Make sure to always have a back up of your maps before you edit them, as it might screw up your game.

I sometimes wish I still had my old copy of BF1942.
Good luck to find players, I mean it !
Get it here :

This download includes the Battlefield 1942 game, this is already patched to the latest version, including several fixes.
This download is all you need to start playing Battlefield 1942 today! Click the button below to start your download.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 16-08-2015, 20:08:17 »

The German cruiser Bl├╝cher listing heavily to port after being hit by cannon fire and
torpedoes from the Norwegian coastal fortress Oscarsborg. She sank a short time later.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 02-08-2015, 22:08:04 »
A snake !! ;D

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